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Disaster in SE asia

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#16    Lottie


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Posted 27 December 2004 - 11:30 AM

A friend of mine got an email this morning from one of our good friends who is in Thailand with his friend.
Anyway he was woken up with water gushing through the hotel door and his bed being thrown across the room. He is okay thankgod but his friend who was on the beach is lost and he can't find him.  no.gif

This is a very sad and worrying time. crying.gif Hoping that his friend is found.

#17    Erikl


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Posted 27 December 2004 - 11:37 AM

More than 500 Israelis are fear dead now crying.gif

And still no news from my sister's friends sad.gif.

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Posted 27 December 2004 - 11:48 AM

Why are so many Israeli's down there? Workers? Tourists?

Luckily only two Australians have died one kid and a teenager with downs syndrome...three missing though.

I'll keep my eye on the news (I don't sleep) so I'll post if there are any updates.

#19    The Drake

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Posted 27 December 2004 - 12:40 PM

QUOTE(Mad Manfred @ Dec 27 2004, 12:48 PM)

Luckily only two Australians have died one kid and a teenager with downs syndrome...three missing though.

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Only two... Even one life is to much to be taken away.

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#20    Lottie


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Posted 27 December 2004 - 12:45 PM

Asia battles earthquake aftermath                                
Survivors and rescuers are battling the devastation left by sea surges that wiped out entire communities, killing more than 20,000 people.  

The death toll continues to spiral up and mass graves are being dug even as people hunt for the missing.

The extent of the damage is still not known in areas worst hit, including Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and Thailand.

International aid efforts have begun amid fears that disease could spread through the disaster zone.

Survivors may have little clean water or sanitation as they try to build shelters and bury the dead after Sunday's 9.0 magnitude earthquake sent huge waves from Malaysia to Africa.

"This may be the worst natural disaster in recent history because it is affecting so many heavily populated coastal areas... so many vulnerable communities," UN emergency relief co-ordinator Jan Egeland told CNN.

Sri Lankan government officials doubled the number of known deaths on Monday to more than 10,000 and at least 800 more are reported killed in the rebel-held north of the island.

"The scale of the tragedy is massive and Sri Lanka... has never been hit by tidal waves or earthquakes in its known history," President Chandrika Kumaratunga told the BBC.


The number of dead has also soared well into the thousands in Indonesia and India, and thousands more may have been killed on the Andaman and Nicobar islands where reports say entire communities were swept into the sea.
           Packed holiday resorts in Thailand were also badly hit, and the waves killed people in Malaysia, the Maldives, Burma and Bangladesh.

Thousands are missing and many more thousands forced from their homes by the worst earthquake in 40 years that generated a wall of water speeding across the oceans.

Hundreds of fishermen are feared drowned off the coast of Somalia, officials said on Monday.

Aftershocks have also been detected, sparking warnings from Indian and Sri Lankan weather officials of further, smaller surges, also known as tsunamis.  

Searches are continuing off southern India for those swept away from beaches or in fishing boats.

"Death came from the sea," Satya Kumari, a construction worker living in Pondicherry, told Reuters. "The waves just kept chasing us. It swept away all our huts. What did we do to deserve this?"

In northern Indonesia, nearest the epicentre of the undersea quake, soldiers were sent to recover bodies from trees where they were dumped by huge waves, as correspondents reported the stench of death was beginning to become overpowering.  

One man, Rajali, told the Associated Press news agency he could not find dry ground to bury his wife and two children.

Helicopters winched survivors from Phi Phi island in Thailand overnight as the navy was called in to help the rescue effort from the country's ruined holiday resorts that had been packed with tourists from dozens of countries.  

Many of the bodies still being recovered are said to be clad in swimsuits, with people dragged to their deaths as the tsunami smashed into beaches without warning.

A national disaster has been announced in the low-lying Maldives islands, more than 2,500km (1,500 miles) from the quake's epicentre, after they were hit by severe flooding.  

Aid promises

International organisations have already made pledges to help the victims.

The International Monetary Fund promised "whatever possible assistance"
The Red Cross launched an appeal for 5m euros (3.5m; $6.8m)
The European Union pledged 3m euros (2.1m; $4.1m)
Russia sent 25 tons of humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka.

