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Insects and rain

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#1    Tommy


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Posted 01 January 2002 - 03:30 PM

I was just thinking about the smaller things in life...and was wondering how it is that insects are able to fly around when it is raining? ???

Surely, every raindrop of body-sized proportion would be as deadly as the falling boulder is to us.

Any thoughts?

  Tommy    my first general thread! :D

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#2    odinsupreme



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  • Yes.

Posted 01 January 2002 - 09:25 PM


Insects try to keep out of the rain. When they are flying and it starts to rain they take cover or fly back to their hive as fast as they can.

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What I was thinking about, how do they get the bubbles in the Champain?

#3    Loonboy



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Posted 05 January 2002 - 01:15 PM

Also, ever noticed that you get considerably less flying insects when there is a good breeze or wind - they can't cope so they hide. Unlike muggy summer days when they hang around over paths in clouds that follow you when you walk by... :'(

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#4    Crow


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Posted 12 January 2002 - 11:09 PM

.... I was once told, by someone who I think is quite a reliable source, albeit nuts, but anyway...I digress....that when an ant dies it always falls to the left....what i'd like to know is,

a) why?
b) how do they know?
c) why does it concern me?


Stay spooky, Crow x

#5    PurpleStuart



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Posted 13 January 2002 - 01:12 AM

Only the right handed (or should i say pincered!) ones fall to the left, the left handed fall on the right.

OK, i made that up  ;D

never take me too seriously

#6    Crow


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Posted 13 January 2002 - 01:24 AM

*lol* oh deary me

Stay spooky, Crow x

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