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Bleeding Trees: An Apocalyptic Sign?

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Posted 18 June 2013 - 07:14 PM

View PostXnibiru, on 12 June 2013 - 07:15 AM, said:

  According to the Apocalypse of Ezra, one of the signs of the approaching ‘Apocalypse’ will be trees bleeding; does this video show just that or is this merely ‘sap’? I certainly don’t have the answers; only wanted to bring this to your attention. It’s pointed out that this video is taken from 6 different videos. One theory to explain this: Planet X is pulling Iron Oxide towards the surface of the earth and it is entering the water tables turning rivers to blood and the trees are absorbing it and it turns their sap blood red…..

Read full news article:  Bleeding Trees: An Apocalyptic Sign? The Apocalypse Of Ezra Predicted It

What we have is an incorrect personal translation of Sumerian script combined with people not applying a bit of common sense to what is presented.

If look at the factual translations of the Sumerian scripts, you find no reference to a planet named Nibiru (Planet X) so there can't be a planet X affecting the Earth.

If you apply a bit of common sense:  If there were a planet X, to be able to affect the Earth it would be close enough for even amateur astronomers to see.  It can't be a magnetic effect affecting the iron oxide or else all the compasses in the world would no longer point to the north magnetic pole, communications would be disrupted and iron based objects would fly off into space.  It can't be gravitational or there would be nothing living on the Earth as it would all be pulled out into space.

When you look at it, what we have is a poor attempt to decipher biblical writings by applying something that doesn't exist.

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