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The weird dreams thread!

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#1    _Ghastly_


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Posted 21 July 2006 - 02:44 AM

Had any weird dreams lately? Just put em here! original.gif

Ok, the dream I'm about to post is really hard to keep up with so just bear with me.

So this dream was happening near the end of the 4th grade school year I believe. I was in this small room with a girl from school named Catherine. We then went out of the room and walked into this long hallway with an entire line of students. We started walking and made a turn to this door that led outside. It was raining hard, so we kept walking. Walked for a few minutes than we made another turn. So we're still outside, and I guess we were on a ship or near the ocean or something, cause we had to walk into this huge body of water that had all sorts of visible animals swimming around like whales and sharks. The water wasn't that deep, you could still see your chest when you walk in, but I was still scared to go in with all those animals while it was raining. So I tried to go to the back of the line, but there was this huge fat kid blocking the path, so I figured I'd just hjave to go in. I started walking then I lost my balance, probably because the floor was so slippery because it was raining, but I started sliding so fast that I flew off the boat. I flew to a sound room (don't ask) and yelled as I continued falling, everyone heard me yelling on a loud speaker, than they realized that I was missing so they started searching for me. I landed in some park where it was still raining, and I was blinded for a while. My vision was restored briefly after.

Now Gerald from Hey Arnold found me at wear I had landed, and bought me back. To get back to the boat, we had to go through the sea. They found me and the dream skipped to a new scene. We were now in this appartment getting reading for some 4th grade Graduation party. Gerald was in the room with me, and I started crying I think because I was going to miss all my friends. I can't remember the rest. laugh.gif

Anyone else had any weird dreams lately? laugh.gif

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#2    jobot37


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Posted 21 July 2006 - 03:06 AM

This is from a while back but totally post-worthy

There was a massive red landscape, nearly barren, there were these little grey bushes (think mesquite) growing up out of all this red dirt, the clouds are red too, but a darker shade, and the sky behind them is yellow. There are two species living in this landscape, a type of human being with no skin is the first, they are just like normal people, except they don't have skin so their muscles are all exposed and stuff. The second is a kind of salt golem. The skinless people live in constant fear of the salt golems because the salt gole,s are especially outgoing and love to hug everyone they see. This is especially disconcerting for the skinless people, seeing as how they don't have skin. So the skinless people built a fortress out of big red rocks and little gray bushes and try to fend off the big salt golems, but the salt golems are kind of stupid and think it is all a game, so they just keep laughing and going "yay!" and trying to knock down the walls and hug the people...

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#3    Saint


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Posted 21 July 2006 - 06:27 AM

I dreamt I met James Spader at a lovely bar in Cape Town, on the sea. He had an assistant with him, a very personable woman called Bonnie. We were chatting and the place was empty when all of a sudden James fell over and started twitching like he was in a fit.  Well Bonnie and I rushed him away out of there before anyone saw, and then I had to go to work. But when I came back James was dressed in other clothes, a smart woollen suit and mustard coloured shirt and was looking quite fragile but OK and then he and Bonnie told me he had a brain tumour (recently diagnosed    ).

Although I was devastated as he was too, and Bonnie, we made the best of it and sat by the fire and chatted and I was very impressed with the aura he had, of peace and goodwill and a hugely sharp sense of humour. I can recall every detail of how I felt, of how the place looked, how he looked, how everything was...

I remember being really impressed with his classiness and could see he'd had a prestitigious education (as he did have before he dropped out) and that he was as intelligent as I always thought he'd be.

Strange one...... still thinking about it - it was all so clear, not like a dream at all.

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#4    jesspy


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Posted 21 July 2006 - 10:28 AM

Shouldnt this be in mysteries of mind space etc forum

Okay my dream (s)

I had a dream i was being chased by that dude off the ovaltine can (ovaltine is a hot drink and also a lolly version came out the dude is off the lolly version) he had big teeth and claws and I couldnt get away (had dream about two years ago)

I have had a dream where I walked in to my bathroom and there were two spiders making a single web it was like they were working together to create it. i walked in and avoided touching them I just watched them and slowly backed out of the bathroom. (had dream about two months ago)

Again in the bathroom i had a dream where the entire bathroom was covered in cob webs like they were everywhere. They went across the room and everything i got caught in one and couldnt get out I could feel the spiders making their way towards me but i couldnt see them. Then i woke up  (had the dream about a month ago)

Another in the bathroom and with spiders was when I was in the bath then got out and there was a giant spider sitting in front of me blocking the door. It really made me feel scared. i woke up (had dream about twio months ago)

another is where i am in my brothers bedroom looking out his window at the mountain near my house. I am using binoculars and as i peer through them i can clearly see a boy on the mountain with a flare he begins to light the trees with the flares as i watch i hear my self ring fire fighters. Then suddenly as if he heard me call the boy starts rushing towards my house from the mountain. As he comes closer im telling the person on the phone what he is wearing I see that he is wearing a helmet and a green shirt and black/brown pants. i then say something about turtles. The boy dissapears suddenly then he is suddenly standing outside the window I dont remember his face cause I woke up (had this dream last night)


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#5    The Predator

The Predator

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Posted 23 July 2006 - 04:37 AM

my dream was hippyish. it's wierd.  

