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Posted 27 March 2007 - 06:54 PM


bearded dragons are alot of fun i have one the biggest problem people make with them is diet they need veggies and bugs crickets for start wax worms and until they get much bigger stay away from meal worms unless u cut the heads off and only do that every now and then or else they get impacted cuasr there skin is hard to digest ummm  and rodents are good food for them too when they are about half way grown pinkies are good for them and work uur way up with them unti lthere adults and they can handle a full grown mouse
mice are tricky everyone odoes it diffrent some do frozen other they buy and kill beofre feeding other they give live (never give any reptile a live mammal food item or in certain cases live birds because they can greatly injury ur animal) i always boght live and killed them before feeding my advice is if u are gonna feed it always wear a thick glove to hid body heat and sent other wise ull teach ur snake that ur hand meanas food and this can be a problem and even better then a glove is tongs so ur hand is even farther away

You're right about the Dragons... they do require veggies and that meal worms can cause health problems for them. I never had a problem, but they should be fed cautiously.

DC, I'd beg to differ, I don't think snakes are low maintenance pets... because they can be prone to becoming ill in captivity, I never went on vacation without boarding my python with a vet or a local pet store I trusted. Too much can go wrong.

I do agree that birds can be enchanting pets (my favorite really) They are somewhat low maintenance if you choose something like a cockatiel or other small and sturdy hookbill (lovebirds, paroletts, rosellas, small african shorttails like senegals and meyers--which tend to be quieter too). Do a lot of research first though, there are also difficulties in bird keeping... they're messy, frequently noisy, and hide any illnesses well and many people are allergic to parrot feather dust, or experience respitory problems from it--never purchase a bird from a pet store, find a breeder in your area. They are however incredibly smart and when properly trained, they interact very well with their human caretakers--better than most dogs really.

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