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Entities in my house?

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Posted 18 June 2014 - 08:03 PM

Hi I'm kinda new to the whole asking questions thing but I'm really concerned that there may be something or multiple entities in my home that could be potentially harmful. This is gonna be a little long and there is more detail in this than what I have said in another section but I believe the information can help.

I have always felt sort of..... Sensitive to paranormal or strange happenings. At a young age, I was haunted by the ghost of my deceased great grandfather; who had died in the room I had slept in years later. After moving out of my great grandmother's house and moving in with my step father, I learned that the potential entity of my step father's uncle (who had recently died) could be in the house. I never felt comfortable there; it was as if my abusive step father's uncle was trying to contact me or harm me in some way.

After my mother and my step father divorced we moved in with my grandparents. This was a few years ago. In the beginning, I was slightly uncomfortable. Only now has the feeling began to escalate.

I have been home alone very often and have been very frightened of my house. Since I struggle with severe anxiety, I first blamed my fear on the anxiety but I am now beginning to feel differently. On some instances, I swear I see someone or something turning some corners or walking in the corner of my eye. Sometimes I even see glimpses of figures standing behind me in the mirror while I do my makeup or hair. When I blink, all these images are gone. I've also heard people saying things, varying from my name to random nonsense.

What I have said before were the calm entities I believe I've seen. There are some instances, however, that I believe someone or something was putting me in danger.

Like any rebellious teenager, I have snuck out a few times to see friends. Every time I've done this, I've gone through my bedroom window. As I was climbing out of the window the first time, I felt like a hand was pulling my ankle back into the room. The area surrounding my ankle was extremely cold and I could barely move. It couldn't have been a person for my bedroom door was locked. The next morning there was a red mark shaped like a hand around my leg and ankle.

I've often woken up with scratches, bites, and bruises covering different parts of my body. Some that were on my legs I blamed on my dogs that sleep in my bed. That is, until I woke up one morning to find a long red line covering part of my back as if I had been hit or scratched. To me, the area burned as if it were set on fire. But to my sister and mother, who I had asked to check the mark, it was ice cold while the rest of my body was warm. I have also seen many bite marks on my arms. They are not anything like the dog bites I get while playing with them and I do not move my hand quick enough. My sister wakes up with similar marks on her body, causing people to believe that we are abused by our mother.

I've heard that babies, pets, and young children are sensitive to the paranormal. I have two dogs, one that does not like strangers and one that loves them, that always act as if someone is in the house with us. My female dog, who hates strangers, will run off barking towards windows, doors, mirrors, and corners as if someone is standing or walking that she does not know. My male will do the same but will act excited as if he is meeting a new friend. Right now, for example, my female dog is growling at something near me as I am writing this and I feel extremely cold and chilled, even though the heater is on in my house and I am wearing long sleeves and blankets.

I also have a young cousin who is about nine months old. She often looks to corners or random, empty places in the room and smiles as if she is greeting another child or friend. She sometimes looks to the same places and cries while clutching to my chest as if she is seeing something very frightening. I'm concerned that she could be seeing the same thing that pulled my ankle and has done many other things that I feel threatened by.

There are some times where things have been moved or thrown. Yesterday, for example, doors opened that I could have sworn I closed and I found an object that I lost last week in my room, when it is normally in the living room. Only on few occasions have objects been thrown directly at me. Sometimes lightbulbs will shatter without me touching them and will cut my arms or feet. Because of the difference between these occurrences, I think there may be multiple entities in my home. Although, I could just be overreacting to some bad luck and coincidences.

Please, to your best ability, tell me if I am overreacting or if there is a reason for my concern. I don't know if my house has any history to it other than that the house has been around since my grandparents were married in the 60's. Even as I am writing this, I have chills covering my body and I cannot shake the feeling that I am being watched even though I am home alone.

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Posted 18 June 2014 - 08:16 PM

Please don't post duplicate threads in more than one section of the site.

I will close this one but leave your other topic open. Anyone wishing to reply can find the original thread here: Is there a haunting in my house?

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