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Wake up, sleepyhead...

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Posted 02 July 2014 - 03:51 PM

Story submission by: Leaves-from-the-Vine Location: Maryland, United States


There were very strange incidents that occurred in my old house that I grew up in (I'm just going to mention the fact that this was a very old house and pre-dated the Civil War) and here are two of them:

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Posted 05 July 2014 - 03:50 PM


I went to bed at nine o' clock to be up for school the next day and did what I always normally did. I turned the lights off, opened my door wide to let the hall light in and got under the covers of my bed. Later, I woke up at THREE AM and my overhead light is on, the door is closed and I was laying on top of my covers, bed fully made.
I don't have an explanation for this, apart from the possibility you did it yourself and don't remember. I know you said you've never been known to sleepwalk, but there's a first time for everything and I think it's worth considering.


So when I heard him call me to wake up without anger in his voice, I was surprised.
Perhaps you were half asleep at the time and only thought you heard his voice. Sometimes when waking up our minds can play tricks on us.


"Wake up, Family Feud is on!" (Which I had gotten into watching and came on at 6 o'clock at this time). My eyes snapped open and I looked at my clock and that's what it was. Exactly 6 o'clock.
It's not uncommon to wake up at a specific time. When our alarm clock is set I wake up a few minutes before it's due to go off.

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Posted 05 July 2014 - 09:41 PM

I must agree with Still Waters. I currently live in the garage of the house. My dog constantly wants to come into my room so I let her in and the next morning she is out of my room, now because there is the rolling garage door that is always locked and the door out to the back yard which requires a door knob to be turned has led me to the conclusion that when ever my door scraps her paw along the door, whether I am asleep or not I must hear it subconsciously and out of habit let her out of my room while I am asleep.

Now for the waking up for Family Feud part. Your body and mind have in internal clock that usually corresponds with the time zone you are in (hence why people get jet lagged when flying to a different country). Now because your dad wakes you up if you falls asleep too early your mind could have combined that two.

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Posted 11 September 2014 - 11:10 PM

This is very interesting. Personally, I believe in spirits.

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