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Pupils spooked by alien-themed promotion

pupils alabama radio station schools aliens

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#31    spud the mackem

spud the mackem

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Posted 11 October 2013 - 04:59 PM

  The problem just maybe that for a long time now American/British kids have been subject to all kinds of Alien News,Stories.Films & the Press for a long time, so its like "crying wolf",you have a good laugh until one day some one shouts Its the Aliens they're here,everyone has a laugh until they see an Alien Space ship zapping a city on the news,then they think its a film,and then me dears its TOO LATE.

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#32    Skep B

Skep B

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Posted 11 October 2013 - 05:28 PM

If they have the ability to travel past light speed and travel that far in the vaccume of space, we could have 100 years warning and it wouldn't matter.

If they show up we're dead already, so its best to go on not worrying about it

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