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Do your deceased loved ones visit in dreams?

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Posted 09 January 2012 - 06:45 AM

My grandmother recently passed away and my mother says that she frequently visits her in her dreams..My sister had a dream couple of days ago and said she saw our grandfather who died about 13 years ago and he told her to stay happy in the dream. The love stays behind even though the soul departs from this earth.

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Posted 12 January 2012 - 03:51 AM

I am not normally a believer in being visited in my dreams... But I had an experience about two weeks after my best friend passed away from head trauma after being hit my a car.

Mind you I had several dreams of my friend since he passed. Maybe about 5 or so, where it seemed quite normal or usual. He was just a figure in the dream like everyone else. He seemed like a puppet.

This dream occured in a room similar to my bedroom that I grew up in.  It felt as though I was moving into this room. Boxes were on the floor, things seem like they were being moved around. In the far corner of the room opposite the entrance was my desk and a cable guy technician seemingly working on my computer to set up the Internet access.

All of sudden this dream felt strange as if I didn't have full control of the dream. I was standing in a corner adjacent to my desk and was looking towards the computer on the desk. The door to the room was on my right.  This is when i see my best friend sprinting into the room, out of breath, as if he was looking for somwthing or me. He didn't initially see me upon walking into the room. I was speechless when I saw him.  Milliseconds later he turned left, saw me, and approached and went to hug me. As he approached he said "hey buddy". As he embraced me he said "I'm ok, I'm good. Look.. No battle wounds". I couldn't say a word because I never felt what I was feeling before in a dream. and the emotion I was feeling in the dream was so raw. The dream instantly ended and I woke up.

I had been going through a really difficult time, not really wondering if he was ok, but more so of how much I missed him and thinking about the future etc.

This did bring me comfort however. I had chills just typing this dream.

I welcome anyone's thoughts.  Thanks.

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Posted 14 January 2012 - 11:22 PM

This is my first time ever posting anything on a forum, but i need to get this out...

My Nanna passed away in October 2011. It ws unexpected and wasn't a natural death. A few weeks ago i had a dream that was unlike any other i've ever had. I was in a room, i felt like it was my Nanna's living room and it was filled with family. Cousins, Aunties and Uncles were there. In an armchair next to me was my Nanna, she was sat next to my nephew when he was a baby (he's only 2 now). He was in his high chair and my Nanna was holding his hand. I was sat staring at her and she had a smile on her face. She was watching the family conversing with each other. She never said a word but for some reason i was the only person who could see her. I got up from the chair and walked over to my dad and told him that i could see my Nanna. I asked him if he could see her too and he said that he see's her sometimes. I replied and told him that i see her all the time.

When i woke up from the dream i felt like things were clearer in my mind. It was a lovely warm dream, if i never dream of her again i feel like i could be content just knowing i saw her happy. I like to think i have an open mind and i feel that this dream was maybe a form of communication from my Nanna to tell me she is okay and is watching over us.

My partner is a non-believer in the other wordly (which i don't hold against him) but reading other peoples experiences on here has given me real comfort. So thank you everyone.

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Posted 18 January 2012 - 05:20 PM

I've heard that it's common for people to dream about recently lost loved ones, it makes sense really, they are bound to be on your mind and in your subconscious. I've had the experience too, on three occasions.

The first one was many years ago, when my best friend throughout my childhood was killed after being hit by a car (much like the friend of an above poster). It was a hit and run incident, and he was only nine years old. Several weeks after his death I had a dream about him. In the dream he was not a ghostly figure, but alive. He happily explained that he hadn't really died and that there had been a mistake (this would go on to be a recurring explanation in all of the dreams). We were in a toy store and shooting toy lazer guns at each other and playing as we always did. When I woke up to the realisation that he was still dead I was sad beyond words.