Sunday's tremor - the fifth strongest since 1900 - had a particularly widespread effect because it seems to have taken place just below the surface of the ocean, analysts say.

Experts say tsunamis generated by earthquakes can travel at up to 500km/h.

#21    Erikl


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Posted 27 December 2004 - 12:49 PM

QUOTE(Mad Manfred @ Dec 27 2004, 11:48 AM)
Why are so many Israeli's down there? Workers? Tourists?

Luckily only two Australians have died one kid and a teenager with downs syndrome...three missing though.

I'll keep my eye on the news (I don't sleep) so I'll post if there are any updates.

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The far east is one of the main tourist locations Israelis go to.
In southern India there are even towns where Indians speak Hebrew and all the signs are in Hebrew, and every year new young Israeli tourists (in their 20s) replace the ones (the Israelis) who lived in these villages the year before, and so the towns are known as "mini Israels".
Thailand, and especially Phucet, is also a place that lots of young Israelis go to.
In any single time I think there are as many as 10,000 Israelis in the far east.

In recent years many Israelis also come to Australia and NZ... if I'm not mistaken there are about 20,000 Israelis there who work, visit relatives, or simply tourists (your PM even invited more Israelis to immigrate into Australia for some reason).

The far east is indeed very loved by most Israelis, especially young Israelis after military service who come down there to clean their minds.... now I fear that'll change sad.gif .

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Posted 27 December 2004 - 02:10 PM

Terrible news indeed.  Hope all those lost and their families will find peace. sad.gif

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Posted 27 December 2004 - 02:24 PM

CHENNAI, India (CNN) -- The death toll from Sunday's tsunamis climbed to 21,000 by Monday as fears of disease from decaying bodies and contaminated water grew in Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

The giant waves -- triggered by the most powerful earthquake on Earth in 40 years -- also left thousands injured, thousands missing and hundreds of thousands homeless.

A Sri Lankan forecaster warned of a "remote possibility of small tidal waves" caused by aftershocks Monday.

Some of the tsunamis reached as far as 1,000 miles from the epicenter of the 9.0 magnitude quake, which was located about 100 miles (160 km) off the coast of Indonesia's Sumatra Island at a depth of about 6.2 miles (10 km).

The quake struck about 7 a.m. Sunday (7 p.m. ET Saturday), according to the U.S. Geological Survey's National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC). It is the fourth-largest earthquake since such measurements began in 1899, according to the NEIC, tying a 1952 quake in Kamchatka, Russia.

More than 10,000 people have been reported dead in Sri Lanka. Most of them, authorities said, were in the eastern district of Batticaloa. Thousands were missing, an estimated 1 million were displaced and an estimated 250,000 were homeless.

In southern Sri Lanka, 200 prisoners escaped when the waves swept away a high-security prison in Matara.

Witnesses in the eastern Sri Lankan port city of Trincomalee reported 40 foot (14 meter) waves hitting inland as far as a half mile (1 km).

The Sri Lankan government declared a state of emergency, and, along with the government of the Maldives, has requested international assistance, the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported.

As the sun rose, 20,000 Sri Lankan soldiers and naval personnel launched relief and rescue efforts. India sent six warships carrying supplies, along with helicopters. Priorities included identifying the hardest-hit areas and airdropping supplies, along with shepherding stranded people to safer areas.

Sri Lankan authorities imposed a curfew overnight, and many residents remained concerned about the possibility of additional tsunamis. The country has been in the throes of a civil war, and land mines uprooted by the waves were hampering relief efforts.

Sri Lanka's director of meteorology Abey Singha Bandara told CNN his department's analysis suggested "a remote possibility of small tidal waves, but not of the magnitude experienced on Sunday."

Some tourists, meanwhile, were evacuated from the hard-hit eastern coasts to the capital Colombo, on the west coast and unaffected by the disaster.

At first light, many Sri Lankans ventured out to scour the debris for belongings or to search for information on missing family members.

In India, the official government news agency Press Trust of India said at least 6,200 Indians were killed, and more bodies were being recovered.

