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Top Secret/Majic Twelve Eyes Only

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#46    Xenojjin


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Posted 16 November 2003 - 08:04 PM

Okay,we're actually created by this so-called alien race (which have close features with us;two hands,two legs,etc....I'll come to that soon).The main reason of our creation??To create a new race of course,

huh.gif  huh.gif  huh.gif

umm... Engulf .... do you by any chance play Starcraft ? laugh.gif  

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#47    Engulf


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Posted 17 November 2003 - 07:07 AM

Oh yes,Xeno.In fact,I play lots of Starcraft and it's always my mum who'd stop me from getting clogged up in front of my computer till it's really late at night. grin2.gif But like I've said,this is the info that I've just gathered after lots of research done and whether you'd wanna use as a referrance,a big idea on how the creators of Starcraft actually made the game tongue.gif ,or whatever it is,it's really up to you.I'm just supplying the info,it's not my theory.I still love the chimps. grin2.gif  

"Remember the truth is not for everyone - most people just do not want to know." --Robert Morningsky

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"I do not see any sin in the world, but I see a great deal of ignorance." --George Sand

#48    Majestic


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Posted 18 November 2003 - 07:30 PM

[COLOR=blue] Greetings to all, and again thank you for your concern. I have read all your postings and I am satified that your questions are legitimate and of concern. I shall begin with GENESIS.


            Creation is the one that is responsible for the process of evolution that created all living life forms around this entire Universe. This process became a mutual understanding with Alien life form visiting this sector and was shared with humans in the beginning of humans origin. Although intelligent life form vary. We all came to understand that being intelligent does'nt mean you have to look like a human or for that matter share the same appearance with each other. In some cases their are planets still in their earlier stages of developement. And of course their are those that achieve a higher realm of intelligence over millions of years.

We have come to terms believing that Creation is nothing more than biological germ process that took millions of years to evolve and yet it had to be nutured and monitored throughout its developemental stages. This philosophy of wisdom is carried around this entire Universe by those who are capable of traveling the highways of the Universe. In our case we Earthlings have yet to advance ourselves above this level. It obvious by all the knit picking and peddy swaubble's humans are still in with each other over who's god is better than who's type of thinking. Meanwhile science continues to make claims of nothing that amounts to nothing type of thinking. They have drawn conclusion of secondary opinion leaving unanswered the ultimate and decisive question. WHO CREATED MANKIND and why. If you have understand the educational developement of humans history you will find that their still is'nt evidence of proof of the origin of mankind. Their will always be those who speculate of theories of what they may perceive as reality of creation. But in reality creation was created a biological germ process that took millions of years to evolve and was either being monitored by terrestrail life forms far more advance in technology and had the scientific ability to alter the DNA to create whatever gender looking being they choosed to do so. One would have to be nieve to believe that this GOD that no man on the face of this planet or its religion can prove created mankind and womenkind period is responsible for its genetic engineering. If man can prove this actually transpired and was created like this process than I'll step down and give to the floor.

The Universe is full of many life forms. Some are in their earlier stages of development and some are'nt. Their are some that are far more advanced in technology far beyond mans comprehension. And their are some species still in their primitive stages of developement. The Universe is full of many different life forms as depicked in STAR WARS when Luke goes into the Bar and veiws all those different looking creatures. This my friend is reality! thumbsup.gif  So, it is obvious that we can understand that the Universe is full of many different life forms some far more advanced in technology than some and other still in their primitive stages of developement. Their is no argument to these facts. Even Einsein would agree with me on this one. He wrote this which by itself speaks clearly to those who can't comprehend what is being said here. Einstein said > It is enough for me to contimplate conscious life. Pepertrating itself althroughout eternity. To reflect upon the marvelous structure of the Universe . And to try humbly to even manifest even and infinitesimal part of nature. Quote, unquote. So , you see I picked up after he left and had the priviledge to helped in this work by those shinning ones who ride the highways of the universe. My point is this > If humans can come to terms that creation was not Darwin's theory or Religions theory than perhaps we can go farther with our ideas,perspectives and veiwpoints. As for who was responsible for the developement of humans on this planet. Their is a species that resides here on earth and has mad claims to us that they have been here for over ten thousand years and that they are the ones responsible for our genetic make-up. This planet does not only belong to humans. It also belongs to those capable of penitrating this earth's atmosphere and can ascape our defense system. Now, what we have found out is this that their are several different species far more advanced in technology the we are visiting this planet. The majority of them are concerned with the future of this planet and its sagfety and welbeing. Their are some that need the earth's resourses and animals to survive.

