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Lucid Dreaming and Sleep Paralysis

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Scientific history

The first book to recognize the scientific potential of lucid dreams was Celia Green's 1968 study Lucid Dreams.[5] Green analyzed the main characteristics of such dreams. She reviewed previously published literature on the subject, and incorporated new data from subjects of her own. She concluded that they were a category of experience quite distinct from ordinary dreams, and predicted that they would turn out to be associated with rapid eye movement sleep (REM sleep). Green was also the first to link lucid dreams to the phenomenon of false awakenings.

In the early 1970s, Daniel Oldis of the University of South Dakota leveraged the scientific principle of external sensory incorporation in an attempt to influence dream content and evoke lucidity. Three psychological techniques were employed: subconscious suggestion using a tape played before and during sleep; associative signaling using a muffled bell alarm timed to go off during REM sleep; and classical conditioning using a REM detection circuit and a bright eye-light. The results indicated that lucid dreaming can be facilitated using external cues and psychological methods.[6]

Philosopher Norman Malcolm's 1959 text Dreaming[7] had argued against the possibility of checking the accuracy of dream reports. However, the realization that eye movements performed in dreams affected the dreamer's physical eyes provided a way to prove that actions agreed upon during waking life could be recalled and performed once lucid in a dream. The first evidence of this type was produced in the late 1970s by British parapsychologist Keith Hearne. A volunteer named Alan Worsley used eye movement to signal the onset of lucidity, which were recorded by a polysomnograph machine.

Hearne's results were not widely distributed. The first peer-reviewed article was published some years later by Stephen LaBerge at Stanford University, who had independently developed a similar technique as part of his doctoral dissertation.[8] During the 1980s, further scientific evidence to confirm the existence of lucid dreaming was produced as lucid dreamers were able to demonstrate to researchers that they were consciously aware of being in a dream state (again, primarily using eye movement signals).[9] Additionally, techniques were developed which have been experimentally proven to enhance the likelihood of achieving this state.[10] Research on techniques and effects of lucid dreaming continues at a number of universities and other centers, including LaBerge's Lucidity Institute.

Sleep paralysis

During REM sleep the body paralyses itself as a protection mechanism in order to prevent the movements which occur in the dream from causing the physical body to move. However, it is possible for this mechanism to be triggered before, during, or after normal sleep while the brain awakens. This can lead to a state where a person is lying in bed and feels paralyzed. Hypnagogic hallucination may occur in this state, especially auditory ones. Effects of sleep paralysis include heaviness or inability to move the muscles, rushing or pulsating noises, and brief hypnogogic imagery. Experiencing sleep paralysis is a necessary part of WILD, in which dreamers essentially detach their "dream" body from the paralyzed one. Also see OBE or Out-Of-Body-Experience, opposing the scientific theory of these occurrences stating that the paralysis is actually an occurrence to one who is already "separated" from their physical body meaning that "physical action potentials" have no effect here but "mental actions" do - a hint given that those who are finding difficulty moving are using the wrong "mechanism".

An out-of-body experience (OBE or sometimes OOBE) is an experience that typically involves a sensation of floating outside of one's body and, in some cases, perceiving one's physical body from a place outside one's body (autoscopy). About one in ten people think they have had an out-of-body experience at some time in their lives.[37] Scientists are learning about the phenomenon.[38]

OBEs induced from waking (with the intention of achieving Astral Projection) and lucid dreams induced from waking cover such similar ground that common misinterpretation of one as the other (or even equivalence) can be hypothesized.[39][unreliable source?] Realistic-seeming yet physically impossible impressions of flying, time-traveling or walking through the walls of an environment matching one's bedroom are equally hallmarks of either.[citation needed] (As those who have experienced them will attest,[who?] neither "feels" like ordinary dreams at all.[citation needed]) Their induction techniques are similar, and both are easier to perform at times typical for afternoon naps and late morning REM cycles.


In much of the references I have reviewed, even in relation to the more skeptical presentations? Every indication seems to suggest,that in relation to the above? Sleep Paralysis seems a consistent response in some percentage of individuals who attempt it. Sleep Paralysis is actually a very common experience through-out the world and the type of negative experiences? While there are variationsin the theme, all seems to be pretty much the same.

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How to Induce Sleep Paralysis

Believe it or not, lucid dreamers attempt to induce sleep paralysis on purpose. When you enter SP deliberately, it is with a specific goal in mind. You are focused on your own internal visualizations and you know that the paralysis is a sign that it's working. So you don't react with the same fear as the unsuspecting victim who wakes up paralyzed in the middle of the night.

Without this fear, sleep paralysis can be the gateway to visionary states of being. You can experience out of body travel (whatever your spiritual beliefs) or vivid lucid dreams and inner journeys. Indeed, the father of lucid dream research, Dr Stephen LaBerge of Stanford University, once said: "[sleep paralysis] not only nothing to be frightened of, it can be something to be sought after and cultivated... Just step over and you're in the world of lucid dreams."

To learn the step-by-step techniques to induce sleep paralysis for lucid dreams, I recommend the instructional videos created by Lucidology. This fascinating tutorial by Nick Newport explains every aspect of the Mind Awake / Body Asleep method for going lucid whenever you want. It was with Nick's help that I had my very first Wake Induced Lucid Dream using an SP method; it was truly amazing.

For those of you who suffer from sleep paralysis nightmares and are just seeking answers, I urge you to read Ryan Hurd's breakthrough book Sleep Paralysis: A Dreamer's Guide. It has step-by-step advice for controlling your fear and evolving your phantom creatures into angels, ancestors, spirit guides - or any other positive dream figure. He explains how they can then take you on a guided lucid dream in which you explore your own subconscious in a positive light. Sounds MUCH better than being plagued by your own worst nightmares.


