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Still Waters

A History of Martian Illusions

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never..... :innocent:

but 'we' might say that you are possibly subjectively selective of the data you take on know..

the confirmatory bias thing...or maybe that you are in denial.... :P've heard from the lets hear it from the best... ^_^

(richard's hair... :w00t: )

Wait... are you sharing that video in support of this notion? I watched this video and couldn't help but think about how utterly ridiculous Richard Hoagland appeared in it, and no I'm not talking about his hair. He was pushing complete nonsense through the whole thing.

I can't believe that anyone takes him seriously. Seriously. :wacko:

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Posted (edited)

In what way have people in this thread who don't think there are pyramids or artificial faces on Mars being "selective" of the evidence?

It's those I've seen promoting artificial structures on Mars who have been dismissive of evidence that doesn't fit their theory - photos that show that "straight lines" and "symmetry" aren't really there is dismissed because it merely shows erosion, a multitude of photos that doesn't fit what a single photo superficially seems to suggest are dismissed as being tampered with (without a shred of evidence too), a low definition photo from the 1970s that seems to show a face on Mars is favoured over much higher definition modern photos and radar maps of the surface which clearly show the original photos were optical illusions, etc

Why would anyone give credence to that video of Richard Hoagland and his idle speculation about the face on Mars when the evidence in 2011 is that the face simply isn't there?


Face on Mars, are just another irregularly shaped mountain? There are certainly those who are aren't willing to examine the totality of the evidence, dismiss anything that shows what they don't want to see, and who will not do any research themselves, etc. yet cling to only the poor quality evidence that seems to say what they want said.

The idea of pyramids and giant faces on Mars is pretty enticing, but the evidence is clear. When you take the totality of the images available and the 3d radar data available to look at them in perspective, the D&M pyramid and the Face are just mountains.

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