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Lost Tapes - Mothman

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#1    Saru


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Posted 16 October 2013 - 12:08 PM

Lost Tapes - Mothman
Posted Image
Click here to watch video - 02:50s

In 1967, West Virginians reported an alien creature standing on a local bridge - but what was it ?

#2    supervike


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Posted 16 October 2013 - 06:34 PM

Do they still make that show?   I have to admit, although it is painfully bad at times, I like it!

#3    freetoroam


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Posted 16 October 2013 - 08:30 PM

Whats with the lost tape? Was that it?
Seems to have been found now, but any more info of when it was lost, how it was lost, who lost it and was there a reward?

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#4    Scheming B

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Posted 17 October 2013 - 12:04 AM

i believe "lost tapes" is the name of a series

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Posted 17 October 2013 - 11:17 PM



Lost Tapes: Fact or fiction? Actual footage, or Blair-Witch-recreations / speculations? "Devil Dragon"; is that (as stated) actual footage of real person, from his own found video cam?"

This is their reply, in full:
"Dear Viewer,

Thank you for your interest in Animal Planet’s LOST TAPES. This cryptozoology series is inspired by the possibility that creatures like Bigfoot, Chupacabra and the Monterey Bay Monster do exist. Although the existence of these creatures has never been proven, alleged sightings and encounters suggest that there are species that have managed to elude the reach of mankind.

LOST TAPES is not meant to be deceiving; its purpose is to entertain viewers by posing stories, mixed with purported evidence, that suggest what could happen if these animals and people crossed paths. The footage in the program contains some recreations and re-enactments which incorporate the nuances and characteristics of these animals that have been allegedly gathered over the years. LOST TAPES does not acknowledge the existence of these creatures, nor does it disprove it. The series is simply meant to peak viewers’ curiosity about unknown animal species that may lurk beyond
the scope of human knowledge.

Thanks again for your interest in our programming.


Viewer Relations
Animal Planet"

It is easier to claim it is paranormal than taking the hard route and find out what really happened.

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