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Abduction tale at center of conference

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Posted 30 October 2005 - 11:32 AM

news icon rAnna Jamerson always found ways to explain away her nosebleeds, or her inability to account for periods of time, or why she woke up with her nightgown on backwards. But it wasn't until a six-month period in 1992 that she and a friend with similar symptoms starting keeping journals, researching and undergoing hypnosis.

Their conclusion: They had been abducted by aliens."I remember lying on single-footed tables with beings over me," Ms. Jamerson said.

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Posted 02 November 2005 - 02:13 AM

w00t.gif  Hello
After reading this topic  I am sitting here thinking just how many times I have awoken to find that I have stripped off in bed, got up and made food, tea, coffee and cannot remember.  My partner knows exactly what it is that I do as she wakes up and as I have been putting weight on hand over fist I suspect that I am snacking while asleep or having a partial complex seizure.
It is strange that I have read this now, after just posting to Shaun about my accident.  I fell from a 2 storey building and damaged my brain.  This has left me with epilepsy.  I have complex partial seizures in which I wander around, totally unaware of my actions.  Afterwards I cannot recall anything about my nocturnal jaunts or my day time activities if my seizures take place then.  I am not suggesting that both these girls have epilepsy however sometimes people that do not have epilepsy can I suppose carry out actions in their sleep, such as reversing their nightware or walking about.
The other phenomena that occurrs with me as a result of the fall is time loss.  I now have no recognition of time length.  I can sit at a table for what seems like a second only to be told an hour has gone by.   w00t.gif stranger than fiction?  Perhaps
What I would like to know is...have these girls been examined?  The main problem with hypnosis is false memories and if the girls talk about their abductions to each other I think that this may bolster their worst fears, which may not be true.

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