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UFOs: Why Won't They Leave Us Alone.......???

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Posted 20 August 2000 - 06:47 PM

If we look back to thousands of years ago, you notice the first recordings of UFO sightings in paintings, on ancient tablets, by little statues and figurines of space people, and enormous pictures carved into the ground, only to be seen from hundreds of metres in the sky. This makes my sick!!! I mean, this is OUR world! Ours - and not theirs! So why the hell do they keep coming back?

#2    Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 20 August 2000 - 08:44 PM

Do you know what you're asking? Until someone makes contact with these beings that keep coming back as you say, your question will simply relate to other unsolved questions like "What does God look like?" so be patient.

#3    Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 20 August 2000 - 10:07 PM

The first recordings of UFO sightings date back thousands of years ago. If they have still made no contact(or maybe they have but you can't think hard enough) then how patient can you be? Do you think the first contact will take place three million years into the future? Or maybe eight billion? (I say this with sarcasm)

#4    Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 22 August 2000 - 12:46 AM

Ace, Betty's right. You should be a little more patient. It's like standing on a glass floor 300 metres up in the sky. First you examine it by looking down, then you look at others who have already passed their fears, think of an easy stratagey of feeling safe, and then, finally, you take a step onto the glass floor. Maybe the beings would feel better to take the first steps on Earth ALONE and then latter take the last step by meeting humans when they understand the geography and land formations of our planet.(There may also be something else to it)

#5    Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 22 August 2000 - 02:20 PM

Now, since I'm a Christian, I have to agree with you that God did make the universe and that he did make Earth for humans. I also believe that God put other beings (aliens) in the universe. God did all these things and more with a destiny for us and the aliens in mind. Maybe the aliens are religios just like Christians. Maybe they're planet became better, and all their people all followed God's way. Maybe they have their own bible! Now maybe they keep coming back to try to contact us. They might not have the technology needed to get to Earths surface, or maybe they underestimate the atmosphere. Well, they might be coming on "missionary" trips! But, if maybe Satan got a planet and God got a planet, then we might be looking at a giant war between good and evil coming up in the future. Those warships could be coming to scout the area, or maybe even try to attack us. But they haven't attacked yet, so maybe they're just as technologically advanced as us, and we'd have hope. These are just two of many possibilities. I'd love to here what you all think.

#6    Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 23 August 2000 - 03:05 AM

Your ideas are certainly going somewhere Adam, but I'm sorry to disagree with you on one thing. You say that maybe these beings don't have the technology to land on Earth's surface. How would that explain crop circles? I'm very curious to know if these beings are all from the same planet or planets, who knows? I also know of one alien attack that has been recorded. It was in the Philippines when an alien space craft was spoted in the sky. An army had the orders to shoot at it, and when they did, a red laser shot out back to them. Some were indured, and correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that there were a few deaths involved too.

#7    Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 23 August 2000 - 08:23 PM

Well, the REAL crop circles could be made with a very precise, maybe invisible laser ray or something. Now the atack, that could just be a way of defense. I mean the humans attacked first, didn't they?

#8    Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 24 August 2000 - 04:45 AM

Well, yeah, but we're talking PEACE here aren't we?

#9    Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 23 December 2000 - 05:50 PM

One would have to be silly to think we are the only life force in the entire universe...Time has no beginning or end. It is man made. We must think in greater perspectives. For example, 1 year to a human may = 1 billion to another being, or a fraction of a man made second. This relates to studies on incomprehensible dimensions and theories of relativity etc. The speed of light, said to be the fastest known (except for inside a vacuum),is simply a man made measure of man made time. Think of a dog for instance, who lives in a world of smells and sounds we cannot really understand other than speculation from scientific tests. They are one among trillions of examples of how differently things can be percieved. As for alien forces being hostile, I believe in order for any advanced alien civilization no matter how foreign, must already have mastered the ability to live and co-exist in peace. Otherwise they would have destroyed themselves with their own technology long before the ability to understand intergalactic travel. If they had any radical life forms (as we have terrorists) that only caused war among them or others, it would simply be crucial to that civilization to eliminate such behavior in order to evolve to such an advanced state. This is a simple history lesson. Aliens whom have visited and who will visit in the future understand the importance of not interfering with a less advanced civilization until or unless it is necessary for the aliens themselves to survive. We may be a planet with certain resources necessary for them to proceed further in travel or self evolution etc. But even then they would not attempt to destroy us. It simply would not be in their nature. Therefore, I believe alien life must exsist and only those aliens who can unite peacefully with others will ever be encountered. We are still considered a somewhat hostile civilization but we are slowly evolving toward a better state of being. Technological wonders are everywhere in healing, science, computers etc. We must eliminate all hate among ourselves soon or this technological information will only serve to destroy us all. Thanks for listening...RIF

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  • Yes.

Posted 02 September 2001 - 04:27 PM

The guests had a lot of fun here.

Odin Supreme  8)

#11    Ghostboo



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Posted 17 February 2002 - 03:49 AM

ace,do you really think the humans own the earth?do you think it was designated by god for the humans?what if it wasn't?what if we kicked them out?what if we slaughtered them off this planet?just before you KNEW that the humans owned the earth.and you also KNEW that god saved our seat on earth.imagine what you'll KNOW tomorrow.

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#12    ETsuckers


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Posted 23 May 2003 - 10:21 PM

                                                  Q: food for thought. Why does every present society always feel that there predecesors were technologically inferior?

- If your a Christian, and believe the world was wiped out and started over again, just how far do you think they advanced? The bible doesn't really go into detail as to their level of technology of the time or does it?

