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McCain tries to show he is ‘prolier than thou

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John McCain tries to show he is ‘prolier than thou’

The right fears its man is dumbing down too far in his battle with Barack Obama for working-class votes

Sarah Baxter from Green Bay, Wisconsin

REPUBLICANS are concerned that John McCain’s presidential campaign is running on empty populist rhetoric now that a postconvention bounce in the polls provided by the selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate is over.

The White House race has entered a new phase with Republicans and Democrats vying to be “prolier-than-thou” in their appeal to working people.

Palin, the governor of Alaska, still thrills the crowds, but the cultural war unleashed by the moose-hunting hockey mom has led some conservatives to wonder whether the savaging of America’s snooty, overeducated liberal “elite” has gone too far.

McCain’s attack on Wall Street “greed and corruption” and call for greater regulation in response to last week’s financial crisis has added to concerns about the tenor of his campaign. A Wall Street Journal editorial warned that he would “never beat Obama by running as an angry populist like Al Gore, circa 2000”.

McCain was caught out yesterday arguing in a health magazine for deregulating the health insurance industry in the same way as banking, a gift to Barack Obama’s campaign.

But the Democrat is also under fire from his own side for failing to press home a clear economic message that will convince working-class voters he is one of them, instead of the wine-drinking, rocket salad-eating, pointy-headed elitist of Republican legend.

“What we’re seeing in both campaigns is a fierce determination to win and that principles don’t matter,” said Heather Mac Donald, a social conservative thinker at the free market Manhattan Institute. “There is a lot of populist demagoguery.”

McCain began last week by claiming the “fundamentals” of the American economy were strong but ended it as a raging champion of the “worker” against the fat cats backing Obama, such as Jim Johnson, the former head of Fannie Mae, the troubled mortgage giant, who led the Democratic candidate’s search for a vice-president. Obama, in turn, accused McCain of being “a little panicked right now” and claimed his “big solution for the economic crisis was to blame me for it”.

“Now he tells us that he’s the one who will take on the ‘ol boys’ network’,” Obama scoffed. “In the McCain campaign, that’s called a staff meeting.” His campaign went on to release a list of 26 McCain advisers and fundraisers involved in lobbying Fannie Mae and its sister company, Freddie Mac.

Full story, source: The Times

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Yeah he is a regular joe alright...

Lets look at something from wikianswers:

What is John McCain net worth?

In: John McCain

Listed in senate disclosure records as worth between $15million to $20 million. link

I have actually seen it listed as high as 36 million dollars...his wife has quite the nestegg and he does too.

It's tough to talk about how you are a regular guy and try to fit in with people when you can write a check and buy an island. A nice sized island.

I dont need a president who is a "regular guy". I dont want a president that I "identify" with. I want a president that wont lie through his teeth repeatedly and does his best to keep to his word...a president that wont sell his soul to get what he wants. The future president is going into history books and will control one of the most powerful countries in the world, he needs to be diplomatic and incredibly intelligent, and have a ton of knowledge in a lot of areas...a lot of things you wont find in a "regular guy" from main street.

I never understood the people that threw the "elitism" card around with disgust. Guess what...if a guy becomes the president of the United States...he is Elite. That is pretty much the definition of elite. I want the guy to be elite. I dont want the average regular guy(or woman) to be president...

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