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migraines and the paranormal?

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Posted 12 October 2006 - 01:21 AM


With mine, thinking hurts in a sense, so I know what you mean.  I get confused and I can't form the words that I know are on the tip of my tongue.

Here's a definition of Alice In Wonderland syndrome for those of you wondering.  And no, I don't get that with my migraines.

I'm not absolutely positive about the facts--but my librarian told me that we aren't allowed to use wikipedia for research because it contians absolute B.S. (she didn't say bs--but you know what I mean) Anyway--she said that anyone (like you or me) could log on to wiki- and post that stuff---just sayin'

please check this out ADHD--no longer just "LOOK A KITTY!"

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Posted 12 October 2006 - 03:09 AM

That is very true, Katkandoo_kw.  It probably wouldn't be advised to use it for a research paper, especially with the definitions changing so often.  However, it's a pretty good source for generic information, as long as you back it up with more research if you need to be sure.  I like it because things change so much with the times, and users can add their own input - kind of like the urbandictionary.

Note that if a definition is in dispute for an extended period of time, wiki will usually put a warning on the page, for instance: fibromyalgia.

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Posted 12 October 2006 - 04:24 PM


I'm not absolutely positive about the facts--but my librarian told me that we aren't allowed to use wikipedia for research because it contians absolute B.S. (she didn't say bs--but you know what I mean) Anyway--she said that anyone (like you or me) could log on to wiki- and post that stuff---just sayin'

Wiki can be edited yes, but if you check it with other sources and you know what you're talking about, then it should be fine.  Usually if the source can't be verified they use a disclaimer.

Thanks for the warning.

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Posted 26 March 2009 - 03:07 AM

I've had migraines since I was about in the 6th grade, and I'm >mumbles age< close to the age of dirtl. I remember begging mom for aspirin (before we knew about Reye's syndrome) and crying cause it hurt so bad and I'd throw up and all.

I take meds to help prevent it, and try to keep stress levels low-easier said than done.

With mine, I'll experience a burst of talkativeness which includes talking faster than I normally do, sometimes the words get a bit jumbled cuz it seems they won't come out fast enough. Whoa that makes it sound like speed talking which it's not-just much more and faster than is normal for me. I tend to be  a quiet person mostly.

Sometimes there will be a strange sensation in my scalp down to one side of my face, like a bug crawling on me and there's nothing there- a tingly sort of thing. Sounds seem louder, lights are too bright, I can't tolerate being touched, I need a cold air conditioned room because it seems I get hot then cold clammy if the pain is not checked in time- and if it gets really bad a cold pack and a nap will help. If I'm extremely nauseated I'll take a dramamine and sleep it off.  For the next few days I feel very sore at the headache's "epicenter" and be very very fatigued.

I used to take midrin but it was removed from the market, and also have tried other remedies. Due to other ailments my dr and I have to be very careful about which meds are ok for me. Most of the time I just settle for aspirin.

The good news is in the past couple of years I've worked hard and managing my stress levels and reactions to stress , so that has seemed to help.

However, it doesn't help certain things I cannot control, like smells such as cigarette/pipe/cigar smoke, being near someone that smells like an ashtray, most perfumes/colognes, pollen, strong food smells like onion, garlic, chinese foods, ( I can't control someone else eating at their desk at  work and some of that stuff just stanks!) muscle pain from various back problems. I've woken in the morning with a migraine from sleeping the wrong way!

I recall reading something several years ago about the relationship between people with chronic ailments and paranormal experiences. It seems that migraine sufferers were pretty high on that list. I don't recall the details, but some opinions  or theories were that migraines put the brain into a state of unusual activity that might either open a person more to paranormal activity (as in being more receptive to it) or that it was some type of mild hallucination induced by the migraines. Personally, I'm not sure that's a good explanation since it would seem to indicate the paranormal activity occurred before during or just after a migraine. It doesn't necessarily explain when a person is more sensitive to said possible activity happens nowhere close to the time of a migraine.

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Posted 26 March 2009 - 08:13 AM

Just stop worrying about headaches, migraines, and hallucinations--they're all in your head!  Or, as a Monty Python gag once said: "Your brain hurts? I'm afraid it will have to come out!"

#51    Lars Johansson

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Posted 26 March 2009 - 08:43 AM

I have had migraine all my life and also sleep paralysis, lucid dreams etc. I don't know the connections with migraine. I try to eat right to avoid headaches and also take pain relievers in time. They have to be taken in time, very fast when the first vision attacks occur.

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Posted 26 March 2009 - 07:39 PM

Niamh on Oct 2 2006, 11:12 PM, said:

First, I'd like to say I really like this forum, even if I don't necessarily post all that much and I'm a newbie.
But, about my experience/question(please move if this is not the right spot): I get migraines. However, they aren't regular migraines. I don't get auras, medicines do not work, and they seem to have little or no warning. I also get weird smells and tastes in my mouth when I get them and frequently have very vivid, "waking" dreams if you will when I have them. I have had these from a very young age--originally abdominal migraines, same weird issues, they just migrated upward. These odd dreams I have frequently occur before something nasty happens in my life or the outside world, though they don't seem to be "visions" or anything. They have also inspired all the best creative works(I write) I've come up with and frequently cause those around me to feel like crap also.
I probably sound like a super-nut or a huge idiot, since I'm not the most informed on this topc, but I'd really like to do some reading on it or discuss it with people. Or, even better, find someone who has the same issue. Thanks to those who read it and hopefully I can get some good information!

It is not uncommon for visual hallucinations to precede migraines - when I have one coming, I see a flashing ligh out of the corner of my eye sometimes... So, personally, I would argue that ghosts are not the cause of migraines, but that migraines are the cause of the ghosts...

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Posted 27 March 2009 - 02:59 AM

I JUST read an artical about the connection between migrains and precognition and other paranormal activitie. I can't remember where right now but if I do I will post it.

I started getting migrains in kindergarden. I remember the blurry vision, vomiting and screaming "there's no place like home" till I passed out. It was terrifiying for a child!
I worry about my kids now b/c I read that it is hereditary but so far so good.

I can control them by avoiding certain foods, but if I get upset enough to cry I know I will get one, and if I go to a movie theater I know I will have one by the end of the movie. Church oddly enough will without fail give me a migrain. I don't know why that is b/c It is generally quiet and peacefull but i know If I go I will pay for it as soon as it is over.

Everything you all are posting is hitting so close to home. I thought I was crazy, with being unable to identify common objects through the pain and painfull thoughts, hallusinations, the upside for me was when I get over one I am high. I don't do drugs but when I get over a migrain I can't imagine the best drug feeling better than that. It is like life is perfect. I am brand new and smart. I compare it to a high I got from hydrocodon after my root canal.

I was reading my journal from a few years ago and I wrote positivly about migrain because of the after high. I am not sure I agree with myself now...

Anyways I am rambling on I don't know if my experiances will help you at all but I know exactly what you mean though.

Also I was on topomax for a while. It worked well but I got off to get preg. It has serius side effects as well. I would get on it again if I am ever unable to control the migrains on some level.

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