The second was when my uncle commit suicide when I was sixteen. He was a very troubled man, and had attempted it before. Still, it was a shock when he finally succeeded. The dream I had about him was far stranger. It came in during the events of another dream. I just sort of stumbled upon him when walking on a mountain, he was curled up in a ball, shivering, unable to speak, and seemed brain damaged. My friend who was walking with me in the dream, explained that my uncle hadn't died, but had been left permanently damaged (he commit suicide by jumping off a quarry.)  

The third was far more recent. Last year in May, my Grandfather died unexpectedly during a routine procedure at the hospital. In the dream, I was with my father, and we had gone to the hospital, where we were again told that he had not died, someone had made a mistake. He'd been in some sort of coma, and had awoken. He seemed himself, but was grumpy that they had sown shut his mouth when they thought he was dead (he had little marks around his mouth where they had done so). I was thrilled to see him and gave him a hug.

I know a lot of people here consider their dreams to be vistings from the spirits of passed loved ones, which is great (my girlfriend has seen ghosts before, I haven't.) Personally though I think my dreams were my subconscious mind trying to deal with the deaths, especially as none of them were natural or expected. I'm not saying thats the case with anyone else, however.

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Posted 18 January 2012 - 07:20 PM

I have had a sister visit me multiple times.
My dad visited me.
My close friend from childhood to teen years (he died as a teen), visits me on surprising occasions. Always he comes from behind the door I have just opened, when he grabs me, kisses me and laughs. I know just what it means. No need to analyze it for me.
Both grandmothers have.

I take these dreams as full on, deliberate contacts from them and make a point of remembering the dream and/or the message from the dreams of them.
One of my grandmothers only shows up as amethyst, a stone. But in that stone is her presence, that, in the dream, I feel her so totally. I used to sit in church and spin her amethyst ring on her finger, and I curently wear one very similar to what she wore, as far as color and design goes.I take that symbol of my grandmother everywhere with me.

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Posted 21 January 2012 - 01:11 AM

My whole life Ive always had the occasional experience with dead loved ones in my dreams. Typically my grandfathers. But I had never been very close with anyone in my family that died, because I was so young when they did. But when my best friend passed away, the night of actually he came to me briefly, and told me he loved me. I did not know he had momentarily passed at that time so I figured it was just a normal dream. But then I found out he was in intensive care, and was brought back and put on life support that night.
    Since his passing four days later he comes to me very often actually. I'm gonna say like once week. Of course I have other experiences where I know he's around while I'm awake. But when he sees me in my dreams are the best. He always holds me, tells me he loves me. Says he wishes I was with him. He never answers my big questions though. How are you here, why, whats it like bieng dead? He just always says he cant say, but he is  okay. :) And I will be too when I see him again. Though he always calls it soon, so it makes me wonder what thier time is like. What soon is for them.
   I used to be terrified of death. It was so unknown. But his visits, and comfort, I am no longer afraid. I know that when it's my time, I will be welcomed, and it will joyouse, and I will be okay. :)
   People are always very lucky to get visited by the deceased. It's an amazing occurance. Treasure it.  Because I'm pretty sure it's not easy for them to do.

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Posted 05 February 2012 - 09:27 PM

[quote name='nycrican' timestamp='1145029411' post='1147252

So my question is, do you have dreams with your deceased love ones? Who were they and please describe a few if you can.
Hi everyone, I just happened to be curious if anyone else has felt similar experiences as well. I found this forum in a Google search. I'm glad I did... my grandfather passed a week ago today... its still hard to believe its been a week and at the same time I felt like this has been the longest week of my entire life. I'll tell you about my encounters with him first and then my first dream I had about my other grandmother when I was in Jr. High. I'm not entirely sure how I managed to get to sleep a week ago tonight, last thing I remembered was crying myself to sleep. I started thinking this was all a bad dream and when I wake up everything will be the same.. well I had that dream over and over, until I started having these dreams about him from when I was younger till my age age today. Last Saturday night I had a dream about him when he was about my age, I'm 21. It was the strangest thing... I was not afraid at all. I felt like I was completely out of my body but there I was sleeping.:-)  we were in some type of ball room, and I was in older clothes. I sadly can't remember what we talked about but all I remember was his classic smile and he gave me the biggest hug... I had started to say gramdpa I miss you but then I just remember the lights going out and he was gone.. and I woke up shivering. Its been a week and I'm still confused about my dream. Earlier that day we were all up at my gramdparents house and I kept looking at the pictures of my grandpa. There he was in his twenties, I hadn't ever thought of me looking at that picture until a couple days ago but it was him.. exact face... I don't know what the dream meant I wanted to think it was a way of telling me he was okay. And if there was anyone who would make it to heaven it was him... my gramdpa.
Could anyone help me explain what the dream means..? I would appreciate it. I'm glad I ram across this site. Thank you

