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I don't know if this is a joke

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#1    j6p


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Posted 21 May 2003 - 05:48 PM

                                                  Experiment at the University of Wyoming:
They grew a crystal from a center point outwards to form a transparent "bowling ball" crystal. They then mirrored the surface as to reflect the inner crystal inwards upon itself. They then opened a small
opening at the top of it and shot in a large load of light that followed the path of the grown crystals to the reflective surface and then back to the center core of the crystal where it intensified at each pass. The experiment
was to see if it would amplify itself. It did all to well. Within four hours this device exploded in an empty class room at night. According to witnesses outside, there was a brilliant flash of white light and then glass and furniture went everywhere.
Question: Was this our first photon torpedo?
The inventor of this "crystal battery" was eventually hired on by the same dept. that originally threatened his life over the rights to the technology.
Look up Wyoming University archives, Science research projects 1987,8,9 and
1990. Student: Edward Briton.

#2    FreyKade


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Posted 22 May 2003 - 02:44 PM

                                                  wow, star trek, here we come                                                  

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Posted 25 May 2003 - 02:52 PM

                                                  do you have the web site where you got this information from? huh.gif
Thank you smile.gif                                                  

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#4    j6p


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Posted 25 May 2003 - 05:35 PM

                                                  Dj, I can't find it but if I come across the site I'll post it. I do remember that there were several interesting subjects along these lines that were discussed.                                                  

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