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is it possible

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#1    cyrus11



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Posted 14 January 2006 - 04:19 AM

not meant to offend anyone..but, is it possible that at one time in the european history that the cro-magnons took neanderthal females and had offsprings with them?
are anthropologists with helding such dna evidence to prevent ridicule from other races?
if its possible, why is it a bad thing? neanderthals have the same brain capacity if not greater than our own. it doesn't mean they are dim witted. they might be smarter, but just not have the same desire as homo sapiens.
simple mutations cannot produce such traits as light hair and skin.. light eyes...high nasal bridges etc. of all the races in the world..european facial features are a minority...
what do neanderthals really look like? do they also have blonde hair? red hair? blue eyes? light skin? freckles? who knows..
i guess we will never know.

#2    aquatus1


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Posted 14 January 2006 - 12:43 PM

That is actually a current theory, that the neanderthals were not killed off, but rather incorporated into homo sapiens.  I sincerely doubt we have any sort of genetic data that would allow us to verify it, and the notion of a modern-day anthropologist withholding what would be the making of his career is somewhat laughable.

Neanderthals are not considered to have been either dim-witted, clumsy, or primitive, in any sort of way.  In a lot of school, they are even considered more evolutionarily advanced than homo sapiens.

#3    Piney


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Posted 15 January 2006 - 01:34 AM

I think that caucasians got that nasty "no tan" pale skin from neanderthals. Also they think the "ginger gene" which causes red hair/green eyes was a neanderthal gene. But I think the Blond hair/ blue eyes Finno-Urgic gene came from them. I agree 100 percent.


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#4    Kaizen


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Posted 15 January 2006 - 01:55 AM

Neanderthals were cool.   yes.gif   But the fact they had bigger brains doesn't mean they were more intelligent, just larger for more well developed motor cordnation and scenses.  Still, they were far more suited for their environment than we were.


I think that caucasians got that nasty "no tan" pale skin from neanderthals. Also they think the "ginger gene" which causes red hair/green eyes was a neanderthal gene. But I think the Blond hair/ blue eyes Finno-Urgic gene came from them. I agree 100 percent.


I don't think so.  I think scientists have determined that no dna from neanderthals survies in modern humans.  Even if neanderthats and cromagnon could have interbread (I think they could have)  the child may have been sterile.

I can't see how cacuasions share any similarities with neanderthals any more than any other ethnic group.  Neanderthals didn't have the high nasal bone (did they?) they just had larger nasal passages.  I think pale skin is just an adaptation for cold environments, same as asians.  But neanderthals may very well have been pale skinned for this same reason though.   thumbsup.gif

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#5    cyrus11



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Posted 16 January 2006 - 03:29 AM

hmm.. well, i believe that their larger nasal passage would have made the bridge of their nose higher and more prominent, like todays europeans, well some at least.  imagine that french guy from the movie "green card" and give him a sloping forehead, you'd get an neanderthal. lol....
i think an offspring of an neanderthal and human could have existed and be able to breed...
as show in big cats or other hybrids.. you can breed a liger from mixing male lion and fem tigers, and from that offspring, get a li-liger.. lion and liger offspring and so on... just because 2 cro-neanderthals cannot breed doesn't mean another cromagnon cannot breed with the hybrid.. and eventually, the remaining neanderthal gene and characteristics would be so minute that it can hardly be detected, but certain traits do express itself..
i once saw a show where a caucasian female looking lady was the daughter of 2 african american parents..  she then figured out that once in the past, one of her ancestors was caucasian.. she was just showing repressed genes..  what if that the modern european features were the result of genetic mixing with neanderthals? where else in the world do you actually see caucasian features besides europe and scandalnavia? you don't see eskimos with the same trait and they lived in the north pole, they don't have blonde hair, light eyes, high prominant forehead and nose.. inface, their facial features are pretty similar with the rest and most of humanity, who might have mixed with homo erectus not neanderthals....
which posess a flatter and less prominant nose.  i don't know... does that make sense?
and really, why wouldn't caucasian scientists withhold that info if it was true? if that the truth might ridicule the caucasian race as part "neanderthals"...  with caucasians being the world power now and the rest of the world being 3rd world countries.. who actually has the "grapes" sort to speak to speak the truth? i dunno what social implications it would have if that was the case.

