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7th Son of a 7th Son

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Posted 05 April 2010 - 05:46 PM

View Postmiles powers, on 17 February 2010 - 07:24 PM, said:

The 7th son of a 7th son having powers is comonly known among the older folks in Ky. There was one who lived where i live who could cure that disease that babies get in their mouth ( can't remember the name of it but their mouth turns white please post if you know what disease I'm refering to) He could do other stuff as well but that'S all I can remember right now.

I believe the disease you refer to is commonly known as "thrush"



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Posted 05 April 2010 - 07:10 PM

I too am from Kentucky, my father's family first settled in KY in the late 1700's. Descendants of the original settlers still own the property that was first settled over 200 years ago.
I have first hand experience with a seventh son of a seventh son. As a child I would spend a few weeks every summer at my grandparents farm in Pulaski County, KY. The farm was located on Parker's Mill Road just outside of Somerset. When I was eight years old I had two large warts, one was on the palm of my hand and one was on my knee. Each wart was slightly larger than a pea and my mother was always threatening to take me to the doctor to have them burned off.
While visiting my grandparent's, my grandmother noticed the warts and told me she was going to take me to have them removed. I immediately had visions of someone heating up a hot iron poker over an open flame and pressing it against the warts as I was being forcefully held down by several adults much bigger and stronger than me. I flatly refused to co-operate with her plans. I told her no one was going to burn anything off of my body. With that she smiled and reassured me that the treatment she had in mind would be completely painless.
Later that evening after dinner she told me it was time to visit "old man Flynn" who lived less than a half mile down the gravel road which ran past the farm. As we walked towards Mr. Flynn's home my grandmother began to tell me about Mr. Flynn and his special gift. She told me that he was a seventh son of a seventh son and that he possessed the gift for healing. She went on to explain that a seventh son a was a man who's father was the seventh son of seven and that there was no sisters born between the brothers. She went on to say that the same birth order was repeated in the next generation thus the seventh son of the seventh son and that this second generation seventh son has the god given gift of healing. I asked her what happens with a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and she said the second generation seventh daughter would be able to see the future.
Mr. Flynn lived in a small cabin which appeared to be constructed in the same manner as the barns and out buildings I saw on my grandmothers farm. As we approached his home I noticed an elderly man sitting on his front porch on an old ladder-back chair. My grandmother introduced me and explained to Mr. Flynn that she would appreciate it if he would remove my warts. Mr Flynn looked in my direction and said, "Come up here boy and show me your warts." I showed him my hand and then pulled up my pants leg and showed him my knee. I was quite nervous at the time because I still didn't know what to expect. At this point Mr Flynn licked his right index finger and placed it over the wart on the palm of my hand. He then whispered something at such a low volume that it was inaudible to me. He repeated the same process on my knee and then told me to go home and that the warts would be gone when I woke up the next morning. My grandmother thanked MR. Flynn and we began the walk back to her home.
On the way home I asked my grandmother if she knew what Mr. Flynn was saying. She recited a verse from the Bible which I have long since forgotten. I do remember though that it had something to do with removing impurities from the blood. I also asked her why she didn't pay him for his service and she explained that if he charged or accepted monetary payment he would lose his gift.
I don't mind telling you that even at eight years of age I was very skeptical about the whole experience and I took on the attitude that I'll believe when I see it. I went to bed that evening and fell asleep quickly. When I awoke the next morning the first thing I looked for was my warts and to my amazement the warts were gone and there was no sign of them ever being there.
I am nearly fifty years old today and this experience has stayed with me all of my life. Over the years I heard stories from my dad and my aunts and uncles regarding MR. Flynn and the healing miracles he performed. I never saw Mr. Flynn again. The gravel road is now covered in blacktop, my grandmother's farm was sold off in the mid seventies after her death and is partially built up into a sub-division and there is no sign of that MR. Flynn or his cabin ever existed. But the memory of this experience and of MR. Flynn will be with me for the rest of my life. It serves to remind me that there is more to this life than can be explained by logic, science or technology.

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Posted 05 April 2010 - 08:58 PM

Hadji, the young indian boy on Johnny Quest was the 7th son of a 7th son and he could charm snakes and levitate ropes.hadji

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Posted 05 April 2010 - 09:07 PM

The 7th son is Enoch who became the angel Metatron, otherwise known as the 7th from Adam

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Posted 06 April 2010 - 02:57 AM


ear rings whenever a tv or computer or any kind of monitor is turned on around me.
electromagnetic sensitivity.
you probably interfere with (certain) street-lights also? ;)

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Posted 11 April 2010 - 03:26 PM

View Postsolifugpain, on 14 May 2007 - 09:52 PM, said:

<i>Today is born the seventh one
Born of woman the seventh son
And he in turn of a seventh son
He has the power to heal
He has the gift of the second sight
He is the chosen one
So it shall be written
So it shall be done</i>

...up the irons!
One of my favourite albums.

