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are ghosts really non believers

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Posted 25 May 2013 - 01:34 AM

View PostMikko-kun, on 24 May 2013 - 09:36 PM, said:

Yeah but tinkerbell doesn't affect your life if you ignore it, does it?

Science is art of observing the world. Sophisticated, meticulous, arduous, laborous, thorough, done by many, done very systematically, done in every way possible to make it better, but it's still done by us and thus by the ways we perceive the world. I dont think I believe in anything mythical fairytale when I believe in astrology, because I see science that way... it's just as scientific to me as physics. And it's observing two things and the correlations between them.

So I see nothing wrong with the idea behind it. And I've not noticed anything wrong with the observations, no contradictions you couldn't overcome... and there's consistent rules about what's what. Something I and other people base on observations. That's why it's different to me from belief, because I believe in reincarnation for example, but that I can't manage to verify with any valid observation, and I dont see anyone else. I dont regard it a fact, I dont regard it as something, but I still believe there's more to it than to Tinkerbell. Is that separating facts from beliefs, and even giving them different levels?

Oh, I know you dont probably give credit to astrology, but I'm wondering whether you regard me a believer and yourself a fact-knower in that subject, or the other way around, or something in between for either or one of us. Can you consider yourself only a believer if you've not probed into the subject more than someone who you think is only a believer?

If you think Tinkerbell is haunting you, she might.

I believe in reincarnatin as well.  I study Buddhism as a philosophy and I find I like to have faith in a lot of it AND parts of Christianity.

As for astrology, I can ready every horoscope in the newspaper and apply it to my life in some aspect.  BUT I do believe that the planets have an effect on the tides and on the behavior of people.

I don't regard you as anything but a poster on a forum TBH.  I have more skeptical and logical views and I believe in applying logic and looking for rational explanations before jumping to the conclusion of ghosts when that answer is more far fetched and less likely IMO.

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