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#61    Abecrombie


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Posted 30 May 2006 - 09:45 AM

             robbieb you must mean well but understand from another adhd person to adhd person . its so complex they have to continue changinging the name to keep up with the complexity of this misunderstood highly contraversial subject. fact : we are misunderstood
example for me to describe what is is like is:

a person without adhd or add whom has and can carry a job for a lenthy period of time usualy when once a year is granted a vacation by their employer or that person takes time off to go on vacation for reasons to get away from the 9-5 routine ,.. to get some r and r so they can refresh their motives and sort of speak recharge themselves emotionaly , physicaly , mentaly and spiritualy ,to just get away from the stress of working repeadidy etc. you all understand ? right?
well peolpe with adhd moreso the severely symptomatic unmanaged persons ,but all add,adhd sufferers go on vacation,...and with adhd there is no vacation even when your on vacation ,....those with adhd as far as i can describe can never go on vacation even when therye on vacation its never a vacation.

i hope that might explain some personality traits for those whom do not have . and it is very uniqe and complex enough initself for one person to try and justify the means. robbieb i know your smart but sometimes by arguing the point to where it isnt flowing equally with others there is a difficulty there itself by contributing to it s controversy

if any body believes they have they will know it and it is a brain disability some do better enviroment and support early on is almost the prognosis of the condition some nenver knew what it was due to there upbringing there wasnt realy a set name for it ,. it is stemed from a learning disability and the brain s midbrain is supposingly 3% smaller ...than one without adhd i was always learning disabled but never properly medicaly diagnosed for what is now severe adhd at the age of 33 i chose to correctly become diagnosed to see because i knew that was what i have. im 39 ,.. what realy sucks is when you have no support mentaly for your condition by family members ,..sad thing is prognosis without medication if hyper and correct pycotherapy ,.left untreated results are grim if suicide and subtance abuse is what the person is dealing with ,..as far as im concerned depression starts all of the mental hath issues and like luggage to me other types within the same medical catagories are added as one gets older and is not correctly treated,...

my mom dramk coffee and breast fed us when we were babies caffinated coffee at that ,. i now have four types of hyperactivity ,..but each person has different experiences and the best way i believe to solve the adhd mystery no one gets is the history and the many many great books medical books there is out there to reccomend for a thread such as this . it will prevent misunderstanding and realy if interested enough one will read resources and adhd material from a professional sorce and let them make theyre own mind up so others dont feel the edge of controversy it is hard enough to have the darn deficet disorder anyway,.. still readers i think robbieb meant well and maybe he has something to learn about himself like every person on the planet does including me,. so my opinion here is sometimes its eaiser to rccomend literature or books on the topic becuse mental health is still amonst the battlefied of human unstanding . we are all just tryoing to understand anyway right ?

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#62    hyperactive


    abu gaia

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Posted 30 May 2006 - 09:37 PM

thank you, Abecrombie

it can NOT be stressed enough that there are many environmental factors connected to the onset and management of ADHD.

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Posted 30 May 2006 - 10:12 PM


Rainman with dusten hoffman?

No, the actual Rainman- Kim Peek - who was the inspiration for the movie.




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