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SpongeBob headstone removed by Ohio cemetery

spongebob squarepants headstone kimberly walker cincinnati ohio

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#1    Still Waters

Still Waters

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Posted 23 October 2013 - 03:56 PM

A cemetery in the US state of Ohio has angered the family of a military veteran by removing a SpongeBob SquarePants headstone from her grave.

Kimberly Walker's loved ones erected a 7ft (2.13m) stone of her favourite cartoon character wearing an Army uniform with her name and rank.

The cemetery in the city of Cincinnati initially approved the headstone, then said it was not appropriate.


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#2    Child of Bast

Child of Bast

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Posted 23 October 2013 - 04:27 PM

As I commented on this story on another site, I think the cemetery initially had no problems with it, but caved due to pressure from family members of others buried around her.

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#3    OverSword


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Posted 23 October 2013 - 04:33 PM

That is terrible.  Lately I have walked around Lakeview cemetary a few times, mainly to visit the graves of Bruce and Brandon Lee, and have seen some unusual stones, such as the spiderman themed tombstone of a recently deceased teenager, or a huge cat grave marker which read the more people I meet the more I love my cat.  Graves should be personal if you can afford it, to leave some indication of what the person was like.  I would start a petition to have it restored if I were her family.

#4    BiffSplitkins


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Posted 23 October 2013 - 04:39 PM

My guess is that the Viacom / Mtv studios caught wind of this headstone, ordered it removed and paid the cemetery a boatload of cash to keep their mouth's shut about why it was really removed. Why else would the cemetery be so quick to cough up the cash for a full refund on the headstone?

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#5    Simbi Laveau

Simbi Laveau

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Posted 26 October 2013 - 07:34 AM

Fail Ohio. Fail

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#6    Skep B

Skep B

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Posted 26 October 2013 - 08:48 PM

Seems tactless,
however if it does wind up being a copyright issue, I can understand that

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#7    brlesq1


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Posted 26 October 2013 - 11:25 PM

Where's their sense of the whimsy? Make it into a tourist attraction and make some money for the town--just kidding...

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#8    Skep B

Skep B

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Posted 27 October 2013 - 12:05 AM

I dunno a wacky cemetery probably would do good tourism work

When you know what a man loves, you know what can kill him

#9    jesspy


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Posted 27 October 2013 - 03:49 AM

Awww. That head stone is awesome

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