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Dot (Unusual expedience of a good friend)

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#1    markdohle


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Posted 20 January 2014 - 01:31 PM


(Unusual expedience of a good friend)

I have always had an interest in unusual experiences that people have during their lives.  Some of them are almost miraculous, or maybe they are, not sure.  I have had a couple that actually saved my life.  I would like to share one that a very good friend of mine told me.  She has given me permission to tell this tale, but I will change her name to Dot.  

Dot and I were having coffee in the retreat house and she began to tell me an experience she had the week before.  She is a good story teller, soft voice, lots of emotion as well as woman of very deep faith.  


“I had to go to the ER last Friday.  I was having a very bad asthma attack. They had to give me three treatments before I was able to be released, so I was there until around two in the morning.  As I was there I noticed that everyone had someone with them, while I was alone.  It seems that is a painful reality for me, that when I am ill, I have no one to really call.  I felt this more deeply than I have ever done before and felt that no one cared for me…..I was feeling a lot of self pity.  

When I was checked out and after I signed all the papers, I noticed that it was pouring down rain.  Great I told myself, this really makes my night.  So I put on my coat, tucked my papers in a dry place and started towards the car.  I could not walk very fast, so I had to trudge through all the rain.  I finally made it to the car, got in, and sat there feeling very down and alone.  As I was putting my key into the ignition, I noticed something very strange and wonderful….I was completely dry.  I was in shock, I checked all over my coat, my shoes, my purse, my hair, everything was dry, yet it was pouting down rain outside.  “

After she spoke and asked me what I thought.  I was deeply touched by her experience.  So I thought a bit and said:  “Dot, I believe we get what we need when we are in some sort of crisis, but may not really know it, it is then that we get some kind of special experience that allows us to understand that we are not alone.”

I believe that these kinds of events are common; they are just not talked about very often with others.  Which is a shame I believe…. for we can be helped by the stories that others tell us; our common humanity is the bridge that allows us to inter into the life changing experiences of others, and by doing so, we are changed as well for the better, we are enriched.

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Posted 20 January 2014 - 01:39 PM

That was very heart warming, thank you for sharing it Mark - Give Dot a hug from me and I don't think she is ever alone.

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Posted 20 January 2014 - 08:16 PM

I truly liked that story and would of love to of visited her she sounds so sweet. But she wouldn't of been wearing a raincoat by any chance would she? There have been some instances where I have gone out in the pouring rain but with what I was wearing and the speed I was going, I too appeared to be bone dry. But with any luck, there were people who cared for her in another world and wanted to let her know she was never alone. Thanks again, I needed that story :)

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