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Document justifies NSA collecting phone recs.

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Posted 13 October 2013 - 05:30 PM

Washington Post said:

In the recent stream of disclosures about National Security Agency surveillance programs, one document, sources say, has been conspicuously absent: the original — and still classified — judicial interpretation that held that the bulk collection of Americans’ data was lawful.

That document, written by Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, then chief judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), provided the legal foundation for the NSA amassing a database of all Americans’ phone records, say current and former officials who have read it.

Now, more officials are saying that Americans should be able to read and understand how an important precedent was established under the 2001 USA Patriot Act, which was passed after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

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Posted 13 October 2013 - 05:37 PM

Big Brother is watching. I think the Patriot act is the most heinous action by the US government since the internment of American citizens of Japanese decent during WWII and should be repealed. Assuming, of course that congress ever goes back to work.

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Posted 13 October 2013 - 06:17 PM

Justin Amish lead the charge to try and defund it in the house. I forget how much they last by but it was a slim number. The tricky thing with the NSA is that the support/opposition for it is split in both parties.

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Posted 13 October 2013 - 06:20 PM

in a moral sense I understand its a tricky situation.  But, if i was in government, I'd want things like this in place. So, i tend to side FOR rather than against

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