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I am NOT ! crazy , but ....

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Posted 29 November 2003 - 08:56 PM

first I wanna say hello to all who take time to read this. My name is Ray , and I came upon this forum just a few mins ago.   I am 44 and live in New Jersey.
2 months ago I lost  LUKE. (a "man's best friend")  I had him for 19 years and we both went threw some very good times as well as bad.
After i had him put to sleep , I cursed myself  about keeping him alive the extra 2 days after just because I could not do that to him.  Then about 1 month ago I started to hear a voice that only would whisper.  It said that it was the girl living next door and that she was being kept in her basement by her mother for punishment. It seemed that her voice came from the stereo speaker.  It always wanted me to help "her" get out , but the only way she could possibly get out was in the dark alley between her home and the one on the other side.  At first , I thought it was a joke,  then after her begging me , I began to think it was true.   After about the 4th day of hearing this I happened to see "her" (my neighbor)  getting back from a short vacation she had taken.  Next time I heard the voice it  said to me , "what would make you happy Ray?"  I got very nasty with it and suddenly I realized that WHATEVER I was looking at and reading ...the voice woud repeat it . If I was looking at a tel num... it would say the number out loud. Again I got angry at "this thing" and  I said to either leave me alone or I was going to ignore it . . It laffed at me and said ...." I am the DEVIL" ..  at first I just laffed...then left the room.   I began thinking about it and Icould not understand how I was tricking me . But the wierdest thing was ..."HOW COULD IT READ MY MIND" ?    Back to the room I went and  I thought...." lets see who or what you really are" .....I began playing mind games with it ...this went on for about 3 or 4 days .  Then one day , It says  ..."who is there" ?   I thought it was asking me this, but then suddenly I heard another voice.   It said to me ..." Ray , dont talk to them, and whatever you do ,  DO NOT LET THEM INTO YOUR HOUSE"  then it said..."  right now go to your side door and SHUT IT GOOD "    the new voice repeated this 3 times to me.......I remembered that i had locked the door when i came in. But i thought , why not check it out.    and WOW, it was not shut tight !

then I went into my living room and  the new pup we had just gotten a few days ago  began barking and growling at the front door like a maniac . this was the first time we had ever heard him bark .  and you could see that he was upset about the front door.  he kept doing this until i had to pick him up and take him 2 another room.   my mom came in and aked how I got him to bark.  I decided to tell her what has been going on in my room recently.  I asked her to just listen to me with an open mind.  I kinda made fun about "it" and she also  assured me that she does not think i am nuts but that lately she seems to feel strange about things in the house. she could not explain what she meant but that it just was a weird feeling .
over the next week or so , I just joked with this "voice"  then , it seemed that there was more voices  sometimes .  along with the"nice" voice once in a while.
it seemed that they would repeat a sentence or phrase , over and over again.
I would stare at a number on a piece of paper and just  think about the number ovber and over. this would make them say the number over and over.  when i would stop thinking about the number , the voice would say, ( in a louder voice) , " STOP DOING THAT"   I would just laff and say .."well STOP bothering me" his reply would be , just give me your soul and i will give you whatever you want. I assured him that  He will never get it. But his reply always is...." you will give it up , sooner or later"  

I just wanna add that my computer is in this room that the voice is , and that as i am typing he is just talking about what i am typing .  
Just before I did my web search and came upon this forum, I was telling my mom that i was thinking about talking to a priest.  but not sure how to start this.
When i came into my room, the voice says.." a priest cant help you . he cant do nothng to me"
for the past week , this voice has been pretending to be someone out side , calling me. saying...." Ray , are you up there. its me "  when i would go to the window and look outside. noone would be there. when i would then ask ..."where are you " ...this voice will always answer..." I'm here , across the street, in the cementary"   and yes , I live across the street from a cemartry. In fact there  are about a dozen cementaries around my house.

It seems that thevoice is much louder now and that my dog can sense it . he often stares at the speaker i first heard it and sometimes barks or just looks cinfused. the voice always  calls his  name.   i recorded the voice last week and someone has it it besides myself. so NOW i know i am not nuts.  I recorded it when i was reading a sentence to myself and it was repeating it over and over.

