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[Merged] Amazing Crop Circle: Hackpen Hill

ufo crop circle

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Posted 23 August 2013 - 02:22 AM

View Postzoser, on 15 August 2013 - 06:32 AM, said:

OK but none of the above stands as anything like a proof that the CC's are all the hand of man.  It's just your gut feeling.

Until the footage of the balls of light for example (and I mean all of them) can be explained then this phenomena will continue remain a complete mystery.

Ah. The videos. Forgot about those. Well, The one showing a  circle being "created" has all the earmarks of some sort of  animation even if it wasn't admitted to be a hoax, which it was. I haven't really dug through the others as yet but the first one that came up in a search really stood out.

Hmmm...small mysterious flickering white object moving erratically against the wind right at the limits of the camera's focus...

It's. A. Bird.

It's too far away for the camera to pick out clearly so it comes off as a spherical blob. The size and pattern of motion fits though, right down to where it hovers a moment and descends into a break between rows. The flashing matches the frequency of wingbeats for a large, slower bird like a seagull. Every time it flaps, you see the  shaded part under the wings.


It was a mystery from the outset until two old codgers turned up claiming complete responsibility.  In hindsight it's blatantly obvious that this was nothing but a put job to silence the public; the evidence was never there to support their claims.  In the main however the plot worked.  The public did lose interest.

Then CC's became more complex.  Then more circle makers appeared claiming the same thing.

Then the phenomena was examined in more detail; balls of light, microwaved nodes, spherical balls, EM effects, and circles where no human intrusion had occurred.

Which again are either unverified or have alternate explanations, like the nodes. If the progession does indeed follow that timeline, then one can as easily observe that as public interest waned, new details were added to help make them special again.


Some crop circle specialists now claim that 80% are man made and 20% are genuine.  That's OK and that same ratio probably tallies closely with UFO hoaxes against genuine sightings.  

The mystery continues..............

If a high proportion, or any for that matter, of those 80% fall into the "unreasonably complex" category though, that casts a pall over the claim they're too complex to be created by humans, by the specialists' own admission.

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