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Do Storms Supercharge the Dream Environment?

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Posted 21 February 2014 - 05:49 PM

Okay Guys Last Night we had a pretty good thunder and Lightning Storm which we haven't had one in months due to it being winter here. Right before i fell asleep i shut my lids and there was this massive lightning bolt and it was so strong that i was able to see the light through my eyelids. Which i have never seen before. Once i fell asleep i remember i had a couple of dreams and they were pretty vivid and lasted a decent amount of time. Do you think that the Storm had anything to do with how vivid the dream was? Because i can't remember the last time i was able to remember every detail in the dream like this even a couple of hours after i woke up. Since the dreams usually disappear from memory after waking up.

Also in the morning my left arm joint kept on "twitching" after i woke up. It was so strong that i told my mom about my arm joint twitching out like a spaz and she was able to feel it to. My mom was like how often does this happen? And i am like it never happens. I don't usually watch the weather and something told me that we were going to have a storm tonight and sure enough we did. Is it possible i have Weather Sensitive joints considering it was only twitching when we were going to have a storm?

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Posted 21 February 2014 - 07:05 PM

i have experienced a similar event on many occasions.... but it is when it rains, and rains heavily, hitting the windows and not thunder/lightening.. i get vivid and inspiring long dreams.... and most of my dreams are loosely based on the  scene with the t-rex destroying fence in jurassic park, maybe because it rains heavily in that scene..

the arm twitching i have not experienced, but instead i feel like if it raining hard on top of my head, for a good few seconds.. every morning after the dream/night before

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Posted 16 March 2014 - 07:25 AM

This Weekend we were skimmed by Cyclone Lusi, and the last two days have been the first two days in what seems like ages where I've had no dream recall at all. There was a lull before the storm, and since it arrived I've had no dreams of any kind.. It's kind of given me the impression that some storms drain energy, while others give it..

Lot's of wind and rain with this storm, no thunder..

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