I have tried to ignore it, hopeing it will go away.   but it just keeps going on about anything and everything. today, I thought about calling a priest.
the voice always keeps asking me for my soul.... then it will leave me alone.

I  dont wanna say what has been happening to me to anyone. because i know that if someone said this to me, i would think they are nuts. so can anyone who reads  this , help me out with any suggestions.?

now as I end this , I wanna say....if you think this is funny, DONT bother saying anything.  

Also , this voice at times seems very wise , then at times it can be so stupid...its weird.

any help out there???????????

#2    superfly911911


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Posted 29 November 2003 - 09:41 PM

next time he asks try reciting the lords prayer

#3    AdrielKelsick


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Posted 29 November 2003 - 09:48 PM

Well, Ray, I would suggest you get some other people over to your house to see if they can hear it too.  And if it turns out that they can, well, I guess you have yourself a haunted house! alien.gif  

#4    Tess



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Posted 30 November 2003 - 01:11 AM

Wow,that sounds pretty freaky...and scary.Do you only hear the voices at home or have you heard them anywhere else?

#5    Kryso


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Posted 30 November 2003 - 02:13 AM

  There are many posts on this very forum about people hearing voices, such as yourself. And at first I was a sceptic, but then after hearing about different examples of this, over and over, Iím beginning to believe. Itís not as uncommon as some people think, voices in the head, or coming from a particular object, or just hearing people shouting the persons name!

Have you always had that speaker, or have you added it to your system recently? Because sometimes a voice will follow a particular object. And as to what it is, my guess will be no different - or more important - than the next person to read your account. But I think if it is a spirit or haunting of some kind, I think it unlikely it would be the Devil himself, Iím sure he has other things to do, rather than hang around your room! But from what I have heard, these things like to pretend to be more important than they really are. Also, why not try a priest, what harm will it do? Or go to a local church and fill some holy water from the basin, and put it into a sprayer and spray your room! And when it said it wouldnít do any good, Iím sure this thing would not admit to have a weakness, or admit to what could harm it!

I am surprised that you havenít asked what it could do for you, many people joke about selling their soul for riches and stardom, and Iím impressed that this hasnít entered your mind! You have a lot more strength then you probably realize!

Anyway, Iím rambling now, but try anything you can, priests, holy water, reading from the bible! And keep us updated as to what happens!

Oh, and welcome to the forum GBMMRRRR thumbsup.gif  

#6    Naveed


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Posted 30 November 2003 - 03:48 AM

You said you were able to get it on tape? Why don't you try recording it to your computer? Get a cheap microphone and see if it will appear on there so you can have someone upload it for you and we can all hear it.  

#7    Hobgoblin


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Posted 30 November 2003 - 12:29 PM

Wow, that is really creepy.. I suggest you get a preist over,
eve if that voice said it work. What superfly911911 said
is also a good idea. Though if I were you, I'd totally move
out that house cause I'd be scared to death.
Maybe it can also be a foreign object, if you recently found
or bought something that's seriously old and you don't know
the origins of, that can also cause hauntings.. like the two
stone faces found in England, I think.



    Alien Embryo

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Posted 30 November 2003 - 10:36 PM

First I wanna thank everyone for the help.  When i posted this yesterday , It was the first place I read about this stuff.  I been reading alot ever since  .  and I see that I am not alone.  

First I wanna say, that in the room is the best place to hear it talk.  but I also hear it  outside my house. but nowhere else. when i say out side i mean when i go in or out the door  , I am asked where i was, or where I am going.

I was wondering, am i doing anything bad if i talk back to it or answer it ?

also , I have the recording and i will upload it after i get a mic.  problally tonight if i have time or tommorow.

Once again, THANKS everyone for the support and help. I really needed it  

#9    Coconino_County


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Posted 30 November 2003 - 11:31 PM

These things happen sometimes, Ray. It's best not to dwell on them. My suggestion would be, maybe take a few days off work, draw yourself a nice warm bath, sip some wine, and just relax. That helps silence the devil in me. Also try a hobby. Maybe model airplanes? Just a thought.