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Posted 09 February 2012 - 03:52 AM

That's an amazing dream.. (keesa) don't you get the feeling sometimes that your loved ones are still there but you can't see them? This has been happening to me for the past almost two weeks.. almost like hints or remimders that they are thinking about you.. I miss my grandpa so much.. his pass was as well quite unexpected... you see he had hip surgery two years ago and he never quite bounced back. Anyway, he developed pneominia in the lungs from the fluid and had to be on oxygen continuously.  It was terrible watching him have to give up his well being.. but that didn't slow him down... he is and will always be my hero and inspiration.  He taught me so much... I looked up to him for everything .. I wish I could dream about him again I have a feeling I will when I least expect it.. I am trying to be strong and after reading similar entreys I know I will soon be okay.
Good night all.

Never give up..

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Posted 07 March 2012 - 01:27 AM

Can somebody please tell me what my grandparents are trying to say to me?

         So a couple of months ago, I had a visitation from my grandparents. I can still remember every detail to this day. Ok the dream started out with my friends and I at this Phillies game, there was also this funny/weird new kid that transferred to my school. Anyway, I somehow got up and left the game and the next thing I knew I was at my field hockey game, but I wasn't playing. I was walking down the side lines past the net. I was now on the field by the corner, and all of a sudden I saw my grandparents. My grandmother I guess some how saw me with my friends, and asked me whats wrong with the new guy. But I just ignored her (I was mad about that when I woke). Anyway I then saw my grandfather. I was in disbelief. I kept on staring at him, I felt very very happy and couldn't say anything! We were just making eye contact. Then all of a sudden he said "HELLO!!!!?". I instantly woke up. I started crying, because I miss them so much. I wanted to go back to sleep to try and see them again, but I never saw them after that. :(

    I then told my mother, and she said that they were just telling me that they are with me. Ever since this has happened, I keep asking them to meet me in my dreams, as that is the only way I can ever see them ever again.

If anyone wants to tell me their opinion on this it is greatly appreciated!!

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Posted 07 March 2012 - 09:28 PM

So, as much as I have been reading here, this experience is not so unusual. Still, why do some of us have these dreams of talking or being with our dead relatives and friends, when others - still living - who knew them too, don't?

Anyway, my story. And sorry, it's a rather long one.

I have two people who recurrently return to my dreams. My best friend who died six years ago at the end of this month, and my father who died the same year as my friend but, six month's later. Both were expected deaths. As much as one can expect such as being so,  anyway. The point is, their deaths were not from a sudden onset, or tragedy. At first, I would get these dreams almost weekly. They always appear separately, never together. Gradually over the years they had begun to be less frequent. Recently though, they have started up again to a frequency of once a month.

When my dreams first started I can't say that I could remember much specifically about them (the dream itself) except that there was an overwhelming sensation that they were very, very real. Everything in them seemed like I was fully awake and actually experiencing what I was witnessing. The only thing is, a part of my subconscious self kept telling me that this just could not be! That I knew my dad and my friend were in fact dead. So they simply could not be real. Still, these dreams kept coming.

