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Whats your Halloween Urban Legen?

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#1    LyCaN123



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Posted 29 October 2005 - 01:38 AM

Whats you Halloween Urban Legend?Please let it not be some made up one ok...

#2    Byuu94


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Posted 03 November 2005 - 03:08 PM

Legend:Animal shelters don't let cats be adopted within a month of Halloween, because they don't want people to sacrifice them.  devil.gif

Truth: Actually they do it because people often adopt animals as decoration, like bunnies and chicks at Easter. Then once the holiday is over, these animals are often abandoned.

On the same note, pagans and Satanists don't usually sacrifice cats during Halloween(or ever). The few cases that do happen from time to time, are usually just sick teenage boys.

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#3    Lord Umbarger

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Posted 04 November 2005 - 10:07 PM

I know that this one is just a legend but, there was at one time a story going around that some local cult was looking to kidnap a blonde haired blue eyed boy and girl for some kind of sacrifice. I never did hear of anyone actually getting kidnapped but, it did scare the parents into going out with their kids for trick or treating. I guess that in this case, even if it was B.S. it at least served a purpose. Little children should not go trick or treating with out at least one adult.

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Posted 05 November 2005 - 04:25 PM


I guess that in this case, even if it was B.S. it at least served a purpose. Little children should not go trick or treating with out at least one adult.

Yes, I agree with that 100%.  It's not just the prowling strangers, how do you know who's doors your children are knocking on?

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#5    chunga


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Posted 05 November 2005 - 06:46 PM


Whats you Halloween Urban Legend?Please let it not be some made up one ok...

Not sure if this fits in this thread or not. While growing up my family would often visit other relatives and friends up in the woods. I mean what my parents would call out in the boonies, it was the boonies alright and I often felt that if anything unexpected were to happen we would be all alone and screwed.

Anyway, while on a hike one day on one of these visits me and other kids came to a break in the woods where there was a meadow and a small pebble trail that leaded off into the dark thick trees. I wanted to take the path just to see, but the others had been told on earlier visits to never go down that path. whey? who knows, just dont.

I was ofcourse as usual unable to take good advise and off I skipped, what fun, until a  man came out from the side brush and grabbed me and screamed for me to get the hell out of their and go home and never come back. Why??  He said in a shakey old hoarse voice that a witch lived at the end of the path and she was 100 years old and didnt like company especialy children, If I went up, I wouldnt be coming down again.

This was in the early 70s and even then the term lone witch was around because he told me she wasnt like other witches, like I knew alot of them yeah right, she was a lone witch and a real one as he called her.

This did it , I went back to our farm and the next day we left and all was forgotten until 2001 when I heard that the vacation farm was sold and bulldozed and I decided to drive up one sunday with my oldest child an look around. It looked the same and you could still get out and walk all over, no fences or signs, Iam sure they shoot trespassers everyday out there, we came to the same meadow and I took some digital photos. Then my kid see's a pebble path and Iam thinking no way, couldnt be, Yes, there it was in all its cute glory.
We went carefully and quietly no skipping, and after a long while we can to a shack I guess you would call it, It had a rickety and slanting chimney and smoke was coming out. I wondered who was living her,ofcourse the old witch if there ever was one would surely be long dead by now. We did not go in but we called out several times and got  no response, there was an herb garden and simple, old fashioned tools and a well with a bucket on a rope and a saddle and horse stuff. But not a sound, it was weird, no animal noises like there should of been . We didnt see the usual witch stuff that we assume would be around and there were no warning things on the path leading to the  shack.

We were laughing and feeling relieved and almost to the end of the path at the meadow when a large crack like a stick broke came from the woods on the right of the path. We were followed by this noise of something in the thick trees for 5 or 10 minutes and we stopped and waited awhile trying to see anything and discussing what was following us. Just then an older lady in rags and a strange scarf/hat thing came stumbling out onto the path in front of us, She spoke in spanish and fast and was pointing her finger at us and pissed off for sure and telling us to leave right away. How this old hag could get through
that thicket and follow at our pace I dont know.
We tried to tell her that we were lost and getting out but she blocked the little path and kept screeching a warning or something , I went to push her aside so we could leave and as I got close and put my hand on her arm she leaned in and whispered in english, I been here one hundred thirtynine year, one hundred thirtynine winter, you get out missy and take that boy with ya, come back you die.
When I stood back up her eyes changed and her pupils went from round to vertical slant like a cats and then back to round.
We ran fast and never talked all the way home, like numb or something. We laugh now, thinking no way was that a 139 year old witch, no way, we wont go back and I dont tell people where it is, I often think of her up there in that shack at night concoting god knows what spells and how  spooky it must be at night in the middle of those lonely woods, how many wayward hikers has she done in? I can only guess ,  she let us go and thats what counts to me. Every Halloween I think of her up there. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#6    Devilwolf99111


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Posted 21 January 2006 - 01:35 AM

i saw some kinda wolf-like creature on halloween a few years ago. the thing almost pounced on me and i dodged it. then it started growling and i said, "go away! just get going! you dont belong here, dog!" it ran off and i never saw it again. plus, there was a full moon. i thought that was creepy

humans were scaring me
when i was a young wolf
they made me cry alot
when they came around
they caused so much trouble
i trembled
i cryed
i screamed
i bleeded
i fled
no...no, no, no. NEVER flee.
i fight
i destroy
fight with your might, Devilwolf
donnot give up!
you'll fight for courage
for freedom
for justice
for help
for the best of it!

#7    Yelekiah


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Posted 21 January 2006 - 01:58 AM

Waking up in a tub full of ice with your kidney missing. I think that's right.

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