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Do you live in your own reality?

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#16    distortedpandy


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Posted 10 May 2006 - 04:57 PM

I also live in my own little world. I like it there  grin2.gif

#17    Marvy


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Posted 13 May 2006 - 08:33 AM


Little Story..

There was once a beloved king whose castle was on a high hill, overlooking hise shire. He was so popular that the nearby townspeople sent him gifts daily, and his birthday celebration was enjoyed throughout the kingdom. The people loved him for renowned wisdom and fair judgments.

On day, tragedy struck the town. The water supply was polluted, and everyman, woman, and child went insane. Only the king, who had a private spring, was spared.

Soon after the tragedy, the mad townspeople bagan speaking of how the king was acting "strangely" and how his judgments were poor and his wisom a sham. Many even went so far as to say that the king had gone crazy. His popularity soon vanished. No longer did the people bring him gifts or celebrate his birthday.

The lonely king high on the hill, had no company at all. One day he decided to leave the hill and pay a visit to the town. It was a warm day, and so he drank from the village fountain.

That night there was a great celebration. The people rejoiced, for their beloved king had "Regained his sanity".


Makes ya think... are we all just crazy?

Repharase the story but this time change the 'water fountain' context with a religion or an ideology....what do you think?  original.gif

#18    =Jak=


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    "Avoid hurtful thoughts and bring helpful attitude"

    Self sacrifice attitude, kills ego.

Posted 13 May 2006 - 09:13 AM

It is easy to think about oneness...  each religion is trying for it...  but most of us feel they are not honest enough for this.. atleast everyone have a beleif soon or later one great energy will come to help them..  let this faith and hope go deep in us...  Amen


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