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Hawking says humans must go to space

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#1    E.B.E.


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Posted 13 June 2006 - 05:58 PM



HONG KONG (AP) - The survival of the human race depends on its ability to find new homes elsewhere in the universe because there's an increasing risk that a disaster will destroy the Earth, world-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking said Tuesday.


"We won't find anywhere as nice as Earth unless we go to another star system," added Hawking, who arrived to a rock star's welcome Monday. Tickets for his lecture planned for Wednesday were sold out.

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Posted 13 June 2006 - 06:14 PM

was reading that this morning.  pretty interesting.

are there any pics of him before he developed his physical hardship?

#3    Mekorig


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Posted 13 June 2006 - 06:22 PM

a very wise men. Remember the eggs basket situation. One rock , or one "accident", and we are screwed.

Im an evil pinko UN slave liberal commie

I don't think any of these "The Vague Society of Nebulous Meanies are going to take over the world and light up a planet" theories worry too much about practical considerations like that. It's all about rousing ill-informed, paranoiac fear, not making sense.


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#4    Waspie_Dwarf


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Posted 13 June 2006 - 06:42 PM

It's not just the eggs in one basket problem. If we become a true space faring species we will have taken an evolutionary step on par with the fish leaving the sea and becoming amphibians. We will not expand much further if we stay here, on Earth. There are only a limited number of humans that can live on this tiny rock.

"The Earth is the cradle of the mind, but we cannot live forever in a cradle". - (Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky, 1911.)

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#5    shun



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Posted 13 June 2006 - 09:50 PM


There are only a limited number of humans that can live on this tiny rock.

"And, what the rock giveth, man taketh away.  Forever, unfortunately." (Anon of Geo)

Edited by shun, 13 June 2006 - 09:54 PM.

#6    crystal sage

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Posted 26 July 2006 - 02:34 AM




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