A resident of Chennai (formerly Madras) in Tamil Nadu district -- India's hardest-hit area -- said he saw several people being swept out to sea.

Along India's southeastern coast, several villages appeared to have been swept away. Thousands of fishermen -- including 2,000 from the Chennai area alone -- who were at sea when the waves thundered ashore have not returned.

Along the coast, brick foundations were all that remained of village homes. In Tamil Nadu, 2,500 people have been confirmed dead, and officials said 3,000 died on the remote Andaman and Nicobar islands, where dozens of aftershocks were centered. Communication from the islands to the mainland was cut off.

In Thailand, authorities said at least 866 people are dead, and hundreds are missing. Among the missing were scuba divers who had been exploring the Emerald Cave off Phuket's coast.

Phuket's airport -- which closed when its runways flooded -- reopened, but most roads in the area remained closed as officials tried to assess the damage.

Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra arrived in Phuket and declared the situation "under control." He told CNN he planned to direct rescue and relief efforts overnight.

Witnesses reported guests drowned in their hotel rooms near the coast as 30-foot waves washed ashore.

Others reported narrow escapes, including a Spaniard who had been aboard a boat when a wave approached.

The captain began screaming and turned the boat directly into a nearby shore, where he beached it. As those aboard jumped from the craft and scrambled up the steep beach, they turned back to see the waves crush their boat, the Spaniard said.

More than 4,350 people are reported dead in Indonesia -- many of them in Aceh in northern Sumatra, about 100 miles from the quake's epicenter, officials said.

The quake also inflicted heavy damage on the area, which is a hotbed of rebel activity, before two tsunamis slammed the coastline. Access and communications were difficult if not impossible. The death toll remained a mystery on the west coast of Aceh, where communication had been wiped out.

In the Maldives, 46 people are dead and more than 70 missing, according to Hassan Sobir, the Maldives High Commissioner.

Among the dead are at least 16 non-nationals, including six Britons, six Americans and four Italians, officials from those countries said. Of the Americans, five were killed in Sri Lanka and one in Thailand, U.S. officials said.

No warning
The tsunamis struck with no warning to those in coastal areas, as no warning system exists for the Indian Ocean, said Eddie Bernard, director of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Pacific Marine and Environmental Labs in Seattle.

Staffers at warning centers that cover the Pacific Basin and the U.S. West Coast were aware of the quake and the possibility of tsunamis, said Laura Kong, director of the International Tsunami Information Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

"They were able to make contact, but they did not have the proper government officials to notify," she said. "They'll be working on this in the future."

The earthquake is classified as "great" -- the strongest classification given by the National Earthquake Information Center.

NEIC geophysicist Don Blakeman said the tsunamis were triggered by the initial massive jolt.

"The damage is just phenomenal," said Jan Egelund, U.N. emergency relief coordinator. "I think we are seeing now one of the worst natural disasters ever."

There was disagreement over whether the threat was over. Waverly Person, Blakeman's colleague at NEIC, said the tsunamis are "long over" and residents and visitors should not worry about further tsunamis.

Bernard, however, said the aftershocks are strong enough to produce more tsunamis.

One such aftershock, measuring 7.3 in magnitude, struck about 200 miles (300 km) northwest of Banda Aceh -- on Sumatra's northernmost tip -- more than four hours after the initial quake, according to the NEIC. The center expects the quake to produce hundreds of smaller aftershocks under 4.6 magnitude, and thousands smaller than that.

"A quake of this size has some pretty serious effects," Person said.

The quake represented the energy released from "a very large rupture in the earth's crust" more than 600 miles (1,000 km) long. The rupture created shock waves that pushed the water at speeds of up to several hundred miles per hour.

It was the strongest earthquake to hit anywhere on Earth since March 1964, when a 9.2 quake struck near Alaska's Prince William Sound. The strongest recorded earthquake registered 9.5 on May 22, 1960, in Chile.

Sunday's quake hit a year after a 6.6-magnitude quake in Bam, Iran, killed more than 30,000 people, injured another 30,000 and destroyed 85 percent of the buildings in the southeastern Iran city.