Any thoughts?

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I've been very interested in Lucid dreaming and especially OBE's for an extremely long time. I began practicing and studying relentlessly late may, beginning of June. My first breakthrough was actually earlier this month July 9th when I woke up in the mourning in a paralyzed state, I could wiggle my toes and tips of my fingers but nothing else. I suddenly felt vibrations unlike anything I've ever had before (though I have read about them in my research, experiencing it is totally different). I was scared because it was just freaky but I also knew what I wanted to achieve. In my fear I suddenly began to float up out of my body, like a helium balloon. I was hovering above my bed. I remember thinking to myself 'This is it, this is what it's like to die. I can't believe my life is ending like this. I fought to go back down. When I did I was was still paralyzed, out of the corners of my eyes I looked to see if I could see anything like the shadow people I read about. I didn't see anything, I actually felt quiet secure. I did everything to move, I tried to roll out of the side of my bed, when I got to the edge I thought to myself (If I rolled over here then I would have squished my dog) thats when I looked back and saw I was out of my body again, I rolled back onto my body and laid a few minutes luckily my alarm went off and was out of this 'paralysis state'.

Exactly a week to that day I had another breakthrough and woke up in a sleep paralysis state, I felt the vibrations many times coming and going, I tried everything to detach from my body and got nowhere. After 5 minutes of struggling to get out and getting no where I began to get frightened, I looked around and saw no shadow people. I was stuck in the paralysis state and didn't know how to get out 'maybe I should just go back to sleep' I thought but suddenly I was able to move and sit up.

A few days later I did have a very awkward dream unlike anything Ive experienced, I wouldn't call it a lucid dream, just very weird.

Nothing since that time even when I tried until yesterday and man oh man it was awesome.

I woke up paralyzed, I had alot of weird feelings. I felt the vibrations, this time throughout the vibrations I just stayed completely relaxed. I read a bit on that Lucidiology that you spoke of, it said the easiest way to detach from the body is to imagine gravity pushing you down through your bed and then turning. I imagined I was falling, I didn't feel like I was falling and I was thinking 'this isn't working' suddenly I noticed I was in a different house, in a different bed. My old house, the feelings were amazing. I sat up and knew immediately I was out of my body, the weird thing is; is after I sat up I was immediately transported to the front of the bed in a standing position. I can't explain how it felt, amazing. I was freaking out and overjoyed just thinking 'OMG it's real I did it I'm out of my body and fully conscious!'. I floated instead of walking, or it felt like I floated instead of walked. I got to the door to my room when I decided to look back to make sure this is real. I looked back to see if my body was still in bed and it was, however my body looked pale as can be and it was the bed of my old house. I felt that there was someone sleeping in the other room. I floated down the hall and as soon as I got to the bedroom door I jolted back to my physical body in my real bed immediately.. My dog had two paws on my shoulder. The rest of the day I had a natural high, I was totally conscious but it brang more questions then anything. Was this a spiritual thing or are OBE's something that has to do with the mind.

I noticed in my second OBE that the entire time my lips felt numb and stuck, the same position they were when I was in the paralysis state.

Anyways I wrote down the similiarities and differences between the two experiences, I'll just copy and paste it here

The first experience I acknowledged butterball, I new I was in my room.. I opened my eyes and saw stuff, my clock for example. I was paralyzed, I felt butterball on my back of my paralyzed skin. I felt the intense vibrations, I detached, everything got semi blurry. Now I'm back in my body, I struggle to flip over, when I do I realize I'm out of my body again because I would have squished butterball. My body felt like a magnet. I'm back inside, I lay there trying to wake up. looking at my alarm clock I wish it would go off, I think about just going back to sleep when my alarm does go off.. 5:43 when I hoped and I forgot i set it for 5:45!! immediately when from my open eye paralyzed state to being able to smoothly transition and sit up, wow.

Weird feelings when I wake up paralyzed, I try to sit up but can't. I try to thrash around. I'm not sure what my surroundings are. I close my eyes and remember to remain calm. The vibrational state occurs. I think about 'falling' and truly relax myself, suddenly I'm able to sit up but I'm in the bed in the old blue house. I get get out of my body and am immediately transported to the front of the bed. I'm thinking in my head 'OH MY GOSH I DID IT, IT IS REAL, IM TOTALLY CONSCIENCE'. I think to myself 'If I'm really out then let me look back and I should see my body' to that I look back and there my body is sound asleep. Amazing! I'm thinking in my head how totally awesome this is, and then I think to myself 'What do I want to do? I can do anything!'. I felt a presence asleep in the room down the hall so I begin down the hall taking in all the details and feelings, when I get close to the room I felt a fast 'Pullback' and am in my physical body with butterball two paws on my shoulder..

--Both lasted about 5 minutes.. both were entirely different

the similarities are the paralysis state, the vibrational state. First one I was scared the whole time, the second one I felt fear but remained calm (I just had a dream being chased by Seriel killers and death was on my mind, I was very scared about shadow people, however did not see any). 1st one I heard a voice and acknowledged sub-titles walking me through this realm and the process. the 2nd one while I was in vibrational state and remained calm I saw a visual image of 'GREAT!' meaning I'm doing the right thing, after detaching I heard a deep voice almost like a emergency alarm call saying 'somthing somthing ROOT'..Root meaning the root of an object or the center or something I don't know. It kept repeating almost like an alarm. In both the clarity was iffy, like my eyes were only half open or white light beaming in on my sides. I was fully conscious in both expierences. I felt my body, I SAW my complete body still in bed. the location was completely different thought.

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