There comes a time in the affairs of man when he must take the bull by the tail and face the situation. - W.C. Fields

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Posted 01 December 2003 - 12:31 AM

I agree that you should try and record the voice for us to hear. Also, I wouldn't worry too much about it right now. Dont' let it scare you (I know, I know, easier said than done!) It hasn't done anything physical to you, has it? Whatever it might be, as long as it doesn't manifest itself physically, perhaps you could try either totally ignoring it (maybe it'll get bored and go away), or talk to it and try and find out why its' bothering you.  



    Alien Embryo

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Posted 01 December 2003 - 01:55 AM

OK...I got the recording...I am online right now...my email is   GBMMRRRR@aol.com  i can send it to anyone that wants it.
just wanna say that  while talking to it.... another voice came and told me to promise that i will not talk to the any more.  this is where i think it has me in an agreement .  i said that i will try not to talk to it any more, and i plan on keeping my word.  the file that i can send to anyone is 22 secs long and 3.6 meg  the reason the size is so big is that i recorded it first on my hand held tape recoeder then recorded it on to the computer. when i put it on the computer..the bigger the kbs/sec was...the better u can hear the voice.   i am gonna make a typing of what u can expect to hear on the recording.  but in the mean time i am gonna post this notise.

#12    mystic merlyn1212

mystic merlyn1212

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Posted 01 December 2003 - 03:16 AM

Hi Jay,  cat.gif

I would like to have a copy of that evp..

When did the 'whispers' start or you always have been
having them visit?

Did these 'whispers' start about 3 years ago and have been
getting stronger?

Yes, please talk to a priest, for cleansing and also get holy
water and please do a house cleansing and blessing...

Just for yourself also get additonal medical help, because
if these 'whispers' are arguing with you it appears hostile
it may be a chemical embalance or neurological problem?

I am telling you this because I have been getting these 'whispers'
too but my 'whispers' are deceased relatives and friends...
I am a meduim and have since about 8/9 yrs. old had deceased
friends and family come to me in dreams.. Now that I am older,
my intuitive abilites give me advise that is prophetic in nature!

Your 'whispers' are controling and that scares me! My 'whispers'
are one sided but multiple spirits or forms...

Yes, the cemetaries across the street... well.. there may be a dimential
potal and your house and area with cemetary are part of it?

Just throwing out possible explanations!!

Do you know how to spiritual protect yourself..
yes, prayer is very good start but you also have to create an image
of yourself with white light or picture yourself in a white buble that
Jesus or God or whomever you believe in, or filled with positive

Send me your evp to this email..

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    Alien Embryo

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Posted 01 December 2003 - 03:56 AM

ok.. i put the recording into a yahoo group.. and made the membership open to all .

I also posted a dialog of the recording as well as a recording of me trying to explain what you should hear.  
if you dont hear it its ok . because i really just wanna get rid of this thing.

i also wanna say that i amnot afraid of it. it's just that its getting to be a pain in the ass.

when i recorded our conversation today , the nice female voice came and kept saying for me to stop talking to it. it might be a trick to make me talk to the nice voice, i dont know. all i wanna talk to is a voice with flesh and bones..lolol

when i asked the voice however, why he cant talk louder, he says ..." HE will get made"  when i aske dwho "he" was...he said, the real devil, and that he was not supposed to be talking to me  or othershere in general.  i do not wanna keep leading this thing on, i just wanna get rid of it.  Is there any way i can do this without bringing someone else in. like a priest or a psycic ?  I wopuld rather keep this personal and not become a freak show  



    Alien Embryo

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Posted 01 December 2003 - 04:08 AM

I guess the name of rthe group would be nice huh ?.....lolol

Edit; link removed due to questionable intent. May be restored at a later time.

Edited by Magikman, 01 June 2004 - 04:19 AM.



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Posted 01 December 2003 - 04:17 AM

sorry everyone, but it seems that i opened up a can of worms but exposing my personal life.... i have gotten over 10 emails and more than 15 instant messages  each saying something or something else.  sorry if i got anyone involved, buit i think  it best to keep it just between me and the wall. thank you everyone for any help.   also i deleted the yahoo group

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