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Having House Investagated

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#1    poetrywomen23322


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Posted 20 July 2003 - 09:24 PM

I am new to this group and I just wanted to post some of the things that I and my family have had to endure for the last 9 yrs. I have 3 children and am married. We moved into this house that was built in 1915 and it is an old farm house. The moment I walked into the house, I felt a depressed and sad feeling. We started to redo the house right away and when we moved in,and started to settle in that is when things started to happen! My 2 girls were up stairs and my son was put in the other room up there too. I suudenly started to here foot steps walking up and down the stairs at night and the girls stared to have horrible nightmares. Things would move in there room and when we would have company, nobody wanted to sleep in my son's room. The radio in his room would change channels and there was a feeling of fright. There would be clanging in the kitchen like some one was moving pots and pans around, just the usual things that are assosiated with hauntings. Then the attacks started in. My sister was shoved in the kitchen while holding my son, my daughter had welts come up on her leg that spelled out HELP ME MARY!! I was scatched 2 times in the same day. I was sitting in our recliner and all of a sudden, the recliner started to plop up and down on the floor 3 times jolting me and then 2 days later, it happened to my brother. I have seen a black shadow 2 differant times coming through our foyor and I also have had one go right through me almost causing me to faint. We are currently having our house investagated. Next weekend they are coming out and will stay here for 24 hrs. While they were here the first time, they went upstairs and found energy in the upstairs attic and the attic in my soms room. also they tried to make contact with it and while they were standing there, the door to the furnice flew open with such force that I thought it would come falling down!! While the guy was putting the door back up, he looked down and on the lip of the out side of the stairs there were little foot prints. He said that there was no way humanly possible that a human being could do that. They would have to have one foot on the lip and the other foot would have to be off---Flying in the air!!! I was in shock and was scared, again. It has been hard and we have lived in such stress, that as a family it has caused alot of destess and fear. I would like to get some fed back on any one that has had a problem like mine. I would love to here from you!!
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#2    Althalus


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Posted 20 July 2003 - 09:53 PM

It sounds to me like a classic case of pronounced poltergeist activity.

Poltergeist's usually attach themselves to people who are going through a stressful period, this stressful periond may have been you moving house, or you mention you have 2 daughters, how old are they?

The reason why poltergeists like to do this is because they seem to be some kind of being that feeds off psychic energy, and so it does these things to make you agitated and scared, and so boost the level of energy you are giving off.

There would have to have been a starting point though, which is why I asked about your daughters ages, if they are starting puberty then that would trigger it.

The black shadow would be the poltergeist feeding off the energy and then manifesting itself in order to scare you more so as to get more.

Sorry if this sounds weird or scary, but I hope it helps.

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#3    Aslan


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Posted 20 July 2003 - 10:05 PM

I know that Al is probably replying to this topic at the same time as I am, and we'll both probably say the same things, so I'll keep it short.

Without any religious preamble I will jump right in and say that you have an 'intelligence' that isn't aware of it's current state - ie it's dead. It certainly seems to be trying to attract your attention more than anything else. Why it is unaware of the reality of things would probably take some considerable research (died VERY suddenly is probably a good bet - it is unaware that 'Mary' can't help because 'Mary' is also long gone), but it is certainly confused, angry, vengeful maybe. Think of it like a drunk who's just woken up somewhere and has no idea what's going on, and has to tug the sleeves of passersby to ask for money or advice or help...

Who knows how long it has been in this state, suffice to say it's not having a very pleasant time, and it's making your life very unpleasant while trying to work it out.

In these kinds of situations the 'intelligence' usually needs persuading that it is dead, and the times it lived in are passed (read any books by Alan Kardec - old, but beautifully researched). Get someone in to do this - a psychic, a medium, whatever they happen to be called. It is a baffled 'intelligence' and a little direction will probably see it in the right direction.

As a last word, the 'intelligence' is obviously attached to the house rather than your family, which is, all things considered, a good thing.

EDIT: Just read Al's post, and I agree with all that too. You, or somebody in your family (as Al says, anyone approaching puberty or thereabouts is a prime candidate) could be experiencing some kind of psychic leakage, in which case aura healing could help. This supposedly cuts off the energy supply to the manifesting 'intelligence' - it really does seem to work a lot of the time. But as it appears rigidly attached to the locale rather than anyone in your family, your best bet is probably communication and explanation.

Hope this helps.

#4    Kismit



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Posted 21 July 2003 - 01:11 AM

I have seen a black shadow 2 differant times coming through our foyor and I also have had one go right through me almost causing me to faint.
This is the closest thing I have ever come across to my experience poetrywomen , I would be most gratefull If you could discribe this Black shadow passing through you in more detail . Where were you at the time ? What time of day was it ? Do you remember any other characteristics about the Shadow ? Could you tell me how it felt other than almost making you faint . Was it solid , draining ect. ? Here is a Link to my experience if it helps . Although I never really experienced any other related activity .

#5    Daughter Of The Goddess

Daughter Of The Goddess

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Posted 21 July 2003 - 08:16 AM

  blink.gif I do not mean to frighten you. I am not sure if you are experiencing a haunting, by a human ghost, or something else.

To me, it sounds like a classical polterguist episode.

You can put some lightly salted water around the corners of your home, while saying a prayer, or asking for protection.

Or you can buy some white sage & smudge (burn), it to purify the area.

Either way, take care & keep me up to date.

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