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My UFO Theory 1

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Posted 17 July 2006 - 02:29 AM


Heres A quick one: DID aliens mate with the apes to create US??? think about that and also how they hell the egyptians managed to move those really heavy blocks if We cant do it TODAY!!(without cutting it up i mean)

Ok there's my theory now time for your say on it!  yes.gif   thumbsup.gif

Reminds me of an old Rodney Rude joke.

Rodney's Grandfather tells him he hasn't enjoyed life unless he has enjoyed a pig.

Rodney goes. Grandfather, you are sick!!! What could be good about loving a pig??
Grandfather goes, lets duck down the piggery grandson. I'll let you find out yourself. So they head to the piggery, go inside, Grandfather selects a pig and gets busy. Rodney looks quite puzzled, and figures, he looks like he's having a good time, grabs the closest pig and
joins in.
Ten minutes later he yells over to Grandfater
Grandfather!! This is not doing a thing for me - what's the go!!!
Grandfather look over feverishly and goes. OF COURSE IT'S NOT!!! Look how ugly your one is!!!!
And many poloticians came out of that litter LOL, my ending.

Seriously, Aliens and Apes?? Not only is that seriously twisted (Man, I thought everything in the room that moves was full on but everything in the Universe !!!) but ambitious to say the least. Ahh well good luck to them. Party aliens. alien.gif Peace man

Mating with other species is not only a twisted pastime, but would be absolutlely loaded with Biological dangers. Depending on the makeup of the species involved, it is possible death might occur before the party gets started!! We have no idea what each other's biological make up is comprised of. Sex without a full medical first would be taking your life into your hands. And we thought STD's were scary!! One thrust and your dust!! Another Rodney Rude anecdote comes to mind, although, I would be banned for typing that one up for sure tongue.gif

Between your Aliens and McKenna's goblins, my chances of getting lucky are improving daily.

As for the Aliens building  the pyramids. Geez, we are always ready to discount oursleves and pass the glory on concerning this issue aren't we. Bit disrespectful to those incredibly astute architects from all that time ago. Many today do not posses such insightful skills. Really, we should be respecting them for being so darn smart with so little resources.
Coral castle is an excellent example of modern engineering feats that parallell the amazing brilliance of these early architects. Man is far more intelligent than Man would allow one to assume. Mankind, humble in the shadows of feats of greatness, yet we are our own biggest critics. Check out the 9 ton gate!!

Things are what they are. - Me Reality can't be debunked. That's the beauty of it. - Capeo If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. - Sir Isaac Newton Let me repeat the lesson learned from the Sturrock scientific review panel: Pack up your old data and forget it. Ufology needs new data, new cases, new rigorous and scientific methodologies if it hopes ever to get out of its pit. - Ed Stewart Youtube is the last refuge of the ignorant and is more often used for disinformation than genuine research.  There is a REASON for PEER REVIEW... - Chrlzs Nothing is inexplicable, just unexplained. - Dr Who

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