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Tales of the Ghost Dog

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Posted 05 November 2003 - 03:11 AM

Well, I was just told this by my mom and thought it would be cool to share with everyone here.

I had a white dog with black spots and speckles here and there. Her name was cookie and we, as a family, loved her much. One day, however, she took off and ran away. We tried to find her for months but winter had set in and we guessed her dead. Just as we give up hope the downtown strip mall gets a new guest. 2 years had passed and we had forgotten all about the dog we had growned to love. Last night my mom was picking me up from the library (the library is in this strip mall) and we are driving out when suddenly cookie just is walking on by passed our car. Naturally we park immediatly and follow her. We follow her to the other side of the library where construction is taking place but it is night so it is hard to see. We are following her across this empty and creepy constructon area and I have my eyes on her until suddenly she just dissappears. Not out of thin air but just... ok, I was right on her tail when she turns a corner. I turn the corner a few seconds later and I se nothing. I couldn't explain, nor cared to (I had just got a new CD and wanted to listen to it sad.gif ). The next day my mom goes up and asks people who work in the strip mall and they all knew what dog she was talking about. They explained to her what they had called the "ghost dog" and how it would just dissappear. Was this the ghost of my dog?!? Not likely. My mom goes out around the area and searches with a flashlight (it was night again... how convinient for a ghost story, no?). Anyway, she sees cookie and chases after her until she (about 2 feet high) runs around amound of dirt (about 4 feet high) and mom runs around it to get her but of corse she has disappeared. Upon further inspection, however, my mom found a drainage ditch. She followed the drainage ditch which took her to (none other than) a drainage pipe. She looks in and sees dog prints. My dog cookie is tricking the residents around the area in thinking it is haunted by a disappearig kanine (spelling?). We got the floor plans of the pipes under the rode and around the area. It is amazing, because according to eyewitness accounts, the ghost dog has been throughout the whole entire town using these pipes! Now the next thing that comes in mind is helping this poor dog. Living on its own for 2 years! We are going back out soon (with help of the vet and some friends) to get her some good food, shelter, etc. Hope you enjoyed this story.

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Posted 05 November 2003 - 03:48 AM

How cool! I loved that story. Good luck!  

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