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Posted 27 December 2004 - 02:25 PM

Sri Lankan military authorities report more than 10,000 people killed. In the northeast, Tamil Tigers report recovering 800 bodies.

At least 6,200 killed by waves which flooded the southern coast, official media report.

News agencies report more than 4,350 killed, many of them in Aceh in northern Sumatra.

Thai authorities report at least 866 people dead.

46 people are dead and more than 70 missing, according to Hassan Sobir, the Maldives High Commissioner.


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Posted 27 December 2004 - 03:19 PM

QUOTE(wunarmdscissor @ Dec 26 2004, 09:01 PM)
Earthquake in asia , thosands are dead . its shocking.
I hope pendkar timur is ok.

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Well thank you very much mr.wunarmdscissor...!!  original.gif  
i'm fine here,just a little shock...by the way..i'm living in the East
Coast of Penisular Malaysia.

The Tsunami effected North West of Penisular Malaysia...and that was horrible.  
...and i hope engulf is okay...  no.gif

user posted image
Tsunami kills 45 in four States

Malaysia was not spared. At least 45 people were killed with hundreds injured and missing in the aftermath of a tsunami triggered by the most powerful earthquake since 1964. Tremors following the early morning quake sent terrified residents of high-rise buildings pouring out into the streets.

The quake, measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale, had set off a chain reaction reaching far and wide, with 10,329 deaths from Penang to Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh.

Damage to life and property was estimated to be in the region of billions of ringgit. Communication links were affected with ports and airports closed in some of the affected areas.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is abroad, said he was saddened by the news and offered his condolences to all family members affected by the disaster.

"I have spoken to the Deputy Prime Minister and have been briefed on the situation. I have instructed him and the Second Finance Minister to offer all assistance necessary," he said in a telephone interview with RTM.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop will visit the disaster areas tomorrow morning.

Najib, at his residence today, said precautionary measures were being taken in case of more aftershocks.

"We are undertaking search- and-rescue operations. All those living along affected coastal areas and in high-risk areas will be evacuated with immediate effect."
Checks would also be done on infrastructure that may have been damaged, he said.

From 1.15pm, tidal waves three-storeys high flattened coastal villages, destroyed homes and infrastructure in the northern coastal States of the peninsula.
Boats and cars were tossed about like toys.

Hospitals in Penang, Kedah and Perak treated hundreds of people. Tremors were felt throughout the country.

At Press time, 32 people had died in Penang, 10 in Kedah, two in Perak and one in Selangor.

Another two Malaysians died in Thailand while diving at Emerald Cave off Thailand?s southern coast.

The Penang deaths involved 16 on the beaches of Batu Ferringhi, 15 in Balik Pulau and one in Seberang Prai Utara.

In Kedah, 10, including an 11-month-old baby girl, drowned in Kuala Muda when tidal waves lashed several villages.

Penang Civil Defence director Mohamad Johari Mohamad Taufik said many fishermen were feared missing after the waves hit the western coast of Penang.
"Many fishing boats went out to sea this morning. Not all have returned," he said.



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Posted 27 December 2004 - 03:28 PM

KILLER TSUNAMI: Trail of death and destruction as earthquake
off Sumatra creates giant waves that smash coastal areas
of Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Maldives,
Myanmar and Bangladesh.

no.gif    no.gif    no.gif  

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Posted 27 December 2004 - 03:31 PM

crying.gif  crying.gif  crying.gif My family and I watched our new DVD "Day after Tomorrow on Christmas night, having never seen it before, and woke to the news of this disaster the next day,..... there are terrible storms all over the US, with places like Texas and the Carolinas getting snow...    really scared us.  I felt like the movie was coming true...  

To all those with family and friends in the disaster, my heart goes out to you...  be strong for them and never lose hope!!

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Posted 27 December 2004 - 05:55 PM

huh.gif !!!!!!

Link to news story claiming: Disaster compared to scene from Bible

Disaster compared to scene from Bible
Planet rotation said affected by massive 9.0 magnitude quake, resulting tidal waves
Posted: December 26, 2004
8:20 p.m. Eastern
2004 WorldNetDaily.com

The largest earthquake in the past 40 years and the resulting deaths of thousands from 33-foot tidal waves are being compared by an American reporter to descriptions of disaster from Holy Scripture.

