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#106    goalienan


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Posted 20 January 2008 - 02:18 PM

eden grange on Jan 20 2008, 12:49 PM, said:

I never walk over three drains, have no idea where this superstition came from but always remember doing it.

I remember we weren't allowed to walk over grates on the sidewalk....I don't know if it was superstition or just the fact that my mom was afraid I'd fall through one of them .... grin2.gif

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#107    EnglishStudent526


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Posted 28 March 2012 - 11:41 PM

hey so i am, filipino along with my mom, and she says owls are a very bad omen. It means some1 is going to die, and she heard owl sounds turn into a cry of some young lady (it was scary when she reenacted it) and someone always died afterwards. It's scary really.. at least the images that i made in my head are scary...

#108    ElChupacabra


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Posted 03 April 2012 - 01:48 AM

View PostRosenrot, on 03 July 2007 - 05:09 AM, said:

Hmm I adhere to the "Pick up a head-up penny for good luck."

Another one of my favorites is to say, "Sneezy sneezy Achoo! Someone special's thinking about you" when someone sneezes, even myself.  

I also tend to predict the weather by looking at the leaves.  If the lighter colored underside is turned up, it means storms are coming.
I believe their is actual truth to the one about the leaves.  I read "old wives tale" over 15 years ago for the first time, and I thought it was cool.

#109    ElChupacabra


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Posted 03 April 2012 - 02:02 AM

View PostDelVal Paranormal, on 08 July 2007 - 07:46 AM, said:

I have a weird sports superstition. I'm a bowler and when I'm league bowling and bowling well, I wont eat, drink or use the bathroom in fear that adding or subtracting anything from my body will affect my "success" for that night.

I never really had any other superstitions though, except for walking under ladders. I don't remember walking under many.

My girlfriend is very superstitious about splitting a pole. If we are walking she has to walk on the same side of the pole as me or it's terribly bad luck.
I recently became an adherent of the one about not splitting poles.  Now I am almost fanatical about it.

#110    ElChupacabra


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Posted 03 April 2012 - 02:18 AM

View PostThe Unseen, on 02 October 2007 - 02:50 AM, said:

Not to be raciest but my friend is black and he says that if you sweep his feet with a broom he could wind up in jail,go figure?
That was called "sarcasm", he meant it as a joke. Some people believe that if a broom touches their shoes it equates to bad luck", he meant that if you touched the broom to his foot he would probably hit you or something....

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Posted 03 April 2012 - 09:32 PM

I'm a big sports fan. And I'm sure most of you know how superstitious some of us can get when we think our actions directly influence the result of our favoured team. Well recently I refused to wash a pair of my underpants. My team were at the start of what was to become a seven-match win streak, and I had noted what pants I had been wearing when the run started. From then on I kept them au naturale, wearing them each time my team played, which would occasionally be twice a week. My team have since lost, and the underpants have now been washed.

#112    TheNightOwl


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Posted 04 April 2012 - 12:36 AM

I almost never pick up tails up coins unless they are quarters.

A lot of the time I try not to step on the little spaces between sidewalk pavement blocks, but that's more of a habit than a superstition.

I'm very superstitious when it comes to sports. I refuse to acknowledge no-hitters/perfect games when they are being thrown. I wear a rally cap when the team I'm rooting for is down, etc.

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