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Can you help me find info on the Megalodon shark?

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#1    Aes_Sedai_666


    Alien Embryo

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Posted 24 April 2002 - 11:25 PM

Hello people can you help me find info on this shark? ???I've been looking for a long time but haven't found anything good.Any help would be appreciated. :sq

#2    Homer


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Posted 24 April 2002 - 11:48 PM

There is too much information to write about the shark, so click the question mark for an informative link "?"

I hope this helps.

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#3    crosis



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Posted 24 April 2002 - 11:57 PM

I hope this is of use  ;D



Bristol society for paranormal research and investigations      Click here

#4    Magikman


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Posted 25 April 2002 - 07:11 AM


  If those sites helped peak your interest, here's another 500 or so that you can explore at your leisure;


 I set the filters to include the most recent information available, to help keep you up to date. Some sites will be better than others, but you'll have plenty to choose from. You'll be an expert in no time.  :s02

Magikman  :)

* - Love the member name, btw. Are you a Red Ajah?  :s4

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#5    Althalus


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Posted 25 April 2002 - 03:22 PM

Hopefully she's not black Ajah ;D

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#6    Aes_Sedai_666


    Alien Embryo

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Posted 25 April 2002 - 09:33 PM

Thankz for your help! :s03 All of the info was really interesting :D

 p.s. I'm from the Blue Ajah  :sq 8) :s02

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