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Born behind the Veil

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#1    Walter22


    Alien Embryo

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Posted 18 August 2006 - 12:09 PM

Ever since I was a child Iíve always had dreams come true and Iíve been able to feel other peopleís emotions. My mother recently told me that I was ďborn behind the veilĒ meaning that my face was covered in a mask of sorts that had to be peeled away very carefully. This runs in my family and my great-grandmother, my sister, and other relatives were also born this way. I did some research on the subject and found that the correct name for a person like me is a Caulbearer. But the sites were really weird and had little to no information of use. If anyone knows anything about this please reply I would like to learn more about my gift.  I also read that births like mine are one in eighty thousand.

#2    Sthenno



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Posted 18 August 2006 - 12:43 PM

Itís more like one in a thousand, and itís just a harmless membrane. Itís the remnants of the amniotic sac, and although isnít hereditary it is more commonly present in premature babies, which I believe can be hereditary in cases. Some believe it to be a sign of good fortune, but Iíve never heard of it being linked with any psychic abilities before.

I presume the information you got was from www.caulbearer.org; looking at that site I wouldnít trust it as far as I could throw it. It actually has to explain to itís readership that a Ď1 in Xí chance of something doesnít mean there will always be one occurrence in X amount of people. HmmÖ

#3    mold


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Posted 18 August 2006 - 11:59 PM

Well walter22 i was born with exact same thing .

I also do have the same things as dreams coming true and other ability's , but i seem to agree sthenno for my great grandfather was also born with one and he showed nor telled of any psychic abilities at all . But then again maby he just didn't feel comfortable in telling anyone that he is psychic in any ways ,  Which i find very unbelievable for he was a very open person.

i'm sure these dreams that come true and feeling emotions  is something that was passed down from your family members . Maby a caul is something that is passed down aswell as some family's great granfather , grandfather , son so on ... get in grown toe nails ( yes i do have them  angry.gif ) all dealing with the genes and such.

Anyways this is my two cents and would like to say hello too all for this is my first time posting on these forms.


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