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Apollo - Video Anomalies?

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#226    crystal sage

crystal sage


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Posted 16 October 2006 - 06:16 AM


DogsHead ... I do believe that Crystal Sage has more intelligence than to believe any of the mis-information posted on the clavius web site of NASA disinformation . original.gif

Oh , and if you should ever happen to hold a "piece of the moon" one day , that just happens to be laying around in a NASA museum somewhere , how would you even know it's real ? ... and how could you possibly know how NASA obtained it with out PROOF ? .... Something which NASA seems to be in short supply of these days .

hplasm .... You want me to list NASA's many deceptions ? ... Sorry , but that would take a thread about as long as the "moon poll" thread here , which was recently closed ...  wink2.gif .

MID ... Have you ever heard of the expression " Thou protestest too much . " ??  yes.gif

If my post comments are really so insignificant to you , then why take up so much of your valuable time critizing them ? ... I am entitled to my opinion , just as you are to yours ... and once again , if you don't like my discussion methods , then don't read my posts.

Were you refering to this????


or this...



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#227    straydog


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Posted 16 October 2006 - 06:35 AM

MID ... If you really think that both of these photos were taken from the same distance , then no wonder you think Apollo went to the moon .... You obviously have no idea what you are talking about .... Try taking another look see then at the TWO DIFFERENT PHOTOS , taken from TWO DIFFERENT ANGLES , at TWO DIFFERENT LOCATIONS , from TWO DIFFERENT DISTANCES .

You sure can post some very misleading "evidence" .... It's called DISINFORMATION .. and like I have said before , you are master at it .  wink2.gif

This is not a steep hill on the edge of a crater on the moon ... This looks nothing like the moon and the reason it looks nothing like the moon is because it's really a small scale set with toy models sitting on it ... One tiny little LM and one tiny little Suryeyor  ... and neither one of them are in the correct scale to each other  ... Maybe you did work for the bogus Apollo Program after all .... They thought everyone would swallow their disinformation too .

So now we see why the Apollo 12 TV camera "broke " ... It's because NASA couldn't figure out how to make the small scale toy astronauts walk down the "very steep crater" from the toy LM to the toy Surveyor !  original.gif

user posted image

DogsHead ... What is insignificant is your misguided opinion ... about everything !    thumbsup.gif

hplasm ... I didn't think you would acknowledge any of the evidence of NASA faking the Apollo missions on the web site I posted for you to read ...  NASA defenders are always so predictible in never wanting to look at the truth about NASA's deception .

You want just one of NASA's deceptions ? .... Okay ... how about the only one that really matters .. In a nutshell ...  APOLLO WAS A HOAX !   yes.gif

I would rather be in the minority and know the truth , than to be in the majority and be in denial of the truth .

#228    crystal sage

crystal sage


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Posted 16 October 2006 - 06:49 AM

It's really weird looking at all the information on this topic on the net... some say we landed but edited the information...others say we never got there... others say that we got there but forgot to collect enough evidence...or perhaps left the camera behind...( rolleyes.gif could you imagine that?)or the photos didn't turn out so they had to recreate it after the fact...(as some brides do when their wedding photos didn't work out....)
Others say we landed ... but the reason nothings been done since is that all the budget went towards all the earthly wars... others say that we got there...and have secretly been back many times...there are settlements on the moon and Mars...and have been for some time... using the clues of all the missing scientists.( who'd been sent off world to help establish these off world communities.... the murder of those who would spill the beans...
That aliens exist...and that they are working with the secret powerful illuminati..etc

All the disappearance of evidence...\

The Men in Black...who are in controll of the spread of information....

Or that the government wants to come clean about what really happened but don't know how without causing world wide chaos....or wink2.gif looking shifty..

Something definately is going on..too much smoke.. too much disinformation...and manipulation of facts...

Maybe the true story is a delicate  blend of all...... thumbsup.gif

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#229    flyingswan


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Posted 16 October 2006 - 08:29 AM


Here are the arm and antenna cover side-by-side....

user posted image

Look at the arm in the video clip and in the still on the left side in the above comparison.

- the arm has a distinct flesh tone, unlike the yellow antenna cover.

- the arm has a completely smooth surface, while the bunched-up antenna cover has several deep grooves or lines along its entire length.

- the arm has an obvious joint - the elbow is seen at the bottom, and the arm extends to the left out of view. The antenna cover is very straight.

Getting back on topic:

I've already given a possible reason for the poor colour in the Apollo 12 TV, ie that since it was cut off so soon, no-one ever bother to check and correct the colour balance.

The "completely smooth surface" could be simply a combination of poor focus and low resolution.  The detail at the top could be the folds.

You may see an elbow which I don't, but then you see an armchair, too.

Edited by flyingswan, 16 October 2006 - 08:30 AM.

"Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true" - Francis Bacon (1561-1626)
In which case it is fortunate that:
"Science is the best defense against believing what we want to" - Ian Stewart (1945- )

#230    DogsHead


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Posted 16 October 2006 - 10:47 AM

No Crystal Sage, he was referring to this.
So I take it you won't be answering Hplasms question? Can we infer that you have no supportable instances of these many instances of NASA lies and misinformation? I appologise to the mods and others if this is OT, but the video discussion has not moved from "I see an arm/chair/monitor/stage light, and nothing you say will make me un-see it!" I cannot see any way forward. I would like to see an adjudication asking straydog to provide some evidence for his claims, but given his propensity to rely on what he "believes" to be in various clips and images, this may be an impossible request. Perhaps (shudder) another thread based on a comment I saw on the Bad Astronomers forum - The Burden of Proof; only supported arguments allowed.

#231    Atheist God

Atheist God

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Posted 16 October 2006 - 11:21 AM

I am confident man walked on the moon....

A bunch of BS pictures that I have seen here do not suggest otherwise.

Posted Image

A site I write my own articles. sw-gm check em out.

#232    aquatus1


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Posted 16 October 2006 - 11:30 AM

Being that this thread has already gotten three warnings to return to the topic of video anomalies, and that the topic has already been gone over so many times and all we are seeing is the same arguments over and over again, I am closing this thread.

If anyone has a good reason to open it again, feel free to contact me again and I will consider it.  Otherwise, I am thinking that what this place needs is a bit of a break from Apollo Hoax threads, as they do not seem to go anywhere with the current arguments.  If anyone wishes to Argue the matter of hoaxes further, I recommend they do so in the Formal Debates section, one-on-one.

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