Creation,created the Universe and all living life forms. This is to include humans. Just remember that this process took millions of years to evolve and someone was either responsible for its developement and its changes. But humans did'nt themselves play a part in its genetic make-up. Perhaps we can come to terms with this as a steping stone to advance our ways of thinking beyond ordinary perception.

Remember Religion did not play a part in the genetic engineering of humans and life forms of this planet. GOD is a figment of mans creation used to give some form of confort and control over the world's population. I will explain to all the spirit realm and how to tap into this dimension later.

If you wish to have something to believe in lets take our beliefs a step farther beyond and think Creation created the universe and all life forms out there. And that all life forms are prescious and valuable and the you should worship the universe as your creater. And that the purpose of life is to prosper and grow. I'll get back to the meaning of this later.

GENESIS > THE BIOLOGICAL GERM PROCESS which took millions of years to evolve.

I would like to take this subject off course here for a moment and talk about the lost city of Atlantics. I do know what this is located. Now as a free-bee at no charge and for this information that I am willing to disclose to all of you. if I tell you these things and you find out that what i'm telling you is true. Than you will listen to the messages that I have been given to share with the inhabitance of this planet. The lost city of Atlantic is still very much alive and exsisting here.
For the record> THE LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS'S IS OFF OF LIMA PERU. Their is and unknown origin that resides below the waters there. And the story has it that flying saucers are constently being observed coming from the waters below the surface.

I am opening up PARDORA'S BOX...........


Take this and reveiw it. I shall return soon.......

May the Force be with you Young Obi Wan Kanobi.......


U.S.Chairman to TOP SECRET/MAJIC TWELVE Committee

#49    wcturnersr


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Posted 18 November 2003 - 08:01 PM

Sounds like Majestic is trying to start somekind of cult.

#50    wcturnersr


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Posted 18 November 2003 - 08:29 PM

All of these things you have said so far are things that do get discussed or have been watch by many on TV.  You have proven nothing on the few topics you have touched.  At the end of your last reply you stated:

And the story has it that flying saucers are constently being observed coming from the waters below the surface.

And the story has it, means that you do not know yourself!  Therefore, this tells me that you are most likely unemployed and spend most of your time at home watching science and science fiction videos, whether it be rented, bought or what currently is showing on the SCIFI channel.  This has caused you to become someone that you are not.

Please if you want to give everybody the truth, then come straight forward with it.  Say something like, ex.
I have a interview setup with CNBC to interview myself and my alien wife that will be giving birth to our first set of alien quintuplets tonight.

You have got to be more specific with your so-called details on the truth and stop going around what people are already asking you.  Why don't you start off with answering what Blood Angel has asked and then we can go from there.  If that is something you cannot answer, then let us know. You did start this whole topic.

#51    Nethius


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Posted 18 November 2003 - 08:57 PM

Majestic, you keep repeating yourself, and damn your grammer is bad!!!  You can't even use the words, "there", "their", and "they're"" correctly...  

and like wcturnersr said, you dont't bring anything new to this topic, and yet to give any proof stating you are who you claim...  all of your info is very vague...  try giving a little detail


#52    Melladior



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Posted 18 November 2003 - 09:28 PM

All I heard was blah, blah, blah, I'm a dirty tramp.

#53    Journey


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Posted 18 November 2003 - 09:53 PM

" Now as a freebie with no extra charge" LOL-HAHAHA-
You have already been discredited- and I might add that you have some pretty sick sexual perversions, as another forum member found some rather disgusting threads from you-
And do us all a favor here- discuss with intellect and knowledge- be careful what you preach- There are a lot of nice kids here on this site that do not need to be influenced by your ___________.
   I motion that we all just forget about this idiot-

#54    Magikman


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Posted 19 November 2003 - 12:31 AM

Its painfully obvious that the 'chairman' isn't interested in responding to direct questions and is only looking for a format in which to spout nonsense and hyperbole. Lack of direct personal interaction makes this thread moot and unnecessary.


Skeptical scrutiny is the means, in both science and religion, by which deep insights can be winnowed from deep nonsense. ~ Carl Sagan

"...man has an irrepressible tendency to read meaning into the buzzing confusion of sights and sounds impinging on his senses; and where no agreed meaning can be found, he will provide it out of his own imagination." ~ Arthur Koestler

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