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#1    kent250


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Posted 08 May 2014 - 01:52 AM

Hi my name is kent. I have unexplained thing that occurred recently. I am college student living in dormitory with other students. There was this girl who loved to party and put on some loud music. It would annoy the **** out of me and couldnt sleep. I decided to confront her, told her how its disturbing and she told to mind my own business. I was so angry to the point i wanted her gone from that place. One night at 3:00 am I prayed to heavenly father to help me go to sleep and resolve this. The next day I found out that girl and another student got hit by a car, She was in serious stable condition while the other student died . This occurred shortly after 3:00 am. When i found out how it happend  I was in shock. I envisoned the accident before it happend. On the day i confronted that girl there was another student close by. It was the same student that died in the car accident. The moment I saw this student  on that day of confrontation, I had this uncomfortable feeling like something really bad was going to happen to this particular student. Then all of a sudden, I had this envision of car coming from behind hitting both of them and thats how it really happend. I dont know how i was able to see this. How i was able to envision something noone else expected. I feel like i was in some way responsible for this incident as that girl was gone from that place maybe for good. I was wondering someone else had a similar experience or can explain any of this.

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#2    ROGER


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Posted 08 May 2014 - 02:31 AM

Sounds like quite a story .  It sounds a little like a
' Self fulfilling Prophecy " . ;)

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#3    kent250


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Posted 09 May 2014 - 05:43 AM

yes it seems like it. The fact that soon as the incident happend right after my prayer and my envision of the terrible incident, makes me feel like i had an influence what had happend. I feel like I had some connection with the paranormal, that allowed me to see these things. I had sleep paralysis ever since i was a teen. When ever i had these sleep paralysis, i feel an angry presence trying to choke and kill me.  Not only that, I feel angry and want to hurt anyone in my presence when i have these attacks. My dad had a similar problem too but his much worse as he would break things and hurt people and subsided as he got older as he become more faithful and prayed to heavenly father. There was one incident that happen before the car incident.  I felt something very angry with killing intentions, I could feel it yet could not move to get away. The next thing i know my eyes were glaring toward the side. I looked left and right and involuntarily I let out a scream. It was a terrifying scream like i was dying, like something is  killing me. I hit the wall and the next thing i know I was banging on my friends door which is a floor away. They open the door and i told them what happend. i could not remember how i got out of the room as it was complete darkness or how exactly I knew to get help from my friend. I was like half conscious yet i was able to find the door to my friend which was like three doors to the girl that got into the car accident. Everyone was peaking through their doors and that girl even came out and asked me if i was okay. i did not want her nearby as she was reason for my misery. There was also something strange about her eyes. It was creepy and i didnt want her to look at me. They were wide and had an evil angry glare like i have seen it before. Her presence made me feel uncomfortable i told my friend im going back to bed and sorry for the commotion. Ever since that day, I never sleep in complete darkness use a lamp, and have a bible on my bed. Why a bible? I realized every sleep paralysis attack i had, I would read the bible and not have it near me by putting it in my desk . Usually when I read the bible i feel so sleepy and too lazy to put in my desk so i put it on my bed. I never had a sleep paralysis attack when it was on my bed. It was way of protection from whatever force was attacking i presumed. So i continue to pray and keep the bible on my bed or even across my chest and I never had those attacks again. I feel grateful and i want to know anyone had any similar experiences. Like any kind of protection they had helped them deal with any paranormal attacks

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#4    coldethyl


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Posted 13 May 2014 - 03:40 AM

Do you think God killed these girls because they were keeping you awake?  Or at lease one was?

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