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Halloween, & heres 10 creepy things kids say

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Posted 31 October 2013 - 05:57 PM

Ha I can relate to this, my 3 year old son used to tell me he saw people floating around him in the air when he was in the park... and one used to come home with us and stand in the tree opposite his bedroom window... (he doesn't even remember now)

16 Seriously Creepy Things Kids Have Said

Kids say the darndest things, and sometimes those things are darn creepy. A Reddit user asked people on the social media website to share stories of the creepiest things their kids have ever said.


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Posted 31 October 2013 - 06:38 PM

A couple of those were darn creepy :passifier: . I might have traded my child for another's.

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Posted 31 October 2013 - 10:01 PM

I've got one. About a year ago I was babysitting my 4 year old cousin at my grandparents' place. The back yard of that place has a ton of old cars, and we found an old car that looked a bit like the batmobile. jokingly, I told him it was the batmobile. He asked where batman was, and I said "I don't know". The lock on the trunk was popped out, leaving a hole, and he started looking through the hole and said "I found him". I was like "what?" and, still looking through the hole, he said "I can see him in here. He's dead."

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Posted 31 October 2013 - 10:16 PM

When my son was about 2 and a half he used to chatter  away to himself in his bedroom. When I asked him who he was talking to he said "Andrew,This was his room  but now he's in the next life". Put it down to a childs imagination but it used to freak me out a bit.

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Posted 01 November 2013 - 02:58 PM

Off the top of my head,

When he was...2 or 3, my son told me "Bad Grandma" used to sit on his floor and watch him play.  She was "bad"  because he liked to steal his purple blocks.

Once after a middle of the night bathroom trip, he groggily asked me if the little boy was still under his bed.

And while I was washing my hair last week, my 4 year old daughter was sitting on the stool talking to me. At one point,  I was only half listening while she sang songs and chattered away when she suddenly asked,

"Mom, why did the squirrel cross the road"
"I don't know, Why?", I said

In a sweet, sing song voice she answered,

"Because, he wanted to diiieeeee"

:unsure2: lol

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