Last night was by far the most engaging and real (beyond belief) experience I've yet had. In this dream my dad was alive (not unusual). And, when I saw him I at first simply had this sensation that things were normal and life was simply in continuance. Later, I had the thought that, "Wait a minute! He's actually dead. Why is he here and I must be dreaming." This is where this all took a very strange turn. I convinced myself that this experience was real by actually feeling objects in the dream with my hands. If I could feel them then it must be real, right? And, that meant I must have been actually dreaming that he had died. So, I went with it.

It started out, we were at his and mom's house. Everything was as it is now. My dad though, seemed upset by the fact that some of his things were out of place, and he was promptly placing them back where he thought they needed to be (a normal trait of his). So, I started helping him do so. The next thing I remember is we were flying in an airplane (his, he was a pilot). I - as usual - was enjoying the views out the door window. All of a sudden my door had flung open and I had a sensation I was about to be sucked out the door. I looked over at my dad and told him we we're skidding the airplane (slipping sideways). He was working with something in his hands and I could not tell what it was. He then instructed me to take the controls and fly the airplane. So I did. We then enjoyed a magnificent flight through some very beautiful mountains.

The next thing I knew we were headed out to a lake to go fishing with our boat. My brother was with us. I could hear him but, I didn't actually see him (he's still living). Soon though, it was just my father and I. Only now, we had been walking up this tributary from a major river. The water was sooo crystal clear you couldn't tell where the air and water met, but you knew there was water there still. As we were walking up this tributary he was disappointed in not finding fish to catch. He was a avid fisherman in life and I kept trying to assure him that we would see some soon. Every once in a while we did in fact catch glimpses of salmon moving through the stream. We had walked a long way up this stream and eventually came to the very head waters of it. The water was becoming much swifter and unfishable. At some point I remember telling my dad that I needed to “get back”. Not certain where I needed to get back to, I just knew I needed to leave then. I sensed from him a reassuring understanding and he let me know that he'd be along soon. I next started down the long pathway back. Not sure to where, though.

As I approached the end on the pathway I could see the main river that the tributary was emptying into. It was HUGE. I don't think I've ever seen a river so big. And the water was very translucent. You could see into it for some distance. But, before I reached the actual river I came across an adjoining pathway that led back over to this same tributary, so I took it. It was only going to be a short excursion from the main path so, why not! I came to the tributary once again, and once again, it was so perfectly crystal clear. I saw where it emptied into the adjoining river. Watching it for a moment, I could see what I thought where some salmon headed for the tributary out of this river. As they approached though, it became apparent that they were in fact not salmon, but were Angel fish! There was one that was very, very large. It was jet black and had massive fins (wings) with a very sinister looking snout. It sat at the entrance to this tributary and simply looked as though it was waiting for something to come down the stream. Maybe to eat? I don't know, but it's presence left me with a very uneasy feeling. It had not noticed me standing there. I watched this fish for some time. Suddenly, I just knew I had to get this Angel fish to leave. So, I made a sudden lurch toward it. Seeing me make such a sudden motion it was spooked off back into the depths of the main river, so too were the smaller fish that had been there with it.

End of dream.

As I sit here typing this, I can still feel the realness off this particular dream. I can still sense the objects I felt with my hands to prove to myself the dream actually wasn't a dream. I can still see into that water. I can still see my dad. Of course it's all from out of my mind, but, why does it linger so? More so than any other of the dreams I've had with him or my friend in it. And, why do I remember it so vividly?

Weird.........any thoughts?

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Posted 14 March 2012 - 11:48 PM

Have just joined the site because I'd like some things clearing up from serious enthusiasts and not google's common spout.

Last night at my girlfriends house I had one of the most barmy dreams I've ever had.

During the dream I was visited by my dearly missed Grandfather, whom has passed on 6 years ago in December. During childhood he was a very dominant and well loved figure for me having being my male role model really. So you can all imagine how happy I was to see him in my dream.