"The speed with which it all happened seemed like a scene from the Bible a natural phenomenon unlike anything I had experienced before," said Washington Post reporter Michael Dobbs, who was swimming off a Sri Lankan island when the disaster struck this morning.

"As the waters rose at an incredible rate, I half expected to catch sight of Noah's Ark. Instead of the Ark, I grabbed hold of a wooden catamaran that the local people used as a fishing boat. My brother jumped on the boat, next to me. We bobbed up and down on the catamaran, as the water rushed past us into the village beyond the road."

Officials at the U.S. Geological Survey the 9.0 quake centered off the Indonesian island of Sumatra was the world's fifth-largest since 1900 and the biggest since a 9.2 temblor hit Prince William Sound Alaska in 1964.

The temblor sparked a tsunami, a series of giant walls of water which left more than 14,000 dead in six countries, with the death toll continuing to rise.

Dobbs gives a first-person account of the dramatic event in the Post:

Disaster struck with no warning out of a faultlessly clear blue sky. ... I was a quarter way around the island when I heard my brother shouting at me, "Come back! Come back! There's something strange happening with the sea." ...
In less than a minute, the water level had risen at least 15 feet but the sea itself remained calm, barely a wave in sight. ...

After a few minutes, the water stopped rising, and I felt it was safe to swim to the shore. What I didn't realize was that the floodwaters would recede as dramatically as they had risen.

All of a sudden, I found myself being swept out to sea with startling speed. Although I am a fairly strong swimmer, I was unable to withstand the current. The fishing boats around me had been torn from their moorings and were furiously bobbing up and down.

For the first time, I felt afraid, powerless to prevent myself from being swept out to sea.

I swam in the direction of one of the loose catamarans, grabbed hold of the hull, and pulled myself to safety. My weight must have slowed the boat down and soon I was stranded on the sand.

As the water rushed out of the bay, I scrambled onto the main road. Screams and yells were coming from the houses behind the road, many of which were still half full of water, trapping the inhabitants inside. Villagers were walking dazed along the road, unable to comprehend what had taken place.

I was worried about my wife who had been on the beach at the time I went for my swim. I eventually found her walking along the road, dazed and happy to be alive. She had been trying to wade back to our island, when the water had carried her across the road and into someone's back yard. At one point she was underwater, struggling for breath. She finally grabbed onto a piece of rope and climbed into a tree, while the waters raged beneath her.

An Italian scientist says the earthquake was so strong, it even disturbed the rotation of the Earth.

"All the planet is vibrating," Enzo Boschi, head of Italy's National Geophysics Institute said on SKY TG24 TV.

The U.S. State Department says at least three Americans are confirmed dead, two in Sri Lanka and one in Thailand.

A written statement from the White House says "the President expresses his sincere condolences for the terrible loss of life and suffering caused by the earthquake and subsequent tsunamis in the region of the Bay of Bengal.

"The United States stands ready to offer all appropriate assistance to those nations most affected including Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Thailand, and Indonesia, as well as the other countries impacted. Already relief is flowing to Sri Lanka and the Maldives. We will work with the affected governments, the United Nations, non-governmental organizations, and other concerned states and organizations to support the relief and response to this terrible tragedy."

Relief agencies say the full scale of the disaster is impossible to assess, since communications have been cut to remote areas.

The only thing I'm 100% for sure about is today; do not let yourself be cheated of it.

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Posted 27 December 2004 - 06:40 PM

I saw a couple of clips on TWC last night and they showed hundreds of people running away from one of the waves. blink.gif  Most of them were knocked down and swept away, it was very disturbing.

Hopefully, the technology used to detect tsunami in the Pacific can be utilized in the Indian Ocean as well. Lets face it, there is no way to battle tsunami other than evacuation and an early detection system hopefully will save lives in the future.

My heart goes out to all who lost family, friends and their source of livelihood.

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Posted 27 December 2004 - 07:55 PM

UK News night just released a new figure, 23,000 and riseing evrey minute.

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Finish The Fight - November, 2007.

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