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Water Conspiracy

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#46    drew hempel

drew hempel

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Posted 29 September 2006 - 05:18 PM


My thoughts exactly are we just going to die of thirst rather than spend the money I dont think so.


LAHORE, Sep. 28, 2006 (IPS/GIN) -- The Punjab provincial government is cutting down thousands of eucalyptus trees in this northern Pakistani city, trying to end the alarming depletion of groundwater blamed on the thirsty trees. (#46345

#47    aquatus1


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Posted 29 September 2006 - 08:08 PM

Drew, this forum is not your personal advertising board.  If I don't start seeing some discussion, if all I keep seeing is you opening up topics and doing nothing but posting links to the tune of two to three times more than responses from others, I am going to strat closing your threads.

If you are not willing to discuss a topic, you are no different than a spambot.

#48    dmurdock36


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Posted 29 September 2006 - 09:29 PM


Last Easter or something I listened to the Chomsky debate on the Middle East in Democracy Now.

The crux of the issue was the “Right of Return”—Chomsky said “it’s open” while Dershowitz said that Arabs—millions of them—want access.

At this point we could argue against Israel’s racism but it comes down to their High Tech Fascist Engineering vs Population Bomb.

The secret Archimedian pivot for that issue is WATER and apocalypse.

But more importantly is that psychologically the phrase “The Right of Return”—so supercharged as it is—is really a reminder from professor Harvey Minkwitz’ amazing expose “Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls” (1996?ish)—a little academic text little read nor acknowledged.

Minkwitz centers in on the Hellenization of Judaism as the promotion of “the Wisdom of Solomon”—the argument for an immortal light soul vs “the Wisdom of Ben Sidra” or Joshua, son of Sidra position that there is no afterlife—the traditional Jewish philosophy.

The Essenes were locked into a fanatical spiritual battle about Lunar Calendar Rites versus Solar Calendar rites with the Lunar going back to a SHOFAR or pre-linguistic version of the traditional Jewish Philosophy that there is no afterlife.

(by the way this battle expresses itself in the post-modern reality of Christmas Songs coming from Lent of Easter since before the Gregorian reformation the different dominations literally battled over the Lunar Easter encroaching on Christmas).

But that philosophy of no afterlife centered on “The Right of Return” (of an apocalyptic sense in the Chomsky debate and the ancient spiritual history) was also promoted prominently by Ankhenaten—the pharoah of Egypt who stated in 1800 B.C.E. “I have never known my non-existence.”

Jesus is of course Joshua in Hebrew and Joshua, coming out of Egypt, represents this apocalyptic philosophical paradox in the first great expansion of genocidal conquest of Palestine. Does Transubstantion overcome the Original Sin of Legal-based Imperialism?

In otherwords what does “indigenous” truly mean?

A good Christian angle on this issue is the book “Jesus Christ and Mythology” by Rudolf Bultmann

Anyway we can also return this to empiricism verus the deductive logic of the public record (Chomsky’s angle).

Or Imperial Law versus Technology.

They’re both losers and again in the midst—silently hovering—is the magical negentropic properties of WATER.

Nano-Water IS THE GREAT FREEMASONIC secret promoted by Sandia Labs as the answer to both the Oil Crisis and the Freshwater Crisis.

This is ignored by the Left because it cuts to the chase of the religion of technology as Freemasonry.

The paradoxes of Galileo’s density based on Iron as a “bait and switch” from water defined by intensity of light by Stevin (as immortal soul??) is overcome by water now being defined as a “macroquantum chaos” molecule that utilizes

THE ALL SEEING EYE of the Tetrahedral Pyramid Power. (again see “What’s Special About Water?” in the Philosophical Transactions of the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, by physics professor J.L. Finney, 2004)

In closing I’d like to make a plug for Dr. Bill Shul’s Pyramid Power book—the best summary on that cheesy topic. The book sports a fantastic 1970s “tantric technology” cover to keep that apocalyptic fervent fresh and tasty.



Do you even understand what you are posting because it makes no sense at all to me, this is the the wildest bunch of nonsensical ramblings I have ever heard. I tried to read it all but halfway through I forgot what the topic was.

#49    durnut



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  • some people seem to lose their grip on reality... well it seems reality is losing its grip on me.

Posted 30 September 2006 - 09:45 AM


I am going to strat closing your threads.

I believe this is the real conspiracy.