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Posted 14 April 2010 - 09:59 PM


This is a link to a book found on Google Books titled Mountain Mysteries: The Mystic Traditions of Appalachia
By Larry D. Thacker, Jr. The section titled Appalachian Magical Ways begins on page 130, information about the 7th son of a 7th son can be found on page 164. The book is available on Amazon's website among others.

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Posted 17 April 2010 - 05:20 PM

I heard that The Seeker movie is a historically acurate movie dealing with this concept lol

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Posted 24 April 2010 - 09:12 PM

I am the seventh son and the 12th child (13th child for my mom from her first marriage)

Let me tell you... I'm a smuck...

I play a mean guitar though.

I guess I just didn't quite make it in the numbers game..


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Posted 26 May 2010 - 09:41 PM

Iron Maiden released their album Seventh Son of a Seventh Son in 1988.

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Eerily (at least to me), it was their first Number 1 album in the UK since The Number of the Beast in 1982.

Even more eerily is the fact that it only reached Number 12 in the US.  Though Americans do have a bad taste in music.

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Posted 27 May 2010 - 03:06 AM

The watch isn't that interesting, you'll actually find that happens to a lot of people. Each human has a different field around them, now each watch is made for the average being. If the persons field is off compared to the average then the watch will stop working or go nuts, one of my mothers friends always had the issue with watches. Doesn't make the person a freak, merely that their magnetic field is a bit off compared to other beings around them. Watches are usually made with a certain wattage in mind.

Secondly, you don't want to just say 7 is mystical, in fact almost annny number can be mystical that goes especially for 3 and 5. Lookin at it your way is highly reductionistic and blocks all other possiblities out. Not, to say it isn't a factor, rather it certainly isn't the only factor. Ie childbirth and being the seventh if the baby came out as a premature, other medical problems, which could translate to abnormal brain activity from the average joe, not equating to stupid..rather using different pathways. Again the factors for why people have extra sensory abilities depends on the individual and a host of other infinite possiblities, hell just the enviornment alone.

Something you should know is that there have been quite a few studies on hypnosis and warts. While hypnosis doesn't work well for all that many things, one thing is has been shown to be really effective on is warts. Now you just admitted that you pictured burning it off, and you also believed by your grandmother esp as a kid that this man had healing powers..not to say he didn't. Rather though through your own self hypnosis of wanting to get rid of the warts..you actually got rid of them yourself by power of thought. A lot of interesting studies have been going on about warts in particular and hypnosis..I advise you do a little bit of research for the kicks of it!

Now again I am not saying the man is a healer..far from it. Rather on this case, you got rid of them yourself without even knowing by power of thought. Amazing what it can do haha.

So, next time anyone has a wart, remember that!

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Posted 27 May 2010 - 04:57 PM

This however is not a legend. I am one and there are perks that go with having that designation and the abilities, once taught and controled, that come along. :rolleyes: :blink:  

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Posted 29 August 2010 - 05:12 PM

My Uncle Marcel was the 7th son of a 7th son and the older folks say he was born with a veil over his face.He had healing powers.He was very kind and he took away warts and thrush in infants that I know of.My son is now 20yrs old, but when he was younger than one, he came down with thrush.I took him to Uncle Marcel and he took the baby in his arms,put his mouth on his and blew in it.He might also have said a few words but I wasn't close enough to hear.As he took him from me he kinda walked away.My Grandmother tells me that they also have to have never seen their Daddy either(the 7th son).I don't know about that part for sure.I found this question by googling looking to see if I could find just such a person around here.Uncle Marcel is long dead now and my niece needs her thrush cured.By the way,my son's thrush was gone by afternoon the next day.Completely.
  The veil as I understand it is perhaps where the sack doesn't rupture during delivery and you have to break the bag when they come out.These births were all at home of course,but there is definitely healing powers gifted to these people.

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Posted 02 September 2010 - 01:14 AM

View PostBlackwhite, on 26 May 2010 - 09:41 PM, said:

Iron Maiden released their album Seventh Son of a Seventh Son in 1988.

Posted Image

Eerily (at least to me), it was their first Number 1 album in the UK since The Number of the Beast in 1982.

Even more eerily is the fact that it only reached Number 12 in the US.  Though Americans do have a bad taste in music.

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Posted 02 September 2010 - 08:26 AM

View PostAlchera, on 11 April 2010 - 03:26 PM, said:

One of my favourite albums.

Today is born the Seventh One, born of a woman, the 'Seventh Son' and he in turn of a 'Seventh Son'....He has the power to heal, he has the gift of 'Second Sight' so it shall be written, so it shall be done....

Here the birth from an unbroken line, born the healer, the 'Seventh' his time. Unknowingly blessed as his life unfolds, slowly unveiling the power he holds.

Then they watch the progress he takes, the 'GOOD' and the 'EVIL' which path will he take.....Both of them trying to manipulate, the use of his powers before it's too late.....

The 'Seventh Son' is born the divine and chosen one, to become a Maker of Things' who has a 'special purpose in life' for the 'Lord of Hosts' to expose the EVIL and CORRUPTION of the World, but of who is CURSED by those SAME FORCES who would try to DESTROY him.....for he is the Trinity, the father, son & the holy spirit.....


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