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Spirit Encounters...

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#1    Angel_of_Pain


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Posted 11 January 2005 - 06:25 PM

Okay!! So my poll wouldn't work lol!! Stupid computer lol!!!


So like I wanted to say...for all of you people who have seen spirits or ghosts...I'm just curious...Were any of them: Full bodied (feet touching the floor)? A floating body? Full of detail (ex: clothes, injuries ect)? Misty looking? Sketchy (Like that girl from the ring)? I'm just a really curious person who wants to know what other peoples experiences were like. Were you: Scared? Angry? Sad? ect.

Have any on you seen anything I haven't put down?

C'mon people let me now original.gif

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#2    Blazea58



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Posted 11 January 2005 - 07:28 PM

The only accounts i can say i did see a full bodied ghost was when i was really young. I can still clearly remember every now and then i would be getting to sleep, and my door would creak open , and i would sit there and watch shadows of full figure people walking back and forth outside my room. I was around 10 years old back then, so i never thought of it as anything more then my imagination.

My older brother on the other hand has had many experiences to this degree. The last time he said he saw something, he said he was getting ready to sleep and he rolled over and he saw a large shadow of a tall man standing right at his bed.
He said he had got a good look at this shadow, and rather then it being casted from a wall or another source, it was right infront of him.  Now another thing he had said was it looked like a large indian with what seemed to be a feather on his head, and dressed in a large coat with no texture on him at all, just a large dark tone figure.

What i found to make me belive it more, was that the area i live in today, used to be an indian burial ground a long time ago. I highly belive what he saw was genuine and i belive it has a connection with us being over the old burial grounds.

A few other experiences ive had lately are not considered extreme, and i usually pass it off as nothing just because i hear and see alot in my house that im never fully confident of it being a ghost.

Late at night around 2am every night, while im the only one awake i always go downstairs at around this time for a snack.  Usually ill grab some food and bring it up to my room, then come back down for a drink. In the short time it takes for me to drop my food off in my room and go back downstairs i always find the kitchen light turned off. I usually think nothing of it, as my older brother is sometimes awake during the late hours of the night. So i start heading upstairs, and more often then not, i will hear footsteps following me upstairs.  Like im always sure that its not my footsteps im hearing, because its at the exact opposite time i put my foot down, that i hear something that sounds like a foot stepping on a floor.
   I get really freaked out from that and start jolting up into my room. Again another thing i usually pass off as nothing simply because all houses make noises and i can never determine what it is thats doing it.

All in all though i see more odd things in the sky then i do in my house, so im more of a ufo buff then i am with ghosts, but i guess i have my fair share of weird ghost experiences, but nothing ever like seeing a full 3 dimensional ghost with all the same clothing as when they passed away.

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#3    joceeghost


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Posted 11 January 2005 - 11:13 PM

Ihave seen them in body that look just like you or me,in tranparent floaty stage and mist.  Mostly When I was younger From the time I was old enough to  remember to the I was 16 .  Now they still show there self but most the talk to me or they use phyic writting to come to me.  I always know when thay are around I just feel them.  hmm.gif  huh.gif

#4    markwasp


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Posted 11 January 2005 - 11:24 PM

Ive seen an old woman sort of transparent but with full features (wrinkles n all), dressed in a dark robe (didnt pay much attention to the robe). She looked as if she had her feet on the floor (but im not 100 percent), and i smelt a damp sort of musty smell. It made me feel uneasy.
Ive also seen a big black dog (compleatly balck), i could its fur in detail, and it walked on the floor befor dissapearing (fadeing slowly till there was nothing). There was no smell (that i can remember). But i do know i felt very panicey (not sure if i spelt that right).
Ive seen a few 'GHOSTS' in my time but those two stand out the most.


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