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finding answers and believing.......

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#1    Ghost_Blind_22


    Alien Embryo

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Posted 09 December 2001 - 09:16 AM

Whenever i see photos of rooms etc which other kids say are ghosts, i just see a large, only just noticable smear. I know ghosts can exist but not in the way most say. Perhaps electrical energy transferred from our thoughts and mind and either projected out or giving us images that we can see but arent there. It could explain a lot.
Any picture i see invloves a white patch far away, a cloud or little white sparks. Others are so sensitive to them. Surely, we must find reasonable explanations before saying it's something we don't know. First we must sort fake(drawn on photos etc) from real as best as we can. Second, we must find an explanation using simple methods)ie string
Then we must use more scientific ideas for it(electricity etc) THEN we can go on to test the theory of ghosts and other stuff> it would involve us thinking what are the boundaries of science. Ancient Greeks if known it, couldnt have explained electricity and would have been like explaining ghosts. But electricity comes under science. If we explain paranormal activity, it will become a topic in science! Hallelujah!

#2    FarvLarion


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Posted 16 January 2002 - 04:08 AM

In my opinion, (Whether popular or unpopular), you post makes not sense to me.  Are you trying to say that Ghosts are some type of electrical field (In your opinion that is...)?

Farv M Larion

Abiogenesis (ab-i-o-jen`-a-sis) n. (Biol.) The theory of spontaineous generation from non-living matter [Gk. a-: neg.: bios, life, genesis, birth].  Farv Michael Larion

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