#50    esaruoho


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Posted 22 March 2007 - 02:48 PM


Between 1996 and 2000 several top research institutes published studies stating the Earth has 30 years left of freshwater -- total supply!  After that it's all over

Yes, but has anyone actually researched Stephan Riess (sometimes mispelt as Reiss)? He was able to drill into rockformations and extract potable water. books that mention him are:
Brian Desborough: A Blueprint for a Better Planet
Alick Bartholomew: Hidden Nature
Callum Coats: Living Energies

there used to be a Riess Institute, but no more, however, web-archive gives you this. there is also a special water issue of Infinite Energy, in which Morad Eghbal talks about the water-crisis in Middle-east and also Riess. There are also a few mentions of Riess on dowser-websites.
From what I've read, it would appear that Riess was involved in the drilling of water in the Mojave Desert, for creating California City (Desborough), also he drilled in Israel (Desborough/Infinite Energy). Someone to look up, hope you find something additional to this online. I've scoured google for Riess/Reiss and made a small compilation of various websites (for my own help really). access here.

If anyone knows how to get in touch with Morad Eghbal, or find original articles on Riess's escapades, do let me know. I am especially looking for any magazines/newspapers that would shed more light to this:

"High in the mountainous country along the Israel-Jordan border, Riess located the first of several wells about a mile and a half from Eilat itself. As Meir Ben-Dov wrote in the Jerusalem Post:
The site chosen is where a fivemeter- wide cleft, running vertically through the mountain, is crossed at right angles by a similar cleft, hardly twenty centimeters across. The bowels of the earth in erupting have filled these clefts with an igneous intrusion of a sort, soapy-feeling, mottled brown rock called gabbro. The drill slowly worked its way downward, alternately in igneous intrusion and again in granite as the cleft in the rock snaked its way downward."
"On May 29, 1959, the Jerusalem Post published an estimate that the amount of water struck in the Riesslocated wells was enough to supply a city of more than 100,000 persons including industry, air-conditioning, parks, gardens, and a dozen outlying villages. Analysis of the water, stated the newspaper, revealed that the Eilatis, used to drinking water with 3,000 parts per million of dissolved mineral salts (TDS), now had a supply with only 1/6 that amount of TDS. For his work in Israel, Ben-Gurion presented Riess with a medal and his wife with a sterling silverbound copy of the Talmud in English."
"The astounding find was not lost on Arab leaders, neighbors of Israel. Invited to Cairo by Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser, Riess became the only exception to a rigid years-long stricture prohibiting Americans who had visited Israel from setting foot in Arab lands. Along the Nile, Riess located several water wells on rocky promontories for well-known Egyptians before flying on to the Sudan at the invitation of the Mahdi, where a revolution disrupted his planned geological exploration for water. This prompted his return home."

there is no water/energy crisis - it is a crisis of ignorance wink2.gif

#51    sean2007


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Posted 22 March 2007 - 03:27 PM

yea its called the water cycle, every time it rains, TA DA! new batch of fresh water, there's no way rain water can be dirty, because when it evaporates the only thing that can evaporate is the H2O, and not the nasty crap that its laying in, but there is always acid rain, but thats usually in industrial areas

#52    themarla


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Posted 18 October 2007 - 05:39 PM

[quote name='drew hempel' post='1366223' date='Sep 26 2006, 07:13 PM']Between 1996 and 2000 several top research institutes published studies stating the Earth has 30 years left of freshwater -- total supply!  After that it's all over:

[font="Arial Narrow"]I believe I may have solved the so-called "water shortage" in Fresno, CA.  Now called a, "State of Emergency "water shortage."
40+/- yrs of secretly cross-connecting and re-routing of lines.  Now, during the citywide "upgrade" when the roads are torn up, these lines appear to be connected to the main line.  No permits or inspections.  Former appraiser for the city conspiring with the Dept. of Public Works finally caught, unfortunately, reporting this turned out to be the biggest crime of all.   Lies, threats, name-calling and finally committing perjury to have a Restraining Order issued against me - calling ME a "liar" about THEIR OWN RECORDS which verify EXACTLY what has been and continues taking place.
Destruction/re-construction to connecting properties - no permits or inspections.  Property lines altered; plat maps follow. That is why sewer lines no longer line up.  Unauthorized street widening; utility pole relocation; on and on and on.  Using city equipment has prevented anyone from ever questioning if these alterations were legitimate.
Fresno's older records "no longer available."  Because this is a massive cover up.

When I could get no help I created a web page - www.myspace.com/marlalk

Let me know what you think.

Edited by themarla, 18 October 2007 - 05:45 PM.

#53    Crypto Lauren Catt

Crypto Lauren Catt

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Posted 20 October 2007 - 02:24 PM

I suddenly feel bad about the bowl of noodles I just made.

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