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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have a question please check through this post first to see if it has already been answered.

Q. The time displayed on the forum is wrong, how do I change it ?

Click on "My Controls" and select "Board Settings" from the menu on the left and make sure that you have the correct time zone set. If the time is out by an hour then try toggling the "Auto Correct DST" check box, daylight savings time can vary depending on where in the world you are.

Q. Topics and posts are being displayed as a tree view, how do I fix it ?

If you are seeing posts and threads being displayed like in the below image, you have the view mode set wrong.


To change the view back to the standard format, click "Options" at the top right hand side of a thread and select "Standard".

Q. How many posts do I need to achieve each post rank title ?

0 : Alien Embryo - 1 star

125 : Ectoplasmic Residue - 1 star

250 : Apparition - 2 stars

375 : Extraterrestrial Entity - 3 stars

500 : Remote Viewer - 4 stars

625 : Astral Projection - 5 stars

750 : Paranormal Investigator - 6 stars

875 : Conspiracy Theorist - 7 stars

1000 : Psychic spy - 8 stars

2125 : Poltergeist - 1 blue star

3250 : Government agent - 2 blue stars

4375 : Alien abductor - 3 blue stars

5500 : Majestic 12 Operative - 4 blue stars

6625 : Telekinetic - 5 blue stars

7750 : Non-corporeal being - 6 blue stars

8875 : Omnipotent Entity - 7 blue stars

10000 : Forum divinity - 8 blue stars

Q. How do I set a custom profile title under my avatar ?

You need to have 1000 posts or more in order to unlock the option to set a custom title.

Q. When I try to log in to the chat room I receive a "username does not exist" error

Make sure you are using your display name and not your login name when logging in the chat room. If you continue to receive this error and your login details are correct then log in to the forum first, then try logging in to the chat again.

Q. What is the maximum allowed signature size ?

The maximum size for an image in your signature is 500x150 pixels, 50k in size.

Q. The profile views/thread views aren't updating

As a resource saving mechanism, the view count on profiles and threads is bulk updated on a regular basis rather than in real time.

Q. I've uploaded a new avatar but the old one is still showing in my profile

This is likely due to your browser displaying a cached copy of your old one. Your browser will usually update the image fairly quick during normal site use, however if you want it to update immediately there are a couple of things to try. One, is to clear your browser's cache and temporary internet files. The second, is to right click on the image, copy and paste the image URL in to your address bar and hit refresh a few times to force the image to update in the cache.

Additional help and information about the site and forums can be found at the links below.

General Site Questions

Forum Help and Support

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