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Von Bismarck

Could NASA Launch a Secret Moon Mission?

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I agree! :tu:

However, if the next group of astronauts set foot on the moon and found a boulevard lined with fast-food restaurants, which specialize in green-cheese, cheeseburgers, to seafood from the "Sea of Tranquility, to Papa-in-the-Moon pizzas, then I might have to reconsider.

I might even consider buying beachfront property along the "Sea of Serenity."

Well...I'd be interested in a franchise!


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"Apollo 20" would've been the final Apollo mission.

It never happened, as Apollo 18 and 19 never happened either, much to my personal regret.

Sounds like we have a trilogy on our hands.

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Well I thought that it'd be a good movie too, and have just finished watching it all online. Amazing what you can find by asking google .... "watch 'whatever' free online"!

Now that said...if I had a choice to watch it again I prolly wouldnt. Not on a pc screen anyway...As a sci fi flick its... ho-hum really, IMO. But that depends what you want in a moon movie I guess.. If I was a teen Id prolly like it... Like most here I will watch pretty much any sci-fi / moon/mars stuff...but its not one Id have in my collection

And I dont want to give the plot away and say too much but if youre hoping to see aliens,or UFOs forget it!!! The 'aliens' were....well... a bit like in the movie 'The Thing'... in fact very very similar to THE THING but not as scary or gruesome. Moon bugs!! Cunningly disguised as rocks.

I didn't like the constantly shaky cam shots like blair witch, or the light always flickering. Youd have thought being a moon movie the directors may have asked the actors to at least look a bit weightless or 'float' a bit, around their lander, but that kind of killed it there and then, but I guess thats not sooo important.

Now it would maybe have been nice, if the aliens were presented as we may think aliens are, or if there was a shot of Alien crafts on a craters edge 'warning us off', like the old internet rumours....but sadly no..

Blair witch style shooting... daft moments like getting the 'already-there-for-some-time-Russian-lander, which had been wrecked a bit... flying again.. (left there as the Russians had kicked the bucket months before)...

But enough said already!

Watch and decide for yourselves!! It wasnt so painfully bad an experience.... but I began watching at 4am UK time, so maybe Im just a bit too tired!!

Yeah I watched it online too as I didn't want to fork out the cash to see it in case it sucked and just like a hull breach in a space ship it sucked big time. One of the biggest plot holes was how did they get the film rolls back to earth when they never went back and the film the last astronaut had on him would have been destroyed when the Russian lander crashed into the US orbiter.

Forget the movie for a moment(wish i could) the idea that there was a secret moon mission after Apollo 17 is just not feasible due to the shear number of people need to be involved as well as foreign governments who would monitor anything that went up. They would definitely notice if something headed for the moon and would no doubt demand answers as to what is going on.

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