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Paul Palin, McCain, Obama & President Clinton

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US presidential elections 2008: real roles ** maximally ** reduced

Maximal reduction returns four roles: Paul Palin, McCain, Obama & President Clinton.

Role of Paul Palin (1): sell loser "candidate" McCain.

Role of McCain: sell "winner" "candidate" Obamessiah.

Role of suicide Obomber Obamessiah (2): sell election of comeback kid "loser" candidate Clinton, last face of last antichrist, postponed to December 15. (3)

Reminder: to be able to optimize the usage of the ultimate tactical weapon of end times, you need to learn the Laws of End Times Reductionism. (4)


(1) Palin = Paul = Paul Palin

(2) Screenplay role known from the "news" as Obama, appears in the real story under two different names: Obamessiah in stage 1 and suicide Obomber in stage 2.

(3) For details, including maximal reduction the answer to the question "How will Obamessiah play his suicide Obomber role?", see:


(4) How was Reductionism in End Times applied to achieve this maximal reduction - Prophet answers questions

Poster: The reduction feels right.

But can you provide a formal explanation why Huckabee, Romney & Co. are reduced to 0?

Prophet: That is because maximal reduction means:

- actors are grouped by essential roles;

- for each of these roles, the most important actor is selected.

Poster: I see:

Role of Huckabee, Romney & Co = sell loser "candidate" McCain = Role of Paul Palin.

Since Paul and Palin are the main actors in this role, secondary actors are reduced to 0.


Prophet: You got what ROLE means; the role in the REAL story, not the role in the screenplay which is sold as "news".

That is why the screenplay role of Palin (picked "candidate" for vice president, supporter of McCain) is totally different from the screenplay role of Paul (not picked, "candidate" for president, oppositor of McCain), yet they have one and the same role in the REAL story.


Poster: why is one of the actors named Paul Palin?

Does this mean that the importance of the two main actors in that role is exactly the same?

Prophet: Excellent question, since equal importance of two screenplay actors playing the same role could indeed be a reason to reduce them to one real story actor, while renaming this actor using two names, one from each of those two screenplay actors. (5)

But we don't have to ask the question of who was more important in the "sell McCain" role, Palin or Paul, since there is a more immediate reason to name the main actor in role as Paul Palin.

Any ideas what that more immediate reason is?

Poster: [no reply.]

Prophet: Although both screenplay actors play the same role, they are both REQUIRED to sucessfully complete the real story.

So omission of one of them would result in failing short of achieving maximal reduction.

(5) IIluminati naming screenplay actors not to be confused with Reductionism naming real story roles, despite striking similarities in this case

Naming Paul Palin is apparently very similar to how the illuminati renamed Barry Soetoro, when he was already an adult, to Hussein Obama II, except that they additionally replaced one of the characters in the name of one of the actors, Osama, i.e. B instead of S. Details. see

But renaming Soetoro, with the goal of serving the underlying illuminati agenda, has nothing to do with my question, i.e. "the more immediate reason...?"

My question is about how to use the scientific methodology of Reductionism to explain the reduction of screenplay actors Ron Paul and Sarah Palin to real story role Paul Palin.

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US presidential elections 2008: real roles ** maximally ** reduced

*snipped garbage*

Good grief, what an astounding waste of bandwidth and server space...



Edited to remove garbage in quote leaving nothing.

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This is simply out of control. We have rules here, and you cant seem to abide by them.

2. Post content

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e. Garbage posting: Do not deliberately make posts of little worth or that contain nonsense, this includes making numerous short non-constructive posts designed to quickly inflate your post count or to annoy other members.


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