- Those that believe in Atlantis, fact or fiction. It was an advanced culture. Did they build spacecraft? Are these humans out there returning home? Or are we being visited?

- Ancient India has manuscripts showing drawings and written captions on how to build modern day ion thrust engines and spoke in their manuscripts of flying craft that flew with a glow and could go into space. These are thousand yrs old manuscripts. Modern satellites and probes use almost exactly their construction for both primary propulsion and attitude correction.

- Archeaologists must be for scientific amusement. Until they dig up a pratt-n-whitney jet engine they'll never assume our predecessors could have achieved flight before the wright brothers
Or new more about our solar system and the stars than modern astronomy. Quite the contrary, it was late in 80's before we could detect and prove things the Egyptians mentioned along time ago and with what telescope I wonder? Not too mention particle physics. Things the Egyptians we assumed could never have realized but the study of the great pyramid begs to differ.
How stupid can one get to believe the pyramid was built for the purpose of the dead. Sure it may have been used for that purpose later but not for the original intent. If you ever study up on the Great Pyramid you'll be astounded by the number of modern only discoveries as late as the 60's that we as a race have advanced to understand at the particle and wave mechanic views. That the pyramids are built with almost complete knowledge of. Not too mention optics. Its really too much to be coincidence. Levitation can be done via a whole host of ways. Acoustically for one, which Nasa experiments with alot. Been known to ancient cultures and even recorded as such. But for some reason, if it doesn't have a propeller or jet engine they must not have achieved basic flight?

Technology is in the eye of the beholder...Its quite possible previous cultures sciences proliferated much like our now supressed technologies while more ardious and brute force methods are capitalized on today. The other methods wouldn't allow for as much money as the current piss poor methods.
If theres no profit in it, why allow it until you have too? Oh but that would suggest conspiracy on a grand scheme wouldn't it?
You want the blue pill or the red pill?

Westinghouse, the scientific community because he wasn't really a good ol boy anyway like in the Titanic representation of the upper or properly educated class, and censorship later in his life, had effectively muzzled one of the greatest minds of our time. He planned to start his own electric company that would have put both GE and Westinghouse out of business or loose millions at least. IT would have changed everything current electrical engineers think they know about energy. So, Westinghouse and others basically made him a nonperson after that attempt.

That monumentous discovery had it been implemented would have changed history alone. Free energy appliances would be as common as cell phones. And the idea of getting more out wouldn't be a question as it is strictly forbidden by todays measures. The truth about energy interaction is now being released as to how to get more out than you start with. A radical new concept. But you can bet old theories are being clung too tightly and simply warped  a little here and there to compensate for the new theories rather than discard them when a more simpler concept can be laid out that leaves no phenomena, all is accounted for in its proper place. Mankind is greedy, and tends to be control freaks as well as gloat in their pride of their wisdom. And so, usually takes cultures for a long ride the difficult and most complicated way of doing something when there is a simpler way.
Ocassionally that simpler way is discovered over and over again. Only to be bought up buy corporate greed and never intended to be produced because it would slash profits or stamped out and laughed into submission by our socalled brightest of the brightest because of their prestigious background. Who questions the expert speaker after all?

Thats like the Fox garding the chicken coop. Patents and breakthroughs have been impeded in the past by MIT patent screeners on stuff they decided wasn't based on modern thinking.
A tactic they vohemently deny happens. For example, the transistor and diode. Bell labs was not the first to invent that. The original inventor was turned down 3times for his patent because no one believed you could get current to flow without a heated junction (tube). It was unthinkable it could be done with a cold junction. So it was denied 3times until Bell labs came out with it. Even then it was a remarkable breakthrough in thinking. And the little bright electrical engineer minds went scurrying back to their cubicles trying to figure out how they missed it scientifically. Walla, the electron hole theory..what nonsense. A theory that is litterally full of holes.
You should be aware that not all physics gurus and EEE guys even some from MIT agree with the electron hole theory even though thats whats taught predominately in electronics.

Thanks to the internet, science is progressing at an accelerated pace because it can't be supressed as easily and past out like candy as they choose for society to advance. Many inventors of novelty don't even bother with patents anymore. IF your idea doesn't buck the status quo in theory its generally ok. The next 20yrs will hold some amazing things scientifically. Whole theories will be revamped. Money will change hands. Businesses will solidify as much as possible. Call it what you will. Red or Blue pill?
Just keep in mind. How long ago did they really know this stuff?

And I didn't even mention medical advances.......Now that is depressing or maybe disgusting once you have learned of whats been at our disposal for 65yrs and well known to that wondrous medical association. Unfortunately this tight nit wit group sets the corriculum for students and would be doctors etc....Rest assured you'll never hear of Royal Raymond Rife during your tenure.

I applaud everyone on this site. It shows you don't always accept what your told. That at the very least your inquisitive and thats good.

#13    Homer


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Posted 24 May 2003 - 02:20 AM

                                                  ETsuckers, why don't you tell us how you really feel biggrin.gif                                                  

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#14    ETsuckers


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Posted 24 May 2003 - 07:37 AM

                                                  smile.gif I know....my bro got me all worked up and I was blowing some steem I guess.                                                  

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Posted 25 May 2003 - 02:57 PM

                                                  Well you did not give us your name???
but what I know is that they Keep comimg back because they want to know more about us ... as we want to know more about them smile.gif
And if we knew their Planet or if we could reach it ... I think that we would be doing the same thing to ... and do not be afraid ... Just wait and you will see smile.gif they are here for the good and not for the bad tongue.gif                                                  

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