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Uforadio Podcast Shows

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Uforadio International 04 - Philip Mantle - Investigation about Alien Autopsy Hoax


Hosted by Giuliano Marinkovic

UFORadio Podcast Program presents:


Famous British UFO researcher Philip Mantle joins us in this episode.

We discussed the recent developments about the infamous Alien Autopsy Film, the progress of UFO DATA magazine and recent news about the release of british MOD UFO documents.

You can download this Podcast episode directly at:

Or from our Website:

Our RSS Feed is at:

You can also send this info to your colleagues via this link:

Best regards:


Host: Giuliano Marinkovic



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Posted (edited)

After almost a 10 year silence I am rebooting my show for certain special episodes.
Here is the one that I created due to the release of the new Larry Hancock's book:

UFORadio-International 01: Larry Hancock - Unidentified


New Book On the Actual National Security Implications of UFOs

Unidentified explores that intelligence failure, beginning during World War II and continuing over some three decades of official inquiries. It also profiles the events – including inter-service and inter-agency political posturing – which prevented the problem from being elevated to a level of true national security tasking. The ongoing Air Force decision to study the problem only at the level of individual incidents and the larger failure to task the broader intelligence community with a longer term, strategic analysis of security related UFO activities ensured that the fundamental problem was simply not addressed. The end result was nothing more than over a thousand highly unconventional and anomalous UFO reports officially classified and archived as “Unknowns”.


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Praise should be given where it is due. This is a good interview. Thank you for sharing. Lot's of good discussion of History of the phenomena.

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UFORadio-International #2: Bruce Maccabee - Three Minutes in June
Guest: Bruce Maccabee
Image of Kenneth Arnold's flight:

Book: Three Minutes in June
The UFO Sighting That Changed the World

70th Anniversary of Kenneth Arnold's anthological UFO sighting

On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold, an experienced private pilot, saw nine unusual objects flying at an extraordinary speed near Mt. Rainier in Washington. The incident was the origin of the phrase flying saucers, and started a worldwide fascination with UFOs.
Over the years, skeptics have offered no less than 14 prosaic explanations for what Arnold saw. Now, world-renowned UFO researcher and optical physicist Bruce Maccabee provides the most complete analysis ever attempted on this case.
Not only is his telling of the story the most detailed ever given, but he meticulously breaks down each of the conventional explanations. One by one, they fall apart upon careful scrutiny.

Three Minutes in June was written by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, one of the most respected voices in the field of UFO research. Bruce's Ph.D. is in physics and he was employed for years at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. He has researched UFOs since the 1960s, having analyzed countless sighting reports. 

On 51:18 minute we are discussing did Kenneth Arnold try to contact ATC to report the sighting over radio. Kenneth didn't use radio as Bruce said in the episode. However, he  sent me this short correction after the interview to make the issue even more clear: "Arnold said he did have a small radio on his plane for contacting the control tower when he was close to landing.  However, it was not powerful enough to reach the major landing fields in Seattle and vicinity so he did not tell anyone until after he landed."

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Posted (edited)

UFORadio-International #3: Roswell in the 21st Century
Guest: Kevin D. Randle

Book: Roswell in the 21st Century

70th Anniversary of Roswell Army Air Field Press Release that Flying Saucer has been captured

On July 8th 1947, Roswell Army Air Field gave a press release that 509 Bomb Group has came into possession of the Flying Saucer. 70 years after, the case is still controversial.
In this episode we are going back to the basics and core data of the incident. My guest Kevin D. Randle explores how strongly Project Mogul explanation holds today. 

On 45:18 Kevin describes that during the official Roswell investigation in 1990s, AF investigator 1st Lt. James McAndrew tried to persuade him to admit that he was investigating the case for the money. Kevin explains that nothing can be further from the truth.

Additionally, on 53:42 you will be able to hear exclusive archived recording of the telephone conversation between Kevin D. Randle and late Major Edwin Easley, the Provost Marshal of the RAAF.

Cast of Characters:

- 509th Bomb Group in RAAF - in 1947 this was only military unit with atomic weapons.
- William Brazel  - rancher who found Roswell debris.
- Sheriff George Wilcox - received Brazel and parts of recovered material. Alerted RAAF about the finding.
- Major Jesse Marcel Sr - intelligence officer of 509th Bomb Group who went with Brazel to recover alleged strange material.
- Jesse Marcel Jr - son who saw "strange" material that his father Jesse Marcel Sr shortly brought to his family home.
- Captain Sheridan Cavitt - officer with the Counter-Intelligence Corps who visited debris field with Marcel.
- Colonel William "Butch" Blanchard - commanding officer of the 509th Bomb Group
- 1st Lt. Walter Haut - public information officer at the 509th Bomb Group.


Edited by uforadio-international

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And here is the Special:
UFORadio-International Special: ep #4: NAC Radar-Visual UFO Incident - 1970s: Peter Maher

Episode #4: NAC Radar-Visual UFO Incident - 1970s
Guest: Peter Maher, NAC Pilot

Please explore this map to better understand the flight route of F27:

In this Special Investigative episode I present your former NAC pilot - Peter Maher - who joined me over the telephone all the way from New Zealand.

Peter will describe important Radar-Visual UFO Incident from 1970s while he was flying NAC Fokker 27 Airplane from Tauranga to Auckland. Case involves visual sighting, radar detection from ground and on-board radars. Most dramatic element is a near-miss incident which is raising air Safety concerns.

On top of that, incident has very similar characteristics with Pan Adria incident from 1976 which I am researching for the last 21 years. That incident happened above former Yugoslavia. 

In both of these cases, we can compare following aspects:
- Radar detection with on-board and ground radars.
- Frontal confrontation with an UFO which allowed detection from Fokker's weather radar with a very strong signal.
- Visual sighting.
- UFO followed air plane during considerable part of the flight route maintaining speed and distance from the plane.
- Enormous speed increase from an UFO and near-miss incident.

-- UFORadio --

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UFORadio-International #5: UFOs and Government - A Historical Inquiry

Guest: Robert Powell 

UFOs and Government Book
Book Review: 
Wendy Connors' Faded Discs:

In today's episode we are talking with prominent researcher - Robert Powell. We will discuss important book titled "UFOs and Government - A Historical Inquiry". Interview covers important elements of the UFO history with 7 rare audio clips that serve as companion pieces. 

Some of the subjects that we covered were: 

- Foo Fighters and Ghost Rockets
- Kenneth Arnold's Sighting
- Project Sign and Estimate of the Situation
- Projects Grudge and Blue Book
- Washington UFO Flap 1952
- Michigan UFO Flap 1966
- Condon's Comittee
- FOIA era of UFO Documents in 1970s
- Scientific Coalition of Ufology
- November 2004 Radar-Visual USS Princeton Incident

Edited by uforadio-international

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