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stare at yourself in the mirror

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#406    kbeet


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Posted 04 February 2010 - 01:01 AM

maybe it dont like being stared at
try it this way.. look in it with the tip of your nose touching it..
in a minut you will see the uglest face you ever saw

#407    Kalimaria


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Posted 05 February 2010 - 01:27 AM

 Please-Forgive-Me, on 02 February 2010 - 03:55 AM, said:

Maybe you are scared that when you look, you will not be alone...


#408    R4wRxL0v3


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Posted 05 February 2010 - 01:31 AM

i just tried staring in the mirror and i was really creepy...my face like melted until i didn't even recognize it :o i'm going to try it again standing closer >:D

#409    Ricochetmatt


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Posted 05 February 2010 - 01:35 AM

Sometime in January of last year I was getting ready for bed after an exhausting day. I went to brush my teeth at the bathroom sink and when I was finished I glanced at myself in the mirror. I noticed how tired my face looked and how it was just... icky. I continued to look at myself until it wasn't even my face anymore. It was my father's. I remember thinking "How disgusting.. you're turning into that sorry excuse for a man.." I was so angry at myself. The image looked exactly like my father.

I went to bed upset over this.. only to wake up maybe an hour later to my mom walking into my bedroom (I didn't live with my mom at the time so this was very unsettling). She sat down as my sister walked in and they told me my dad had died an hour or so earlier.

I started freaking out, crying about how he was looking at me in the mirror, using my reflection and ugh. It was so scary. It could have just been a coincidence.. But I don't know. I don't look like my dad at all. It was very weird.

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#410    Black Hound

Black Hound

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Posted 10 February 2010 - 08:41 PM

Can't recall anything odd happening. I didn't grow older or younger, my hair color didn't change nor did my eye color. I din't grow horns, sprout wings, or fly about the room. Very depressing after all the stuff I was told was going to happen. BOOOHISSS :angry:

#411    Ketzer


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Posted 12 February 2010 - 04:52 AM

 Graveyard Hound, on 10 February 2010 - 08:41 PM, said:

Can't recall anything odd happening. I didn't grow older or younger, my hair color didn't change nor did my eye color. I din't grow horns, sprout wings, or fly about the room. Very depressing after all the stuff I was told was going to happen. BOOOHISSS :angry:
Same here.
I remember trying this a few years ago and absolutely nothing happened.

#412    Cryptid_Control


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Posted 13 February 2010 - 08:36 PM

well, im creeped out.

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#413    Nerupe


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Posted 14 February 2010 - 03:29 AM

 Please-Forgive-Me, on 02 February 2010 - 03:55 AM, said:

Maybe you are scared that when you look, you will not be alone...

God, I'm terrified of that, i keep feeling that some thing's moving just in the corner of my eye, that i can't quite see.

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#414    xanadude


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Posted 23 December 2010 - 07:38 PM

This subject has come up in my life several times in the past few months, so let's see if I can help shed some light on things.  Just like any sort of meditation, I think the mirror exercise is helpful in focusing your attention and opening your "third eye", but the spooky effects are actually quite easy to explain.

When you stare at an object for an extended period of time, your eyes become fatigued creating a negative image which is briefly burnt into your eyes.  This is much like the burn-in that can happen on an old TV that has been stuck on one image for too long, except it isn't permanent.  The resulting effect is that if you stare at your reflection for too long without looking away, your face will appear to shift and change as your eyes attempt to adjust, and if you look away, you will see something that looks like a ghost on the wall.  Don't be alarmed, it's just your own negative reflection staring back at you from within your mind.  

You can do this with anything.  Stare at the black text on the white page of a book or computer screen for a minute then quickly look at a white wall.  You will see what looks like a black page with white letters.  If you've ever seen spots after seeing the bright flash of a camera, it's the same thing.  If you are able to look ahead without moving your eyes at all, your vision can completely go blank.  Once you twitch your eyes, your vision will return.

In art school, students are given a large stack of multi-colored paper.  The student picks one piece of paper, stares at it for a few minutes, then look at a white wall where they see the negative image of that particular color.  They then have to quickly flip through the remaining stack to find the color that they are seeing before the image fades.

#415    fatbadger2



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Posted 23 December 2010 - 10:22 PM

I freak out when i look in a mirror. But then if you looked like me you would too :-D

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#416    Knowldge_Seeker


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Posted 23 December 2010 - 11:23 PM

 Pinkangie12, on 29 May 2006 - 08:59 PM, said:

<!--quoteo(post=1194079:date=May 17 2006, 11:19 PM:name=Darklight_1248)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Darklight_1248 @ May 17 2006, 11:19 PM)  </div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->
There's a legend around where i live and it goes something like this. One night in the 1930's a man took an axe and murdered his wife and two daughters and then hung himself on a tree, now the legend says if you go on the street where the man's family house was (it's torn down now) people have said if you drive past where the house stood; your car will stop and they say that you will have to crank-up you engine four times before your car starts again; they say you have to crank-up the car four times because four people died that night. Some people have claimed that they could hear the screams of the wife and daughters and they said they also heard some chopping noise as well. So that's one legend around my area that i thought i'll share.


But how is this relevant to the mirror thing?

#417    iluthradanar


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Posted 23 December 2010 - 11:26 PM

Does this work if you stare at an 8 by 10 photo of someone? Just staring into their eyes?

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#418    The Big Boss

The Big Boss


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Posted 24 December 2010 - 12:29 AM

The only thing that results from me looking at myself in the mirror is some "sexy beast" comment.

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#419    Ozner


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Posted 24 December 2010 - 01:58 AM

Be careful, in the animal kingdom sometimes staring is considered a challenge...
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#420    Some-Like-It-Hot


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Posted 24 December 2010 - 05:45 PM

I've done this, never for long enough though. But I did see myself looking older for a bit, I had aged quite well.  ;)

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