The dream went as followed (sorry for the length):

- Walked to my Gran (who is very much still with us) and I believe my mother and cousins were there, when all of a sudden the dog started barking the door opened and in walks my Grandfather. I was too shocked, even in my dream to say anything.

- As he sat down he began telling a story of how he wasn't dead and that, whilst on morphine in the hospital (in which he passed away)he'd told the nurses to swap his hospital and that the person we buried was the next person in his bed who'd died suddenly and they hadn't had time to swap the notes.

- Then what was stranger is people kept banging on the door for him to come outside, quite angrily. In the dream I was outside chasing people away and not letting them near.

Although it was lovely to be visited by him and to hear his voice I just wondered what this was all about as somewhat of a novice in this area. I should also add that my girlfriend, as it is student and quite old housing, has had many nightmares and is convinced the house is 'haunted'. I've asked a friend about this and they seem to think when you dream about dead loved ones it means they are protecting you, but if felt like we were both protecting each other and I just wondered if it would be from certain spirits at my girlfriends.

Would love to hear from any experts on this issue.


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Posted 19 March 2012 - 08:39 AM

My aunt deceased 6 months ago and me and my family have been having dreams about her since.
My father, who is her brother, only dreams about them playing together when they were young, but my sister dreamt of her coming into our house from the front door then vanishing into nothing without saying a word.  Last night I dreamt of her for the first time.  She was calling my father on his mobile phone and we were all very anxious and worried.  He didn't answer the call.  

I'm worried as these dreams don't seem very peaceful.

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Posted 28 March 2012 - 05:48 PM

My entire life, I've dreamt frequently of deceased relatives.  My maternal grandfather passed nearly eleven years ago, and I still dream of him on occasion, though, admittedly, not as frequently as I did in the year following his passing.

Always, the deceased appear vibrant and happy and are interacting with me as if nothing has changed.  In the past, I'd always point out that they were dead; now, I just go along with it.

My paternal grandfather died nine years before I was born, and I've dreamt of him on multiple occasions (as well as a handful of other relatives I've never met).

I'm a bit of a skeptic, but I definitely yearn for proof of life after death.  I've never had a ghostly encounter while awake (in spite of desperately wanting to), so I can't help but think that these dreams might be the result of an overactive imagination.

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Posted 20 April 2012 - 06:12 PM

I found this message board on Google after doing a search on possible visits in our dreams by a dead relative.

My dad passed away in 2006 from lung cancer. I was not with him the weeks before he died and I've always felt guilty about that, even though I didn't realize that he was going to die that quick. Anyway, when he died, the night right after his funeral, I had a very vivid dream about him hugging me, everything in the dream was very white, lots of light. It felt like a goodbye hug. He told me not to worry about him, that he was fine. I woke up immediately after the dream and went in my mother's room to tell her about my dream, because I really felt like it was a message from him and I thought that might ease her pain a bit.

Since then, I've dreamed about my dad on and off but last night, I had another very vivid dream about him, which pushed me to do a little research on deceased loved ones trying to contact us during our sleep: yesterday evening, I was telling my husband that I wish his daughter was nicer to him and showed more interest in seeing him. I told him I wish my dad would text me and ask me if we can get together, but that will never happen. Then during the night I had this dream that I was in a room and I felt my dad's presence behind me and I looked back and there he was, he had like a glow around him, I saw his face and he was smiling at me, the nicest smile. Like looking at me with love. I could see features on his face that I had forgotten over the years. Yet in the dream he was so clear. I remember thinking he was smaller than I remember. Anyway, I said "dad!" and I came rushing to him but as soon as I got to him he disappeared. I then woke up, very moved by the dream and can't stop thinking about it. What do you guys thing about my dream? Was my dad trying to say something to me? I can't wait for your answers. Thank you in advance.

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Posted 29 April 2012 - 06:39 PM

ADC(s) After Death Communications have long been reported. In some cases after the person died was seen in the physical or in a dream. Some of these reports the people were many miles apart. Later the person did receive word the "ghost" (person) had died just as the person dreamed.

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