#6    DivineDragon_85


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Posted 16 January 2006 - 04:13 AM

I'm sure that you guys would love to read a series of books by Jean M. Auel about a Clan of Neanderthals who found and adopted an orphaned Cro-Mag. girl into their clan. Jean M. Auel did extensive research and tried to incorporate true facts and findings into her books. It's a story of the struggle this cro-mag girl had growing up and learning the ways of "the clan" and even has a child (which is thought to be deformed) because he is of mixed blood. It is a very interesting and entertaining series called the Earth Children Series - Starts with the Clan of The Cave Bear, Valley of Horses, The Mammoth Hunters, Plains of Passage and lastly Shelters of Stone. Ayla, the cro-mag girl is forced out of the clan to find her own people after the first book but even so there are many great ideas and facts to get you thinking....Just a warning though...each book is about 500 pages long if not longer...so be prepared for some serious reading.


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#7    dazdillinjah


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Posted 16 January 2006 - 04:34 AM

Looking at some of the ppl that live down my street - YEP  huh.gif

#8    hamellr



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Posted 18 January 2006 - 12:30 AM

I think that they interbred. I've worked with a guy that I swear you could have told not to shave for a couple of weeks, put him in animal skin and taken to a museum.

But probably not cause the guy was dumb as rock.

#9    Bex


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Posted 18 January 2006 - 01:27 AM

yes it's possible because I hooked-up with my ex and he is definitley neanderthal. You know how it is, sometimes you just want to go wild and freaky.

#10    IronGhost


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Posted 03 March 2006 - 03:11 PM

cyrus11, why do you think anyone would be offended by the idea that homo saps might have interbred with the Neanders?


P.S.  I am pulling for the theory that Neanderthals were a whole seperate species of human being.  I just like the idea that there were other humans on the planet who were not really "us."


#11    Bella-Angelique


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Posted 03 March 2006 - 03:29 PM

There is a big difference between race and species.

Modern genetic studies have shown that race can be changed by a cohesive genetic family like changing clothes.
A white genetic family may once have been black and a black genetic family may once have been white. The majority of the family of genes stayed clumped together (and can be traced), with the only major change being the race marker, which is not as fixed to the rest of the genetic makeup that map out family DNA lines as people still assume in the mainstream.
Blood type is a better indicator of genetic family than race is for example.
Race is a more recessive type of genetic trait, as can be seen in how recessive genetic illnesses are often race connected.

A lot of racism is based upon identification of racial character traits that science has proven as impossible to exist as clothes giving the wearer certain character traits.

Character traits of groups of people are the result of culture more than of anything else.

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#12    KingTomis


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Posted 07 March 2006 - 03:39 AM

It's pretty much a known and accepted fact that there was interbreeding.  As to whether or not neandertals were "incorporated" into the homosapeans is up to debate.

Anthropologists actually found the remains of a girl in Portugal that clearly showed signs of both Neanderthal and homo sapien descent.  

As to saying that Europeans have the features we have as a result of interbreeding with Neanderthals is ridiculous.  You compare Eskimos and scandinavians, say they both live ina  cold climate, and thus should both look alike?  Both very different climates and environments.  Caucasians have light skin, light colored hair and light colored eyes because of a need to absorb sunlight more.  Remember that homo sapiens have been in Europe for 45.000 years.  Eskimos have been living where they do for less than 20,000 years.  

Besides, scientist can tell heritage just by looking at your mitochondrial DNA.  Always the same as your mother's.  We know what a neanderthals DNA is and haven't found it in "Europeans" or anyone for that matter.

While I do think there was interbreeding, I dont think that was the cause for the disappearance of neanderthals.  New findings are showing that Homo sapiens and neanderthals were only living at the same time for less than 5,000 years.  I think neanderthals were simply out hunted.  They couldn't compete when it came to hunting.

Kinda whent on a rant there.

#13    speaker of the house

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Posted 12 March 2006 - 11:23 PM

well those neanderthal girls were known for being easy wern't they...yea..can't even count the number of times  I picked some neanderthal chicks at the bar...didn't even have to buy them a drink..total freaks....

#14    AnuKabal


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Posted 18 March 2006 - 10:23 PM

i'm pretty sure they could interbreed, don't know about their offspring though

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#15    The Raven

The Raven


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Posted 28 March 2006 - 12:30 AM


Clan of The Cave Bear

This is an excellent story, and in fact, it is already in movie form. You can probably find it on a place like Netflix or even at a local but national branch movie store such as Blockbuster. I highly reccomend it.

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