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Dinosaurs moved like Mammals

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#16    draconic chronicler

draconic chronicler

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Posted 03 November 2005 - 11:51 PM

No Atlantis, you are.  Go to any modern scientific book about dinosaurs, and they will all say the same thing.  Dinos Birds and Crocs, are all archosaurs and closely related.  They are completely different kinds of animals, physiologically speaking, than the "lower" reptiles, like snakes lizards and turtles.  Here is a revelation for you.  Just becasue sea snakes and eels look a lot alike, it doesn't mean they are closely related.  Eels are fish, snakes are reptiles.   Dinos, Birds and Croc are archosaurs, lizards and snakes are regular reptiles.

Better just stick with your Atlantis studies.  You can just make it up as you go.

#17    Atlantis Rises

Atlantis Rises

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Posted 04 November 2005 - 12:26 AM

I had to look up archosaurs because I never heard of this term, but you are correct on that point.  According to the dictionary, Archosaurs are a reptile of the subclass Archosauria, which includes the dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and the modern crocodilians. But I'm not sure how all three are related. Birds are related to possible dinosaurs, but there has never been definitive proof they grew wings. There has been lots of speculation though, but no factual data. There were some dinos who had wing like flips, but they couldn't fly. Maybe millions of years they evolved to present state, but again no definitive proot. More speculation than factual data. And there were more than just one type of pterosaurs, many classifications I'm sure. Birds evolved from them if I'm not mistaken. Crocodiles deevolved from large, gigatic creatures that roamed the seas with the Plesiosaurs.

History is like Time - it always repeats itself.

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Posted 06 November 2005 - 04:05 PM


Claims employing less sense have been stated by a few people in this section. Erm...I'm not talking about etvisitor. tongue.gif
I don't understand how an animal's strides can suggest anything like a different classification. I mean, it might not be common amongst reptiles, mammals, or whatever, but I don't think there's scientific law stating that "ALL REPTILES MUST WALK LIKE THIS!" or anything of the like.

Am I missing something? unsure.gif

I agree. I have long since suspected that dinosaurs were a transitional species bearing both mammalian and reptilian traits.

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