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US Troops Kill Father & Mother

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#31    Dreamer


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Posted 21 January 2005 - 03:12 AM

Just from a quick glance over I dont believe it to be an execution.  There appear to be 3 bullet wholes in the window shield from the way it is cracked.  That would add up about right, with the Mom, Dad, and one kid being hurt.  And if it was an assassination they would have killed the older children as well.  To many of them are old enough to tell the authorities and such.  They could easily have killed everyone, set the car on fire, and said "oops we shot and it blew up".    From the pictures it was dark out, there is no way the soldiers could have seen who was inside the car besides maybe a dark outline or two.  

Also terrorists don't care anything about children.  I have heard horror stories *shudders*.  Imagine having a 6 year old kid walk into the middle of a group of soldiers asking for food.  Then *BANG*  You just cant be to careful when dealing with terrorists, they care for no one.  I even have read articles of proud mothers, who's sons did suicide missions by strapping bombs onto themselves or their cars and driving them into people.  Some of these sons as young as 14.

I feel sorry for all involved, even the soldiers.  They thought that they were doing the right thing.  Common sense dictates if a pack of men wave guns at you, you do as the people with guns say...  or you go in the opposite direction as fast as humanly possible.  You dont just ignore them.

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#32    bathory


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Posted 21 January 2005 - 03:38 AM

It has happenes more than you think, but you do not open fire on the driver and passenger, that alone would surely set off any bomb especially a suicide bomber were it is strapped to the chest,

you do open fire on the driver and passenger because a) they are a much easier target than the cars tires cool.gif shooting out a cars tires don't actually stop the car c)shooting the driver/passenger will stop the car d) and hopefully detonate the bomb before it reaches the checkpoint

and if the govrenment would train the soldiers better they would know that Muslim's don't allow there children to get involved in self sacrifice acts

sure they do, the Palestinians have been using Child matyrs for some time...

, and if they opened fir through the car window then the chidren would have been hit whih leads me to believe that the parents were exicuted

you are clueless

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