Ok don't get lost. Theres a box that shrinks and im it. When it shrinks i grow and when i shrink it grows. theres a hole that stays the same. i'm suppose to get out of there using the hole i guess but i never was able to get out.  I closed my eyes and then i was in a triangle. this is how it woked in a the triangle.  Theres another hole. i can move on walls but the hole is on top. when i moves the hole moves so i got to the hole and i couldn't get out seeing the hole was on the floor now. how did i get out.  i didn't. i just dreamed of a circle. thats was the worst thing. the cicle was the hole. was i suppose to get in or out. i was desperately trying to get out before but thats when i thought what if i was really going in then out. next thing you know i woke up and had a fever in the morning. i guess my brianed actuallt thank during it.

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#6    stephen84



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Posted 23 July 2006 - 05:06 AM

I never had a dream that wasn't weird.  bounce.gif


#7    LucidElement


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Posted 23 July 2006 - 05:52 AM

when i started reading the Way of the Peaceful Warrior my dreams sometimes have become so philisophical its insane!!!!! if you guys are interested email me, haha or ill come back on and type it later to lazy to type right now.  =)

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#8    ValpoSeeker


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Posted 25 July 2006 - 06:15 PM

2 nights ago I had a dream that started out in color at a casino in Las Vegas. I met my Dad and we got int a truck but someone we didnt know was driving. It was at this point that I figured out it was a dream. I told my Dad and he said to ask him if he remembered the dream when we wake up. At that very moment we saw a guy in a trench coat walking up the side of the mountain and Dad said he was a lost soul. The guy looked at us and his face morphed into a skeleton. The road disappeared and we began what I thought was a fall because the truck started to lean over to the right. We were not falling though, the road had turned into a track like a railroad track. We were accelerating and I woke up. I called my dad right away but he siad he didnt remember having a dream like that. The wildest thing though is that I have never had a dream in black and white like people always talk about and in this one it turned into black and white. I think it might be bacuse in a different thread I was talking about always dreaming in color.

#9    kaiboijin


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Posted 26 July 2006 - 11:52 PM

I had a dream where I was underwater at the beach. The water was murky, but I could see perfectly this huge sea serpent monster gaze at me, open his jagged maw, and quickly swim towards me. I thought I was gunna die.

Because of this dream, I've since had a terrible fear of murky water. I will not swimming in a lake with murky water, nor go really far out onto a beach. I mean, kmon, there's gotta be something in the water we dont know about.

#10    Pelican_Eel


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Posted 30 July 2006 - 09:36 AM

wow, i really liked jobot37's dream.
Me - oh well... few days ago I dreamed myself lying naked on the bed and the guy from school was throwing stones at me.

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#11    Shiggity Shiggity Shwa 2

Shiggity Shiggity Shwa 2

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Posted 01 August 2006 - 02:19 AM

lol i had a dream that i was at like a carnival or something and i was being paid to draw pictures of people and this one guy come and sat down and then he took his wig off and started crying....and i was just sitting there wondering what his problem was so i asked what was wrong and he said "i have no hair crying.gif " and i was thinking in my head...'hmmm what should i give him to make it look like he has hair...something that he can spread on his head...hmm" so lol i gave him a thing of chocolate ice cream and he starting freakin out cause he was so happy and he started rubbing it on his head and laughing...and then i drew his picture...and then when i got home there was chocolate icecream stained in my sheets and my dog was 9 years younger.... and there was a guy shooting a gun in my backyard...it was....interesting

#12    _Ghastly_


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Posted 01 August 2006 - 04:46 AM

That reminds me of another dream I had.

Me, my autistic brother, my net youngest brother, and my parents were going on some trip. I was driving for some reason, and we came to this huge bridge. While I was driving, we came across this gap, I didn't no how to slow down, so we fell down the gap into this house identical to my current house. My brother was in what is currently my room and through the wall, you could see a group of kids shooting one of those laser tag guns in different colors, you could actually see them through wall which was weird. I went downstairs where my mom was in the living room taking her clothes off cause she was scared the laser taggers would see her.  mellow.gif  Anyway, that's all I can remember.  hmm.gif

#13    Nobodys_Idol


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Posted 01 August 2006 - 06:13 AM

Two dreams I will never forget.

In the first I was at my mother's house and she was very sick.  She kept telling me to go out with my friends and have fun, so eventually I agreed and we went to some type of fair.  When I came back, there was a hurse in the driveway and they were loading my mom's body into the car.  I went into the house and lied in my mom's bed for a while, then got up and went out the front door.  Everything in the dream was black and white until I looked up into the sky and saw a strange symbol, it sort of looked like DaVinci's drawing of man, but without the man swirling in different bright colors.

In the second dream, which was also in black and white, I was in a HUGE cement courtyard surrounded by walls I couldn't see over.  I went into a room which turned out to be a pottery room with a kiln, on the table was a statue of an eagle.  I sat down and started painting the statue in bright colors, the body and head was blue, the wings had golden tips and I painted red streaks under it's eyes.  After I finished, it came to life and flew away.

#14    Princess Serenity

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Posted 02 August 2006 - 12:34 AM

Half the time, I feel their real. My morning dreams feel very real. I was dreaming about an anime & then something happened. I had a mark on my left shoulder then it hurt. (Not all that bad). Because in my dream the mark was glowing & it somehow made the same feeling on my right shoulder. O_O

Some of my dreams don't make much sense either.

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#15    Sublime


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Posted 02 August 2006 - 07:10 PM

Wow, i had a dream not too long ago that i was  in a competetion where you dive backwards off a ladder into the shallow end of a pool. Then i was looking in a mirror and brushing my teeth, but all of the sudden my blood and insides came pouring out of my mouth.  I freaked out, then recovered myself by rewinding the scene. then i woke up. beat that for a weird dream. tongue.gif

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